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  • Perfect
    Love my Kindle Paper White. It has made me a diligent book reader! Much better for my eyes to read on Paper White than my iPad Air 2.

    Just can not understand that I did not buy Kindle earlier! Highly recommend both if you read many books, or would like to read more!

    Btw, works wonderfully with Calibre - a program for Windows and Mac, for free, which makes it easy to convert epub-books to Kindle format (Mobi)
  • Excellent
    Spontaneous-bought a Paperwhite on Webhallen because I got tired of how thick the latest Martins Song of Ice and Fire book was, even in the pocket. I like to read anywhere, anytime, and to keep the book with one hand, then, very beneficial. With a Kindle there is no problem.

    The screen is absolutely incredibly good, and extremely similar to a standard sheet of paper. Without lights, it has a pleasant, warm white / gray tone and properly daylight, it is just like reading a book on paper. When you turn on the front light illumination (which is half the point of the Paperwhite model) then the page instead very cold white. There is no direct problem in itself, but maybe it's something you have to get used to a little over.

    Besides, it is fast, easy to use, and very smooth. Buy books through Amazon goes just fine, a quick contact with their support over chat made by the sponsor on the device (Kindles in Sweden are sold with advertising, but when no alternative is so Amazon is generous to deactivate this function, if you ask for it), and Calibre manages easy loading of books from other sources.

    A little corny that they do not wish to support ePUB directly to the reader, but it is on the other side better to convert into MOBI or their own format anyway, to get metadata and cover art, which makes it much more fun to browse through the books on the device later.
  • Excellent
    I am very pleased with lesebrette
  • Good
    I also have a PocketBook 840 inkpad and Kobo Glo HD. I'm pretty happy with all three. Kindleln I use, however, especially the books I bought through Amazon. Inkpad: one is however the one I use the most, mainly because of the size, but also because it can handle PDFs significantly better than both the Kindle and Kobo. Kobo has a better screen and support for more formats than Kindle which means that I use it for everything else when I want a slightly smaller screen (eg traveling). The poor support for other formats than Amazon's own (above all Epub) pulls down the grade a bit.
  • Excellent
    Fantastic tablet that revolutionized my reading. The screen is pleasant to read on, it's small, fits well in the hand and the built-in functionality is virtually perfect. Incredibly easy to order books from Amazon, which suits me fine since I usually read in English.

    The books from Amazon is quite expensive, but it is possible to buy e-books from Swedish sites (Adlibris, Bokus etc.) and then convert and email / overlay via the "Calibre".

    The one I bought via Amazon Marketplace arrived with "Special Offers", ie advertising on the home screen (and lock screen), but I talked with Amazon Support who were kind enough to remove the advertisements for free since it was bought in Sweden.
  • Excellent
    I was initially quite skeptical and did not think I'd like to read on a flat, compared with a real physical book. Ouch what I was wrong. Took my Kindle in 4 months and I slaughter the books on a conveyor belt.

    Laser most English writers. It is very easy to buy on Amazon and get the book directly to the plate.
    -With Calibre then it is no problem to buy books nor Adlibris
    -Ordlistan: Simply press on a word and get the explanation (in English)
    -X-Ray function: Summaries of characters and much more. Very nice to have when I read books with many characters or resumes a series that I have not read in a long time.
    -Anteckningar: Grim easy to take notes in the books. Good quotes, facts, etc just to mark as sync it to the cloud. I use Evernote to save your notes and make them searchable.
    -Can Choose the font and font size.
    -Ljuset Light inward and does not interfere with your eyes or my partner, who often turn out the lights earlier than me.
    -Easy To have several books with them on the trip. Takes up less space than a paperback. I like to jump between fiction and nonfiction, depending how I feel so it's very nice to bring several books.
    -In Addition to the reading experience is light years better on the Kindle: n than on an iPad, it's really good to have no Internet a touch away.
    -Batteritiden: I read an average of 1-2 hours per day and must charge it for 2-3 weeks. However, I have WiFi St. off most of the time.
    -Create A "family account" so you can share books with family members.
    -Slipper Wait for the book to come in the mail :)
    -Many Books much cheaper than in physical form. Many classics are even free.
    -Kvalitén: Plate feels sturdy and comfortable to hold.

    -It Was not automatically update when it came out a new update but I do manually.

    I'm very happy with my purchase. Now I just read on my Kindle and hope that all the books in e-format :)
  • Perfect
    First had a Kobo Glo HD that I had to return due to manufacturing defects. Then I bought it here. Reverses not. High quality and simple clear design and features. Right easy to format ePub books for example, Mobi and then one can get in Swedish e-books. Lacks of course Swedish books at Amazon, would have been easier, but this method is not really all that time consuming nor (with free software Calibre).
  • Perfect
    Having had an iRiver Story for many years and been very happy with it. The only downside was that you have to have good lighting where one reads, which limits the use some. This solves Peperwhite splendidly with its built-in lighting that complements the ambient light.

    Other great features include vocabulary, reading mostly in English so smooth to touch a word and get the explanation. Xray is fine for books with many places and characters, like Game of Thrones. The link to wikipedia can be useful sometimes, but it requires internet connection as opposed to dictionary and xray that works offline.

    Was a bit worried about how it would be locked to the Amazon with Paperwhite but can report that it works just fine to download books via computer. Can recommend Calibre for purpose. Superb application to manage the private library.