Asus ZenPower ABTU005

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  • 1 year ago
    Updated: 1 year ago
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  • Good
    11 months ago
    Entrepreneur Life is really hectic (see gladly and, and especially when starting several projects / enterprises simultaneously.
    I have worn out several battery banks at between 10 and 20 Ah each and compact lightweights is always preferable.

    + Tiny to store 10.05 Ah ( "10050 mAh", for those outside the electro world)
    + Pen / elegant

    - No USB-C (rapid charging)
    - Beacon function
    - Only one output (they could easily gotten up to 3 USB-A (or 5, if they had tried))
    - No chance for battery replacement [internal batteries], when the time comes
  • Perfect
    1 year ago
    Updated: 11 months ago
    Unmatched capacity relative to its size and weight. This is why you should look at this model, if you have high standards, otherwise you can buy items Belkin for half the price.

    Similar competitors in the same size range between 4000mAh (example Belkin mixit) and 5000mAh (Belkin as PB-1040). This with its 10050mah is more than twice as powerful, although neither is larger or very much heavier (approximately 70gram heavier).

    Nothing to complain about, I believe that a port of 2.4A is enough, although it obviously could be that some need dual usb socket, they are still sufficiently fast to charge the device.

    Price wise, you get obviously pay more than the above models that cost around 100-150, while the costs double. But then you get instead a very large capacity and excellent quality. This is the 3 pieces 18650 batteries, each 3350mah which is absolutely top of the page to get hold of. The competitors use the cheaper 18650 batteries between 2000-2600mah batteries, which makes their products become larger and heavier in proportion to its capacity. In a product that will always be with you if you want to of course have so little product as possible, which I believe it is worth paying a little extra for.
  • Excellent
    1 year ago
    Updated: 1 year ago
    Nice! Saved my friend and my mobile through Bråvalla!
  • Perfect
    1 year ago
    Updated: 1 year ago
    Bought two at a time before a time-residents without electricity. Keep one in charge and with me.
    On the one hand, it is "just a battery" but on the other hand, it is not much that is "only" with batteries! I have read about batteries before, and did some tracing prior to purchase.

    There are countless options for about the same price, 2-300, - with a lot of different capacities and functions. One must assume their own needs simply and in one, a small and flexible bank that can be in your bag evenly and save one of the handset die, be worth more than the one with the highest number mAh, while another only looking for capacity and ignore portability, for example, to caravan, boat or similar.
    This is a very good middle portable but powerful, just a port, but good features in it, which loads quickly and can allow a run a more demanding set! (Up to 12W).

    + Very good performance against size and weight. Good batteries weigh and there are no shortcuts, more mAh on the lower weight means only dishonest specs.

    + Speaking of good batteries so use this Sanyo cells are among the best on the market. Chose similar to my torch and the two 14500 cost almost as much as such a three-18650 in.

    + Honestly indicated mAh which lasts for three charges of mobile (z3c) without problems.

    + High amps, 2.4, allows rapid charge in both directions, so to speak. Six hours charge from empty to full is actually not dangerous if one looks at the options.

    + Format, the build quality and finish.
    Big as a cigarette pack, making it well suited to all sorts of pockets and compartments. (Perhaps you can find a case intended for cigarette packets?)
    The aluminum feels good and also helps with the heat exchange = good for the batteries. Do not be scratched, even though I'm not very careful.
    Many colors are nothing that attracts me, but with two so it does not hurt to be able to distinguish!

    +/- The included USB cable is very short. It allows quick charging and high quality but cost a lot and can be really smooth when it does not tangle or get in the way, but you should use the phone while charging it will be to grab both with a hand, or to set up the phone leaning the bank type.
    Just be aware that while using quality cable if you drive with another, otherwise you will not benefit from the 2,4A!

    (-) Only one USB, but it is a matter of needs, and high-output charging so quickly one thing at a time instead.

    Some general thoughts and insights regarding Power Banks:
    * Charge before the battery level drops too low, so it's quicker. An almost empty battery can not take as high voltage and charge less effective. This is especially noticeable if you play energy-intensive games simultaneously. I've been through that the battery remained at the same 7% while the "bank" charged out at breakneck speed!
    Not that it is better for maintaining life to allow discharge properly and top up completely, but such can deal with when you have two holes in the wall!

    * If you play demanding games or otherwise charged while charging becomes both the handset and the bank very hot. Not good for the batteries and I feel that the bank is emptied faster so with. Better to take a break in the game to load, then it rather sharply quickly, and as I said, recharge before it drops too low.

    * Buy a really good charger that can utilize the high tide! I bought a Belkin at 2,4A for 99, -, it works fine, but side by side with a Samsung tablet charger 2A so it is slightly slower. Gets to buy a Belkin or similar, so maybe you can rap on it slightly to! USB charger, however, also something that is taken for granted and often discarded when they still have so many after buying a lot of electronics, so check the boxes and rough open after a high ampere.
    Also worth noting that a bad charger may present a direct risk of fire! Apple recalled right charger not so long ago, for example. So clearly worth investing in quality. Overheating is generally bad for the batteries, even if they do not catch fire ...

    * It may seem tempting to buy one with as many mAh as possible, but even if it is not to fall around the size / weight is unimportant, as it is to the advantage that a smaller load faster and that can provide the batteries good charging cycles ( discharging far and top up completely) easier.

    * In theory, you can replace the batteries with fresh 18650 when they start to get bad, but given the price, it's almost more current to buy such here and tear if you need good 18650 batteries. And the cells have become better and cheaper when it is time to change so maybe the difference is so great that laddkretsarna not match the optimal anymore.
  • Excellent
    1 year ago
    + 10'000 mAh, enough 3+ times for most mobiles.
    + Aluminum case
    + Good measure, much better than OnePlus Power Bank
    + Battery indicator
    + Output = up to 2,4A. (Fixed charging works on the loaded product supports it)

    - Can only download a product
    - Takes very long time (6 + h) to "fill to the max"