Apple Cinema Display 30"

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  • Perfect
    7 years ago
    Oh dear .. Go to a store that sells it so you will understand what yes means by oops oops: D
  • Excellent
    10 years ago
    Bombastic display I have ever experienced ... really good resolution and clarity. Had I had the money I would buy a home as well.
    The one we have at work, we have been forced to send in once on the rope which was not the easiest. After waiting for over a month .... yes, OVER A MONTH! Then Apple came in they did not want to scratch it, so they sent a new one. :) But damn cruel screen when it is not broken!
  • Perfect
    10 years ago
    Of course, a little pricey for a hobbyist computer but just unbeatable if you skin uses the machine at work. Worth every penny. Purely aesthetic, the data corner not looking.
  • Perfect
    10 years ago
    Bought the screen January 2005. Just like Apple's second Cinema displays is the highest qualifying portion. It is the first sorting of the LCD panels. What is interesting is that dell released the same screen one year past. The same LCD panel etc, but had different specs in response times etc. So it is not all producers are so honest. In this case, they're lying Dell up their screen or you're lying down, Apple's screen. Furthermore, it is wonderful with firewire hub and the USB hub on the screen. Apple's smart 1 sladds systems for power, USB, firewire, etc.. The monitor works great with a PC. Remember that you must have graff card with Dual Link DVI. HP's version of this screen are 3st dual link inputs. If you want to run multiple computers on the same screen, it is the man shell take. Have a Dual Link switch to my Apple display, but the switch sucks o costing a 6000kr.