Lifeproof Frē for iPhone 5/5s/SE

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  • Acceptable
    Quite ok.

    + Smoothly
    + Waterproof (tested by having had the shell in water in 1.5 hours)
    + TouchID works

    -utbukning at the light sensor, which means that the plastic cover for the screen bulges. This means that you need to push harder in the upper part of the screen. After all, if 5-600 - and then they had expected a little more ... You do not want a phone from -13 to 8kkr must feel like a motorola from -04 ...

    Had it not been for the bulge had been shell 10.10
  • Very good
    Really nice skin and feels as if it really is waterproof. The gaskets and the plastic cover is shapely and fit well when you put it together. I swim regularly and it works well when there are Bluetooth headphones that work well in water environment but it's cord that apply.

    Positive is that it is very slim and fits well in the pocket despite the extra thickness still looks good and it protects against shock and wear on the phone.

    Have used this for a while now and realized some downsides. when you have the cord tied so requires the use of a special "dongle" that is screwed into the shell giving it a good protection for in touch between the shell and the outside world. Unfortunately, you have to unscrew the whole "dongle" before the phone "understands" that the headphones are disconnected. This has messed up many times when you think you must talk on the phone but the sound is sent to the headset and then you have to panic unscrew dongle etc
    Another side is that when to charge your phone so you have to open a small gap in the bottom of the phone and the door feels like it will break soon as it is made of plastic and you open and close it enough times, it will to "wear out" so that it can not turn itself particularly effective for water resistance. It creates a concern that some day so maybe that water enters the shell due that leaked into the door without knowing it.
    Furthermore, it works fingeridfunktionen very bad with kalet but touch interface, I have not had any problems at all.