Canon EOS 700D

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  • Perfect
    * My original review was in English, so I have translated the text and apologize for any grammatical errors *

    Good camera. It's a great film camera and you can get a really good feeling with the cineastisk. It takes good pictures and the battery lasts forever! A really good buy, simply! It takes seriously good pictures and video color reproduction is quintessential crazy good! I personally use the kit lens, then what follows with. It comes packaged very well and as always, and Canon has very good customer service so they will be happy to help you with any problems!
  • Perfect
    The ultimate APS-C's? Had previous 600D, and it's not much different. However, there are some new things I love, such as the HDR function that takes three pictures and coalesce into a picture, for perfect (mostly anyway) pictures where there are huge contrasts (eg, very sunny with many shadows). Then build quality feels a little bit better thanks to some other material. Takes fantastic pictures, very good autofocus features, and above all easy to learn. I bought the house (ie not kit lens. Forget them, it's still useless openings provided!), Then I tried my way with different lenses, but my favorite setup is:
    EF-S 10-22/3 0.5 to 4 5. EF 35/2, 0 IS. EF 50/1, 4th EF 85/1, 8. With these openings, you get the focal lengths 16-35mm/55mm/80mm/135mm with amazing aperture (anyway on the fixed aperture area) which cover most needs. Think you can put together a set of those for a total of 22-23000kr today including camera body, UV filters and lens hoods for all aperture area. 22 gobs for one of those kits are not too bad, and you become king among buddies too! ;-)