Google Nexus 7 32GB

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Nexus 7 is a joint venture developement by Google and Asus of a smaller tablet with good performance, a resolution of 1280x800 pixels and 32 GB memory. Introduced in 2012.
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  • Terrible
    So slow that it is unusable regardless ROM installed.
  • Good
    A wonderfully well plate.
    It's very comfortable to hold and fingers can easily reach the entire screen when you hold it, in contrast to larger 10 "plates.

    Android 4.2 is generally wonderful. It is almost completely lagfritt, looks very tidy and has great functionality.
    But, as we come to it, I hate the most in this flat right now ..
    Chrome. It's tough, it's ointuitivt and it takes up a yes * la lot of screen space.
    Compared to AOSP "Browser" n (which is the default in older Android phones / plates with 4.1, for example: the Nexus S and the Transformer Prime) as Chrome is a giant leap back ..
    I want my "quick control"! >: [

    On the hardware side, it is almost perfect for this price tag.
    The biggest problem is probably the extremely plastiga charger. USB connector goes through wiggling while it is in. But this is nothing I care very much about in the end.

    + Price
    + Android 4.2 and fast updates
    + Fine keeping in
    + Good hardware that only topped by the much more expensive plates

    -Plastig Charger
    -Chrome, A tenacious and overall poor browser

    Update to 5.0 Lollipop:
    The plate is still flowing in. It is noticeably tougher, especially at start of the program, compared to other devices. This is to storage performance (NAND) is quite poor. This is something that has become worse over time as and apps has grown in size to more high-definition content.
    Pulls off a star for that.
    It helps also not to Google Now Launcher is tough. Recommend Nova instead.

    Chrome is now, almost two years later, a much more capable browsers. It has its little go-pieces when it comes to features, but generally, it puts still form over function. But it's much more okay when performance does not suck.
  • Terrible
    Can only say, totally useless for latest update. Lollipop I think it's called.

    You can not use the plate, then yes ** a tough, for the most part everything stops. Is that a 486 with Windows Vista.

    Nah, gets to throw this. Unable to sell the sacks. Once you know how bad it has become. There will be no more Google Nexus when they do not take into account the earlier date.
  • Good
    Update: After two years of daily use, some things changed. Things to consider if you do not buy new stuff every quarter. It took less than a year until battertiden dropped significantly. To avoid constant charges must put the plate in airplane mode when not using wifi. The plate also recalls a standard Windows PC. In the beginning was the plate as fast as a dream to use. After about 1.5 years was suddenly very låååååååååångsam plate to use (eg, response time after click). Sad that it must be so. Two stars off for that.

    Original Review:
    My first copy started even so it seems shaky in terms of quality, but I switched to have worked. Some weaknesses have it, definitely, but definitely affordable as portable browser, or semi-heavy e-reader.

    - Difficult to maintain contact with the network. Hassle almost each time when using e.g. Youtube.
    - Screen brightness oscillates without any clues as to what triggers this.
    - GPSn is much weaker than an iPhone. No reception indoors.
    - Highest level of sound is IAP far too low if there are other disturbing noise (radio, talk, ..) nearby. Could possibly have something stupid EU directive to do that on the mp3 player, but have not tested if there is any (easy) way to fix this.
  • Excellent
    Very good android device, which works choice to read books on. Love to read books, and then I usually read the paperback, so the size is perfect. Battery life is pretty decent, however, I have noticed that it has become a little tough in that you installed android 4.x on it. Before was the rapper to me.
  • Very good
    Good sharpness and good performance. Quick with latest Andriod version. Positive owning a Google plaque is to get the latest version almost immediately.
    However, it has a propensity to certain apps shuts down and you have to restart the Court (not reboot the plate), but this is a fairly common problem for tablets (-1 star).

    Good size although I would have liked an inch larger.
    The sound comes as said from behind the plate, which can never give a good sound from the beginning. With headphones no problem.
    (-1 Star for both above)

    Recommended when I personally think it is getting tiles that can match the performance, freedom of Andriod, the price that Google has set and robustness.
  • Excellent
    Very good tablet that I've had since Christmas 2012. However, I would still recommend the new Nexus 7 (2013), when it actually does not cost that much more.

    + Incredibly good price!
    + Perfect for watching movies!
    + Small and convenient!
    + Latest Updates from Google!

    - Can be a bit laggig sometimes, but it just seems to be mine as it is.
    - No notifikations LED
  • Good
    Compare with the toads in the home and this offers good performance and experience. Good screen but battery consumption is high, capable of being used about half the time against a toad.

    Nexus 7 is clearly the best bang for the allowance without any real competition.
  • Perfect
    Does what it should!
  • Very good
    Affordable flat with ok performance.

    But no, it is not fast. The performance is absolutely acceptable in relation to price.
    Nor is laggfri but it is not any major problems with lag. Clearly approved.
  • Very good
    This plate is undoubtedly the best on the market, when it comes to price dignity. You can not possibly find anything better than this for cheaper money.

    I had a third-generation iPad (and the first iPad) before, and I must say that this album has accompanied me everywhere. Unlike iPad. However, the iPad 3 is a much better screen.
    But it's not something I think about, then this album is just perfect:

    + Really fast. Quad core.
    + All apps that were on my iPad, is available here too.
    + Ideal for use as an eReader.
    + Surfing goes extremely fast.

    The only thing I have to point out is that the screen can be better. It is already good, but there is still room for improvement.

    I would recommend this over my iPad 3, whatever the application. But that said, if you're looking for a super screen, then I would recommend Nexus 10 or an iPad with retina.
  • Very good
    Really good album. But is a bit chewy / laggig sometimes. Satisfaction!
  • Good
    Best affordable tablet on the Android system! but check when you buy, bought with friends was his but his screen glued not so good, the glass is loose when you push the little finger.
  • Excellent
    + Nexus (quick updates)
    + Affordable
    + Lag-free
    + Performance
    + Battery time (capable of 8 hours of HD video)

    - Only the front camera
    - No 3g
    - No external memory card
  • Excellent
    Very good.
    My first were however problems with screen / hardware but quickly got a new Asus.
    The only negative thing is that there is no HDMI. But Chromecast solves the it to some extent when it is released.
  • Excellent
    It is spot on. There are no flaws, you get what you pay for and no surprising flaws. Everything just works. You may PURE android but shit, wonderful floating in it and get fresh updates from virtually day 1.

    HOWEVER, the product was released just said over 1 year ago. What is missing is that previously mentioned SD card reader, HDMI output, a little better battery, higher resolution screen and a processor capable of this higher resolution. Even smaller frame on your tablet, and lower weight would have been nice.

    ALL of this will of course now the Nexus 7 Version 2 (formerly except SD card reader). Therefore advise against purchasing this in writing. Within no / few months, the new nexus 7an to Sweden. It will of course be about the same price. It has already been released in the U.S.. Stand therefore - if you can not access this real cheap.
  • Excellent
    really pleased with it.

    Switched from a Samsung ... in hindsight the right choice!

    Right price vs performance

    No real drawbacks
  • Barely acceptable
    Note, this review is written for others perfectionists who review their technique carefully. The common people usually huh satisfied as long as a gadget starts.

    This is my second Nexus 7, my first, I got the money back because of the known screen release. 2012/2013, it is apparently difficult to glue a screen. Why I bought a new one? Well for the cost only 1490, and the maximum price is what I would give for this mediocre design. It IS a budget product but it is not worth around 2000 as the cost of most places. Well I had also some kind of hope that Asus had driven up the design somewhat. My second nexus 7 is half a year newer than my first and have the following problem:

    1. The screen has released the top, it ends 1-2 mm above the frame. This is, as I said felt since nexus 7 went on sale.
    2nd It gets hot in the lower left corner where the CPU sits. Absolutely not as it is burned but it bothers me a little when all other parts of the plate is cool, that the heat distribution is lousy. My first did not have this problem so probably varies quality even on tegra 3 chip.
    3rd It cracks and snaps of it as an old wooden staircase. Only at light use snaps at the slightest movement, this I think indicates that the design is very "tense".

    Someone may think that I had been able to change it. But these problems are nothing that would be accepted for RMA. I'm just writing this to alert others who are like me that Asus is a pretty lousy producer and of all the errors that have been known since before have they not solved anything. It's really a shame that they got the confidence to make the new nexus 7 too, had hoped Google chose another manufacturer. Read a lot of forums and initially it seems eh same view again with numerous reports of non-existent quality control, dead pixels to the right and left. Would never ever buy an expensive product from Asus, a real hitte-to-business.
  • Terrible
    The screen is extremely fragile. The plastic shell on the plate is bendable. Is it cold outside does not tolerate plate no pressure from clan States.
    Had the plate in the front pocket (with cover) when it was cold outside last winter. When I came in from the cold so cracked screen but I lost it or handled it roughly. Got a new crack when I had it in my backpack (with cover), without dropping it. Probably compressed gasket against the nexus and then bend the plate because the plastic is so thin and bendable. The screen is not bendable.

    Hairline crack across the screen that allows touch function useless. Googling you and you'll find many descriptions of how the screen cracks without tablet subjected to violence. The quality of the Nexus screen is woefully poor.

    It's really a shame because I have come to appreciate the simplicity of transferring movies more and more. Watching some instructional videos and it's wonderful to just be able to put them in a map. This function gives me a hard time buying an Ipad.

    Has now been without my nexus 7 for almost a month and miss it really. But I would not buy a like on screen problems are not covered under warranty. Have now my wife's Ipad 3 and this I do not use as much as I used the nexus. It's a pain to keep on with Itunes as soon as it is due to transfer pictures, movies or anything else. Film and e-books is getting really good at nexus.

    Old review:
    Had Enough preferred an iPad mini. But 32Gb memory and GPS in your device (iPad only mini 4G) makes a similar iPad mini 2500 - more expensive. Moreover, with lower resolution screen.
    Much better on the iPad, but everything is very very expensive.

    It definitely determined where bittorrent app and the ease of getting into movies and music on your device.
    The screen has a little back a little bleeding on the edge. However, it is sharp and it works very well with the movie and e-books.

    Another advantage over the iPad mini is that this device is less. Going to poke down into a large pocket.
    The screen is however very sensitive to scratching so you have to get a shell. There seems to be no screen protector to buy.
    Bluetooth link was a bit svajjig at first but works well for updates.
    Android apps are low sunkigare and expensive than iOS. Sometimes you get a sense of "virus warning".
    But I use the 90% most Kindle, Audible, Google Maps, Chrome and email. It's great that it syncs Kindle, Audible, Google Maps and Chrome with my Iphone 5th
    When I stopped reading or listening to the plate so I can continue on my Iphone.
    Lacks some of the very well-made apps in iOS. But is not willing to cough up more than double the amount for a few apps that I might as well use my Iphone 5th

    Summarizes the man so is the greatest advantage of the Nexus 7 is probably still enough to fit in my jacket pocket and can use bittorent technology.
  • Perfect
    Are extremely pleased with it. - I can not think of any cons
  • Acceptable
    Bought mine at Media Markt cheaply (1890 :-). First impressions were good. Come however very quickly begin to experience performance problems. Experienced short interruptions and audio lag when I listened to music (local mp3 and flac files) while I clicked and browsed documents or surfing, something that is unacceptable to happen on a device with 4-core processor. However, believe the problem lies in the software (OS-et). Many people have experienced a general deterioration of performance with the Android 4.2.2 update. I experienced the drive a little more stable when I managed to flash it to 4.1.2 (as on the Nexus 7 counts most stable official Android), however, so did not disappear they mentioned problems completely for me. Therefore chose to cancel the purchase. Otherwise if you're just using it to surf, reading e-books, etc ... and perhaps do not require multi-tasking, high-impact so it is clearly affordable.
  • Excellent
    Clearly satisfied after 6 months of daily use! The smaller format works well for me, no problem to see the film or the like. Great couch, bed or on the go!
  • Excellent
    Small and inexpensive. Meets my requirements for a tablet for the couch, the journey, the country needs.
    Flexible format, jaws everything I feed it with.
  • Excellent
    Have had the "Google Nexus 7 32GB" for almost 3 months and so far I'm very pleased.

    Use it mostly at home to quickly look up something ex prices, weather, what's going on television, invoices, etc.. Have some "demanding" games on it also for testing the performance and processor. Works just fine.

    Have not yet experienced any lag in the plate and most of all, I like that you can plug in external drives for viewing photos, movies & series. You may only buy a
    "MicroUSB -> USB female" and an app so it works splendidly.

    Battery life in standby is better than expected. But you sit and picks at it for hours so the battery life is slightly better than a phone.

    + Performance
    + Battery life
    + 720p (There's plenty o well but obviously had been niceigare 1080p)

    - Gets hot after having stayed in a while with it.
  • Excellent
    Incredibly satisfied

    The format is very smooth and the performance good, never had a problem with any lag or slowness. Sturdy build quality as always with Asus and it sits well in the hand thanks to the rubberized back.

    Good battery life and has basically no heat problems though I watch movies for hours. Extra plus for the format is widescreen when watching movies.
  • Excellent
    Very much "scratch pad" for money. Meets all requirements of the family
    on the surf, Spotify and 5-year-old daughter's play. 7 "is in my opinion the perfect size
    on a tablet. The plate is very easy to maintain in even if you have small hands.

    Riding in the floor and passed it without any major flaws (one cable
    to the battery came off at one point so I had to open up the plate and pressing it).
  • Perfect
    Absolutely superb plate, have it everywhere.
    Syncs via mobile phone if I need to surf from home.
    Travel via WiFi at home + job and that's enough for me.

    A perfect little buddy who does what it should, has never trilskats with either movies or music on offer, using it as an extra little TV at home for streaming.

    If I am to complain about anything, so it is the lack of extra memory. But 32gb is enough long and hard for my taste.
  • Perfect
    I love it have had it for a few weeks now and not had any problems except with the internet but it is not nexusens wrong.
    it is not expensive and you get a lot of what you pay at any time with the 32gb.
    it does not get warm when charging my ipod gen3 was that I went from this and it was probably the best replacement I've done.
    recommended large of a user who wants cream in tegra 3 and not caring about stupid programs on the computer to move the files, it also has a hidden object screen with a little over 720p.
  • Excellent
    Have had it for almost a week now and could not be happier! It has great battery life, and just like my GNexus is wonderful with vanilla Android. The screen is nice and gives a clear image, the sound, I know many who complained some on but I think it is good enough (now I'm no audiophile either)

    The only thing that is a bit silly is the lack of notifierings LED and vibrator (one would like to have a little "durr" in response to keyboard or when you get incoming mess (even more given the lack of LED then ...)

    But that's just a small, small deviations. Purely straight off, I could not be happier. My advice is: buy, what are you waiting for? ;-)
  • Good
    I have problems with backlash touch screen. It thus loses contact with the finger sometimes. Sent it in for repair but it came back with the factory software flashed, the problem persists.

    Now it fixed and working well.
  • Perfect
    Nice little tablet with lots of fun opportunities. Never had any problems with this. Quick and easy to use, and easy to connect to different networks. Recommended.
  • Poor
    Affordable, but after three months started to screen record ghostswipes and strokes even though I did not touch it! The Monday Copies? - The fault is well documented on the web, and is probably a hardware failure

    I returned it, and switched to an ipad mini.

    +32 Gb, GPS and high resolution for 700 SEK cheaper than an ipad mini

    - Lack of quality control?

    Update: Despite higher performance than ipad mini, should the above deficiencies still lead to an under-rated.
  • Excellent
    - High definition image quality
    - Inexpensive!
    - Easy to Roota (in itself nothing to do with the product)
    - Can be Roota so you can run the sound through a DAC with OTG adapter. Can become sound great heel.
    - Ideal for film and television streaming!
    - Good battery life when streaming.
    - Smoother size than the larger plates for mobile use.

    - A little pale color reproduction
    - Only the 2.4Ghz band on WiFi

    Amazing as media players, good as tablet.
  • Excellent
    I'm very happy with my Nexus 7.

    However, it has twice happened that the battery connection cord released the result of plate seems dead and just flickers. Note that this is easy to fix by opening the plate by inserting the nail on the right side. The battery has plenty of space then it can expand and can move laterally and get the cord to come off. Correct poor traction and a little too short cord. This will probably be fixed with the next generation Nexux 7 to be released sometime this year. Now I have added a thin strip of stiff cardboard to get the battery to be better still.
  • Excellent
    I bought a Nexus 7 yesterday and has sat on playing with it during the day. so here is what I think so far.

    I have previously run the Ipad 1 and have been very pleased with it and the times I tested a ndroid plates, they have not filled any of my claims, now however, when Jelly bean 4.1/4.2 has come, so it's a completely different thing.

    This small plate is really quite lovely. It is incredibly crisp and everything goes really smoothly. I use my plate to read and write and occasionally watch some short video on netflix. but also to control XBMC and my Yamaha surround sound amplifier. The screen is really good. it is comfortable to hold and feels quite stable. The size makes it really good to bring along. but a bit too small if you want to do something more productive.

    The only thing I think is a little cash with it is that connectivity is non-existent. There is only one MiniUSB, which admittedly has OTG, but then I have to have an adapter. but that e-reader and advanced remote control / music player / movie viewing is the probably almost perfect. But if you want to connect it to the HDMI, or drive memory card etc. then buy another flat.

    I bought the seventh grade at Media markt on a VIP night where they had a 10% discount on the entire range. so I gave 2050kr for the 32gb variant ..

    A note of caution. do not hold a finger on the screen when you wake it! Then it disappears much of the touch function at that point. you have to unlock it and then bring it back without reaching the finger on the screen for it to behave normally again.

    However, I have sold it now for the benefit of a Nexus 10
  • Excellent
    Used it in a few months and find it really good for the price. Located perfectly in the hand unlike other sizes which in my opinion has no real function but are still poor substitutes for a laptop. This can take anywhere and hold in one hand and use it as usual.
    Feels like Google is already way ahead of Apple and without tying up their customers at a platform. Essentially common I run now on android, win 7 and win 8 without problems. To bind up like you do with Apple feels stupid.

    It gets one star deducted for all that Google has to offer does not work out in Sweden yet, when it comes, it will be hard to beat.
    Also, today I want to have 4g on a tablet. 3g version already exists and LTE will come soon. Then it will be to buy another one. With it, Google Now to really come into its own.
  • Perfect
    Long time I was hesitant to buy a small toad, but I am very happy with the size! Very handy.

    Well what else to say ... It's an awesome product and I have not found a single problem with it. Optionally, the screen size is too small to be able to surf optimal, but a larger toad suffer from other things instead.

    - Easy, having grown accustomed to N7.ans lightness and agility becomes a 9 "iPad heavy and unwieldy.
    -Quick, is really rapping in everything. Just make sure the latest Android comes, mine came with 4.1 and it was pretty dull, from 4.2.2 so it is clearly in the class with the iPad at any time.
    -The screen is really good.

    Sometimes I wished that the screen was bigger, but it is rarely used and then you have the notebook. You're unable to get everything in a single thing simply ...

    At last ...
    The price! Incredibly affordable. Self did not I add 4-6 hundred dollars for a toad, 2500 is clear, however, acceptable for an entertainment gadget.
  • Perfect
    Wonderful formats and works prima in all sorts of situations, e-books, movies, games, surf, etc.
    Both I and my partner have separate that we use daily.
  • Excellent
    My first tablet that I own so I do not have much to compare with.

    + Price
    Construction Quality
    7 inches is a perfect size I think.

    - Will not all videos on various websites eg Aftonbladet. Maybe there are some app that fixes this but it is what pulls down the score.
    The camera is poor.
  • Perfect
    Lovely, sitting on the sofa and thoughts over the music directly to the nexus.
    Will ate everything that I have distributed in the network.
    (Android file manager and share finder)
    Will never go back to the apple.
    Think it is better for the most part.
  • Acceptable
    In many ways, really good product. "More bang for the bucks".
    What pulls down the score significantly is mainly the dodgy bluetooth connection. This is known by Google, so I will give me on that warranty. Maybe I got a Sunday copy, remains to be seen. Will be back with updated ratings ...
  • Excellent
    Canon Product, smooth style, fast, BUT it's Android, and we do not work together.
  • Perfect
    Really good! works for almost everything =) fast and good graphics in games. display is perfect 7 inch! 10 is destroyed and clumsy to carry with you.

    Is very happy with my nexus 7!
  • Excellent
    History: I have not used any other tablet in the past, has a Samsung Galaxy Nexus right now that mobile phone (and is probably a bit biased for Android in general).

    Price: around 2300 SEK, much cheaper than any mobile phone you bought the last 10 years about how to put it into perspective and then you realize how incredibly much you get for your money.

    Form Factor: Really comfortable to hold in the hand, is about as wide as an iPhone is long if you want to try out for themselves how it feels. Possibly a little annoying to keep on hand for a whole movie but when it is possible to put it on the stomach / chest. Also holder to buy. I myself have a protective cover that works well with screen protection, though this does not scratch easily, but this can be added.

    Battery life: Incredibly good, standby lasts for at least two weeks. Intense flash gaming half a day without a problem (which is better than the same game on iPAD (10 ")). Charging summary are not something you need to worry about and goes fast once it is made.

    Film: Floats on good, handles a lot of formats fundamentally and VLC beta for Android just keeps getting better and better. Youtube is standard and floating on fine also.

    Applications: Same problem as with all Android is that not everything is as well available for iPhone. Another is everything is not Nexus 7 compliant. Swiftkey I have that keyboard to GalaxyNexusen and the program is not fully adapted to the tablet format, but it works (and alternatives to tablet available on Google Play) passably. A minus is that not the Economist app to match the 7 "and apparently thus can not be downloaded, but this, I hope to change in the near future.

    OS: Android has become incredibly much better then Jellybean which is evident in many places. Chrome will now preinstalled browser which is good but not perfect, sites that does not work and flash are not yet (so you see the world a little as from an iPAD users' eyes).

    In summary: A good easy toad you can take with you on adventures in the house / apartment to do everything possible. Fast and good for the game, sleek and smooth to read on and easy to take along (actually fits in a really big pocket if you do not care so much about how you look).
    In short, a good investment if you do not necessarily feel the need to have something from the fruit factory.
  • Excellent
    Super satisfied. Bits fantastic product for the price.

    Comparing Jellybean with older Android versions so everything's on very smoothly.

    The screen is very nice thanks in resolution of 1280 * 800, compares it with the children HTC Flyer (1024 * 600), the text marked clearly.

    The plate seems relatively well built and is comfortable to hold, but it is finer material and feel of the iPad Mini.

  • Perfect
    Have used it at work for a month and I can only say wow.
    Love it. It's fast and is comfortable as hell. Also has an ipad but this breaks the ipad.
    Because this tablet, I am more happy at work. The only drawback is that it lacks camera on the back, but I do not have the camera yet. A big plus is that it charges via micro usb charger that I use to charge it with the phone charger, you can charge and do anything compared to the ipad that are clean prison. I feel in prison every time I use the ipad. Buy buy buy. You will not regret it.
  • Good
    Very affordable, build quality feels good. The screen has good color and contrast, battery life is good and WLAN reception is above expectation.

    The only thing I miss functionally is a video output. Would have been fun to be able to run XBMC over HDMI. Some lack the camera backwards and memory card reader, but it does not.

    My hands with play / pause does not work in Nexus, it works fine, however in several android phones, iphones, ipad and macbookar.

    But there is still no ipad, there are a couple things I notice when in use. Some are hardware else is android. But both types of problems should be relevant to someone who tested the ipad.

    Touch - touch is not as accurate and things like inertial scrolling works directly worse. Although the response at the touch feels somewhat higher. It's not bad, but it's worse.

    There is no rubberband effect when scrolling to an edge, so I myself have noticed that several times think that the machine is not receiving input, when in fact it is not possible to scroll further.

    Backlight - Screen backlight is not as low, so one becomes dazzled in a dark room. Man can not control the auto brightness, so you'd think the automatic is a little too low or a little too high you have to run the Full Manual. To me that is flicker sensitivity can at times see the PWM modulation of the screen backlight.

    Sound - The sound quality from the built-in speaker and headphone output feels worse than the iPad. The volume of applications often feels as it is linear instead of logarithmic. Something that bothers me is that the maximum volume of an application is locked, the volume set on the Home screen. Then, the audio volume too low when running an app must be to the home screen and increase the volume.

    Hem-/Bakåtknappar. These are part of the screen and is touch. The advantage is of course that there are fewer wearing parts and you can have the device in any direction. The downside is that you never know which side you have the sleep button. You also become the very screen real estate for buttons that are not always needed.
  • Excellent
    Cruel affordable tablet. Had it for almost two weeks and am very pleased. Good performance compared to other tablets! Too bad it does not have HDMI but think Google / ASUS has chosen to go against value instead.
  • Excellent
    My first plate. Difficult to compare with other products. Like the size of 7 inches. Fits kids perfectly and is mobile. Fast and good display.
    Lacks airplayfunktion in android.

    This weekend broke down after just over a month of use. Despite the screen protector and peel the son has somehow managed to got a crack on the screen. Touch no longer works.
  • Perfect
    A distinctive tablet bought one for my daughter for 3veckor ago, has worked perfectly. Upgraded to Android 4.2.1 without problem a spot on product. Inexpensive compared to similar tablets