Samsung 840 Pro Series MZ-7PD256 256GB

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  • Excellent
    More reliable that the EVO series - very stable and fast, great for the entire Operating System drive or simply as a cache (Intel Smart Response).
    3 years ago
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  • Perfect
    Have had it for a couple of years and not had any problems, despite all the talk about the performance degradation over time. Think it was much disk for money and at the moment I would not hesitate to select Samsung again at the next SSD purchase.
  • Perfect
    Finally a SSD is promised the writing and reading speed. Have tried everything from Kingston, Corsair and Intel .. None of them drives that I had kept the promised speeds. It does, however, Sam's kid who reads approximately: 515mb / s and writes in kind 495mb / s (CrystalDiskMark). I am very pleased with these results as the other disks I had not come even close. Slöaste the dishes I had was Kingston, stay away from them. Not so much faster than a mechanical disk.

    Very nice when Windows boots up in a few sec and no loading times in games.

    Have not had disk as long as you can not say anything about the durability.

    In my opinion, 10 out of 10 stars!

    Update (2yrs later): Can now comment on the quality and it is excellent. My computer is on 24/7 for the most part and the disk still works as it should and still keep excellent performance. Among the best buys I've made to my computer. Will buy Samsung again if I'm building a new computer.

    Samsung is great when it comes to making memories. Their microSD memory also holds the promised speed is very high compared with other brands that promise about the same speed but rarely deliver what they promised.
  • Perfect
    Have had it for 2 years, updated to the latest firmware and despite all the criticism leveled against Samsung's SSD works min without any problems. Go to the train and lightning fast OS boot!
  • Very good
    Run Mac, and has long had problems with disastrously bad values ??in the "write" on this. Upgraded from firmware DXM03 to DXM06 and it came back again into the original values! Good Samsung!

    However a note of caution to the extremely tough procedure to upgrade the firmware on the Mac! Samsung's Firmware upgrade via CD-ROM does not work for me and many other Mac users (it uses a demo of the DOS, which does not run with the Mac).
    It is therefore banished to install Windows 7 via Boot Camp and upgrade the Samsung Magician, which worked very well for very troublesome.

    Otherwise it is a well ok SSD!
  • Perfect
    Quick and quality dishes.
  • Perfect
    Perfect, somewhat pricey, but with a 5 year warranty compared to the EVO series. Not really worth it (500kr extra) given that in terms of size will be about two years old.
  • Perfect
    Affordable! It has dropped in price like crazy! : D
  • Perfect
    Good, fast and stable ssd. It has never malfunctioned and chewed fine a year now. It has, however, two years old, so if you can afford to put out about 400 - to so would in any case I take an extra look at Intel's latest 730 instead ( p = 2495608)
  • Perfect
    Love this. Troubled fine speeds (even at random read / write) and 5 year warranty on it. A little more expensive than some other models, however.

    First chose between this and the Samsung 840 EVO. EVO uses TLC (Triple-Level Cell), which has a shorter life than MLC (Multi-Level Cell) as PRO uses. Since I am a little paranoid over things, I decided to finish for the PRO version. Probably it would have worked as well with both (at normal use, they should keep the 10 years anyway). But now it became PRO and I'm happy because I have a super fast SSD.
  • Perfect
    Really good SSD Disk!
  • Good
    Went from an Intel X25-M G2 80GB and because of it I did not notice any difference in performance.

    However, it is nice having more space.
  • Perfect
    Must say me well satisfied with this SSD. Bought it really is mostly because 840 EVO was sold out and it was the only component I was missing. The fact that this has better performance does not hurt although I doubt that I would have noticed the difference if I had an EVO in the machine. I've heard great things about the controller to Samsung SSDs and would therefore have a disk from them.

    + Impeccable performance
    + Good testimonials on power moves (without my noticing this when I have it in a desktop PC)

    - No I have checked.
  • Very good
    Upgraded my old Intel G2 80GB to this for Win7 + applications on.

    Very easy to install, nothing strange there.

    The performance is certainly good but since I went from old to new SSD, I was not blown by the chair of the change, but only pleasantly surprised.
  • Good
    This is a fast hard drive and with good quality and long warranty. Since I only have SATA2 on my modern computer, so I feel the fact that a little slower than the Intel 320 160gb. Both the current start-up and completion of Windows 8. A little disappointed I became. The plans start still fast with the "maximum capacity". Do not have SATA3, so invest in a where you will get more megabytes per dollar.
  • Excellent
    This SSD I can heartily recommend to all enthusiasts who are! in RAID 0 it even faster ;)
  • Perfect
    Excuse the expression, but these disks are immensely damn good. Has two 840 pro sitting in my desktop, and a 840 sitting in my 7 year old Macbook. Full marks!
  • Perfect
    Incredibly happy with my two Samsund disks.

    Has a 830 & 840 Pro, no fuss whatsoever.
  • Perfect
    Was purchased for a work computer. Installed. Migrated. Worked ago without any problems from the start ... However, I had to remedy problems with the blue screen at boot, but this was due to the computer's OS was installed in RAID mode for some reason, but a quick googling on the whole, and the error was Once fixed .... (

    + Anyway an insanely fast disk
    + Migration Software is beyond reproach
    + Optimization Opportunities (performance, reliability, space) works fine.

    -No mounting screws are included. (Maybe not the norm?)
    -No assembly converter for 3.5 "
  • Very good
    Bought it as a replacement to a vertex 3 240 GB because I wanted lower power consumption at idle.

    + Cruelly fast
    + Power efficient
    - Relatively expensive
  • Poor
    Rikitgt good performance. Unfortunately, died minutes after 4 months (with latest FW). Found by the BIOS, but not the OS (I / O error). Have now got a new one that we hope is better. A bit disappointing with SSD then all the data is now gone, unlike a mechanical counter where you can often save something.

    UPDATE: Now, even disc # 2 has broken. The same error as the first (managed to find this in OS't, but then showed it as unformatted 940MB). Was inside the Amazon Marketplace and they noted (like last time) that it was broken. Under the WH, they have sold about 800 disks and got back 3st torn from the customer, so I guess I have bad luck. Anyway, I replaced the drive to an Intel 520, which I hope is more stable.
    Must give a plus to Webhallen who is cruelly simple to hold and work with.
  • Good
    + Quiet
    + Speed
    + Low Power
    + Encryption

    -Still expensive which to me pulls down the score pretty much.
    -Did not expect any rock or accessories beyond software (which still was not supposed to a mac).

    Sitting in my 27 "iMac with a 3TB disk from Seagate.
    MZ-7PD256 as system disk.
    ST300DM001 as storage disk.
  • Perfect
    Nothing strange. Have it at work in the laptop that has to work a lot. Positively with hardware encryption.
  • Excellent
    Replaced my WD VelociRaptor 150GB 16MB WD1500HLFS against one of these in my desktop computer. The difference where not as big as I thought but faster booting of Windows and some programs. But otherwise, not every experience so great. But it has worked flawlessly since installation.
  • Perfect
    Installed in my Maccbook pro (2010). Now boot the 11's from the previous 3 min.
  • Perfect
    Incredibly fast hard drive. My laptop starts windows 8 of 8 seconds.
  • Perfect
    Extremely good SSD!

    + Incredibly low power, 0.15 to 0.04 W
    + High read / write speed: 540/520 MB / s
    + High IOPS, 100,000>
    + 5 years warranty
    + Trim Option in raid 0
    + Easy to update firmware

    - Quite expensive

    Replaced 5400rpm HDD with this, booted now 8sek! (Samsung 700z3c)
  • Perfect
    Bought this last October. With an Intel 6GB / s S-ATA controller to start Windows 7 in 10 seconds, Windows 8 at 7 seconds. The read speed is 560Mb / s and write speed is 540Mb / s according to ATTO benchmark. With AS SSD to get this around 1200 points in total. On Windows 8 Experience Index I get a 8.2 by 9.9.

  • Perfect
    Absolutely perfect SSD. Raidar two pieces with an Asus P8Z77-V Deluxe when TRIM works by raid if you put those on the Intel controller and install the latest drivers for the chipset. After over 1Gb/si read speed and about 950Mb/si write speed! The best 250Gb SSDn on the market right now, it is just to buy and never look back!