Nokia Lumia 920

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Lumia 920- the phone precieved by many to seal Nokias future and one of the first with Microsoft's new OS Windows Phone 8. Geared with an eight megapixel camera, dual core processor, 4,5 inch screen and Nokia's navigation system. Released in late 2012. Close
Lumia 920- the phone precieved by many to seal Nokias future and one of the first with Microsoft's new OS Windows Phone 8. Geared with an eight megapixel camera, dual core process... Read more
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  • Excellent
    3 years ago
    I am totally Mac apart from this phone. After the recent 8.1 update this phone went from really good to great. The camera is amazing. The GUI is slick and polished and very nicely done. The number of really good apps is growing. The 920 has wireless charging so no need to plug in every day -- just sit it on the charging pad and leave it there. Overall a really good offering from Microsoft (whom I generally detest for historical reasons).
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  • Good
    2 years ago
    Bought the phone 18 months ago as a backup telephone.

    On the plus side:
    * Call Audio
    * Reception 2G / 3G / 4G is stable
    * Camera
    * The chassis
    * Here the map. Smoothly running maps offline.
    * Screen - Although no full HD but good for its size.
    * With Windows Phone 8.1 Denim has become substantially more stable in general, and Internet Explorer in particular. Integrated keyboard has become considerably more accurate.

    On the minus side:
    * Battery life - it is not at all good. Runs out too quickly, and it goes over 30%, taking it out faster.
    * Tedious switching users on the phone (it's now going around it) compares with Android. Is it difficult to lend your phone.
    * Mechanism to replace the SIM card is not suitable for those who want to frequently change SIM cards
  • Excellent
    2 years ago
    Absolutely incredible phone, from a physical perspective waft the quality and durability. When I bought it it had Windows Phone 8.0, and I found that I missed some stuff. After the release of Windows Phone 8.1 I miss no longer. WP 8.1 has everything that iOS has and then some. Upon release so come often still out with the iPhone 5 in reviews, which means a lot when the iPhone 5 cost 2 500kr more at the same time. The biggest complaints against the Lumia 920 was fixed in WP 8.1, which has made the phone very well.

    (Not counting the score) - the Lumia 920 will have Windows 10, with Microsoft together the App Store between platforms (ie, computers, tablets and phones). This will mean an incredible boost to an already rapidly growing (and quite sufficient) app selection! Very hopeful for the future, my 920 stays by my side for quite a while!
  • Very good
    4 years ago
    Updated: 3 years ago
    Now the the discontinued and replaced with 925/928 and / or 1020, but still: a really good phone, with some flaws, but the mobile has not it?
    Have belatedly upgraded to this dashing mobile; time to give a review after a few months ...

    + Good screen, before both image quality responsiveness.
    + Good build quality, feels solid.
    + Easy to use and intuitive right.
    + Really good Nokia mobile apps, especially for the camera.
    + Great camera, especially in low light.
    + Smooth switching to MS / Office & Skydrive (with 7 (+20) GB storage).
    + Good web browser (can choose if you want to go into that computer or mobile, which often works).
    + Fast enough for most things.
    + Good with many linked mailboxes.
    + Good sound, especially the speakers.
    + Relatively good storage capacity with 32 (~ 29) Gb.
    + Navigation with offline maps is a big plus, especially abroad.

    - Battery life is out of stock really fast; not even a day perhaps half a day at high load.
    - The battery may become hot with more intensive use as much gaming / web browsing etc.
    - To some extent boring with ecosystem / apps to come late, and sometimes in worse version, although for the most part does not bother me.
    - Could linked calendar to maps / navigation as in the old Nokia Maps.
    - Volume on music and ringtone is the same (?) Ie change the one case of the two.
    - Does not get crazy on the music player; to randomize playlists, etc. are not as smooth (luckily there seem to be other music players available; just have to find a good alternative).
    - A proper file manager had been fine.
    - The camera has a tendency to miss something in the colors / white balance, in both photo editing, but it's no big deal.

    Had not become dissatisfied if the camera has been even a little faster, and if fm transmitter been like in the old Nokia (Belle / Symbian), but one can not have everything. Although memory cards had been estimated, but with good connectivity and Skydrive works surprisingly nicely. On the whole, as I said a really good phone, especially for those who take pictures in low light, like WP8 and the size / weight and can charge the cell phone frequently. No hesitation in rating; poor battery life means I only recommend the cell phone if you can download often, or can live with that. Affordability helps but up so it will be an 8 - to 1490 on Elgiganten "Black Friday Sale", it was a real bargain!

    Updated, with more plus but unfortunately with more minus to:

    + Really smooth image-link to the SkyDrive / OneDrive, both assumed as saved images.
    + Robust enough to withstand a little more than some m (or I was lucky, with "only" headphone glitches, which were addressed by the warranty).

    - The volume tends to hang themselves, ie it will be the same volume of music / apps, regardless of setting; must pause / stop / change the song / in the worst case reboot for it to work again. Updating, thank you, MS!
    - The phone must be on for the alarm to function; quite out of fashion.
    - Always starts when the charger is plugged in; less significant, but still seems unnecessary.
    - Must choose to save through the wireless network if one is to get the highest resolution on the camera; seems unnecessary with the interconnection ...

    The last (?) Update:
    WP 8.1 (Nokia Cyan) -uppdateringen has made mobile better, in many respects:
    * 2 separate volume controls for Ring Tone / Alerts & Media / apps; simultaneously seems sound bug disappeared - well done!
    * Curtain pulling down the notifications and some settings; also good, although the "Quick settings" solved a lot of it already.
    * File management is nicely fixed.
    Seems like some apps are still not updated as quickly as other OS ...
    * The headphone jack gives again only sound on the left ear, which is really obra.
    Overall +/- makes it perhaps should get 8.5, but there is not, so the old 8 are left, perhaps especially now that there are a number of other good options ...
  • Acceptable
    4 years ago
    Updated: 3 years ago
    Satisfaction in the beginning but now I hate it more and more each day.
    No benefits against OSX or Android

    What I bothers me most is the range of total apps. Much missing for WP and it as well, there is either buggy or hard to use.

    The camera freaks out sometimes and can not find focus, this happens even in good lighting conditions.

    The only thing I liked was the Spotify app, but after the last update, so is the shit too.

    Yay ....
  • Excellent
    4 years ago
    Updated: 3 years ago

    I have had my Lumia 920 soon in 2 years. After the initial begeistringen had subsided, there was stuff that was less good. The lost mobile network and could not fucking learn not correct the word good to good. incredibly annoying. On Nokia's recommendation, I did a system restore to maybe get to the annoying habit of dropping the mobile network and then have to restart it. System Restore stuck in kuggläget and the phone got sent down to about flashed.

    After that, it worked well and then Black updaten became quite stable. No problems other than that it still changed the good to great when you wrote.

    At the recent updaten to Cyan as the phone is super. Have not been so happy about my Lumia as now. It is fast and everything runs fine. Stable. The Home screen is going to have a background image on the phone and just feels complete now. I think Windows Phone deserves more users. It is a good smartphone operating. Maybe not as flexible as Android but it works. And it works fine.
  • Very Poor
    4 years ago
    Updated: 3 years ago
    Bought the phone for about 2200 SEK on Cnet in connection with any promotion. Was initially very happy with the phone but slightly less satisfied with the operating system, but overall still very much for the money. As more and more problems with the phone and an OS that lags behind iOS and Android increasingly becomes the grade clearly failed. Have had problems with recording sound stopped functioning and the phone locked up and not gone to reboot several times. Have had to wait until the battery is discharged to do a reboot. Has so far left the phone twice for punching ...
  • Acceptable
    3 years ago
    Updated: 3 years ago
    - Spontaneous feels iPhone more attractive in the case of user interface than Nokian squares.
    - It's too heavy.
    - It can not charge without the triggers which is significantly annoying when you forget mute the sound, sleeping and someone calls.
    - When I reply and put the handset on the cheek, it happens many times that it accidentally press the buttons, such as "The End". Do not know if other phones are alike.
    - As the time for a message indicated it is only time if it is today. And only the day and month if it is this year, for example, "01-02 14:52". Is it February 1st or January 2nd? This is common among email software, applications and other mobiles, very annoying.

    - When the power is off, you can not see it other than that you have to control it by pressing the start button. If it is currently turned off, turn it back on ..... wait two minutes - and then re-close the mobile .........
    Will Nokia with aslet or what is this about?
  • Very good
    5 years ago
    Updated: 3 years ago
    Updated for WP 8.1 update, elevated to 8 stars then:
    + Notifikationssystem now available
    + The time is no longer disappears
    + Favorites / History / tabs / passwords now sync between IE11 in W8.1 and WP8.1
    - The camera is still outrageously excessive exposure in dark environments giving surreal bright images and blurry people as long as they are not completely still.

    Nokia has done a good job by hardware, phone oozes quality that few other mobiles. Glance Screen is also really good and makes the absence of notifikationslampa to a minor problem. The things that annoy more with Microsoft and Windows Phone to do:

    - Search button is not contextual, but always leads to Bing
    - Push / notifications work less well compared to Android and iOS, mail can be eg be up to 10 minutes later
    - Mail in the drafts folder is not synced with email account
    - Do not go to mail camera images in full resolution
    - Can not write the name of the dialer
    - Settings are messy but sensible submenus
    - The background that is either black or white is tiring
    - Tabs in IE11 are either sub-menu or button replaces the favorites
    - App-supply is reasonably catch up but the apps are almost always worse / lack the same functionality.
  • Very good
    4 years ago
    Updated: 3 years ago
    The phone is very nice, very pleasant on (almost) every way - the build quality! What's objection, however, sits under personal preference which of course varies from person to person. For me, as most surfers news, facebook, etc-hunting is spot on. In addition, I check a lot of movies which are a delight on this mobile. Not having android is both a liberation but samtidgt's WP bit more closed. That it would be missing apps match like that, most things are. But if one wants their old torrent client and media player so you get maybe think about - or run netflix. The screen is incredible, dark and good colors.

    I like that the pictures you take are saved directly to skydrive.

    Had I not had such strong feelings for (against) LG I'll have Optimus G or waiting for Xperia SP. Meanwhile, I will not hide the fact that I think it's good to choose a local supplier like Nokia so we can have some kind of industrial remains in the north.

    Importance blabbing all on about, certainly it is heavier than the other phones with similar spec but we're talking grams and you have a jacket at work it's no probs at all. How do you feel with this dangling in short sens leg is a different matter. I'm pulling off a star for this, however, then I think Nokia could have done more to reduce weight.

    Edit: Minus one star to; It starts when you insert the charger. If you look at the film and get hold of a wireless network, a pop-up asking if you want to connect, but there is no button NO. Are you getting a mess, or if it rings, it jumps from netflix.
  • Very good
    5 years ago
    Updated: 3 years ago
    Before I begin with the criticism, I just want to clarify that the Lumia 920 is a stunning phone that delivers one of the best mobile phone experiences you can get on the market today.
    With that said, it's far from a perfect phone, and several of them qualities that should be the Lumia 920s strengths is unfortunately the weakest.
    It makes me slightly disappointed because I like both Windows Phone and Nokia that I wished would make grand comeback. It is certainly a come back, but not the one I hoped for.

    I'll start with the camera. It is good but not as good as Nokia wants to give the impression of it performs very uneven.
    As others said flogging Lumia 920 competitors in large environments with low light. But as soon as you shoot under brighter circumstances, the camera is no more than mediocre. The colors are heavily saturated and the detail level is disappointing.
    The camera is also fairly slow in the capture so that you can not shoot while filming are points where competitors often is better.
    Big plus contrast to lens captures a very large angle so that you get with most things.
    It is best, however, all manual settings can be accessed ago Lumia Black update. Manual focus is priceless sometimes.
    As regards video recording is as uneven result. Optical image stabilization is really an innovation and provides virtually capture blur free images, as if filmed with a tripod. But the downside is that the lens seems to swing a little, which means that the full video will be "rocking" as if it were filmed underwater.
    Even worse is the auto settings are useless. Keeps changing the white balance and the continuous focus can often lag behind considerably giving films that are not very impressive. In contrast, the quality of the films approved and although the sound only in mono, so it's very satisfying.

    In addition to the construction quality and the surface. Lumiatelefonerna among them best looking handsets made and 920 is no exception. In the hand it feels really solid. Many complain about the weight but I love it. The black matte surface, I think is creepy slippery but strangely, I get really excellent grip on the white that has a smooth surface.
    I've dropped it several times and despite videos on youtube that shows a seemingly indestructible shield I have on most occasions managed to scratch the screen. In contrast, bursting the ever so it is built like a tank.
    Otherwise it's a nice product that feels solid as I said. On the black I had gave it emits a crackling sound when squeezed on it, which lowered the fine impression, but the white, however, was completely flawless.

    Navigation has been one of Nokia's stronger sides but here shortcomings it a bit. Seems that Google has a better and more comprehensive service in general for easier navigation. Nokia City Guide is a cool idea but to constantly calibrate it by doing figure eights in the air with the cell phone feels somewhat retarded.

    Nokia Music is an interesting service, but there are similar free apps to download so I do not see the point of Nokia's own. And have you also Xbox Music Pass as I am completely redundant.
    But kudos to Nokia that included an equalizer so you can fix the sound.

    If you are the type who must have apps for everything, or all the new, so this is perhaps not cell phone for you for Windows is currently searching for at that point. They have been working to catch up significantly in the past year but still lacks support for many popular and important business. Personally I am of the view that apps are overrated. With a good browser fixes most things.

    And this with wireless charging. Talk about unnecessary gimmick. It makes mobile thicker and heavier, but adds very little. Charging takes longer time and want to use the cell phone while charging the wireless is no treat for when you remove it from the charger. What was the problem with the cord anyway? The two seconds it takes to put the cord?

    Despite all the criticism, I am thrilled with my Lumia 920. Below I list briefly what I love about this phone.

    + Windows Phone 8
    Adaptable and with many possibilities. Not on the same level as Android but you avoid fragmentation, bugs and lag. Moreover, the navigation easier and more intuitive, and apps are certified. As a moderately cross between Android and iOS.
    Fast, stylish, personal, simple and responsive. Just as you want it to be.

    + Hardware Design
    Timeless, sophisticated, personal, cocky and ergonomic.

    + Microsoft services
    SkyDrive, Xbox Live, Xbox Music Pass, Office, Hotmail, etc. works perfect. Automatic upload of your camera pictures to Skydrive, Xbox Live gamerscore in your mobile games, the office in your pocket and all the world's music in the world's best-looking interface is the small details that make mobile usage a lot more fun. Bing is not bad either, actually. Worse than Google in the search results but so much fun to use.
    Windows Phone Store is located as said by the number of apps when compared to Android and iOS but I have found everything I need and some really great games and last year they keyed in heavily in the competition.

    + Amazing screen
    Higher resolution than this need not be on a screen of this size and the colors are natural and beautiful. The brightness is really good and the curved screen is comfortable to use.
    The blackness is unfortunately not the best but no one thinks about.

    + Very good browser
    Browsing rather on my Lumia 920 than on the PC or my Android tablet.
    And it is extremely fast. Do not know if it's because the antennas are good but it is sick a lot faster than on other phones I've tested. Applies to both wi-fi and 3G. Have not tested the 4G though.

    + Battery life
    The first day saw it not good but after a week of discharge, so the battery is performing really well. Handles all day with tons of surfing, games, and music without any problems. Not tested with 4G though, so there may be a whole different story.

    + Keyboard
    Some others have complained about the virtual keyboard in Windows Phone, but it works perfectly for me. Writes as fast as on a physical keyboard, with equally few typos. Unbelievable. Do not know how they've done it but it feels like pure magic for me.

    + Physical camera button.
    It should be industry standard.

    + The ability to download maps offline should also be the industry standard. Thanks Nokia!

    There are many other positive small details to mention but overall I must say that it is a really magical phone. But it is certainly not perfect for everyone and especially for some teach it to be a foolish option. Hence the rating of a weak 9a.

    Have had the phone for over a year and is still thrilled. See no reason to buy a new one in the current situation. Possibly a Lumia 1520 for the huge display case.

    Come to a problem I've had since the start that unfortunately affect the score negatively.
    To transfer files, mainly pictures between your phone and computer is pure torture sometimes. Sync software included works very badly. One of the big advantages of Windows Phone 8 will be that one can easily connect the mobile phone as an external memory via USB. It works but unfortunately it is sometimes extremely slow and drawn with many problems and random error messages. To transfer some pictures from the cell phone can take half an hour and stopped in the middle of the process. Sometimes the thumbnails placed on the wrong pictures and it is generally messy and troublesome. This means that it can be difficult to get your precious photos or other files from the cell phone in a convenient way. This problem I have had no matter what kind of computer I connect the mobile to whether cord-type and USB standard.
    Using SkyDrive could be a useful stopgap measure but unfortunately pulled the cell phone with problems too. For some reason the phone will refuse to upload the photos via SkyDrive when I try sometimes.
  • Perfect
    3 years ago
    One of the best phones I've owned!
  • Perfect
    4 years ago
    Updated: 3 years ago
    Nokia Lumia 920 and Windows Phone 8 is obviously not without its flaws, like iOS and Android, and the plethora iPhones and Samsung's out there, nothing is perfect. WP8 is new, it's Windows Phone at all and it made improvements and updates are on a conveyor belt. Official apps released at breakneck speed. It gets better and better every day and it's fun to go on the trip and this is just the beginning, Windows Phone 8.1 coming in the first half of 2014 to both new and existing Lumia phones looks to be a marked improvement, follow gladly
    It becomes more and more apps and the existing improved rapidly. Then a little while back is an official Instagram app (recommend however 6tag which is better than the official one yet), there are also good competitors such as Fhotoroom and Photoplay. Flickr are both official app, and better unofficial app Pixl. 500px, which is of significantly higher quality than Instagram, came a while ago out with an official app! Snapchat has an unofficial but fully featured app called 6snap (even Swap Chat is good). Snapchat doing an official also. Official Vine is also available although 6sec is better so far! Bank ID, Adobe's official Reader and SVTPlay came a while ago now and recently Swish. An official YouTube is underway but alternatives unofficial Metro Tube and MyTube there. Facebook, Whatsapp, Spotify, Viber, Voxer, Kik, Keck, Foursquare, Flickr, IMDb, PayPal, we've, runtastic, Shazam, Skype, Box, SoundGecko, SoundHound, Tumblr, Twitter, Vimeo, Amazon, Audible, Avanza Bank Disqus , Easy Park, Hipstamatic, Indigo, LinkedIn, Lync, Netflix, TeamViewer, Yelp, etc. all have official apps. Then comes all the amazing apps exclusive to Windows Phone and / or Nokia, for example, HERE apps from Nokia and Bing apps from Microsoft that syncs with Windows 8.1. Most major game titles exist or are under development, not to mention Windows 8/RT- and Windows Phone-exclusive Halo Spartan Assault, etc.

    One advantage of Windows Phone 8 is that it is the only operating system with any layout and typography, as will be appreciated by those in the industries, and those who like the purity of style and readability. It is clear, practical symbols of so-called panels instead of cute, animated icons. The panels also show real-time information from the underlying Mobile instead of being a static icon with possibly a number next. I do eg panels of the shares I own via Avanza app and see how things are going for them right on your home screen. This means that you can just glance at the cell phone to see what is new instead of having to open apps like you do with other operating systems.
    Everything is uniform in WP8 unlike competitors which apps are very different, either with metal interface on brick background in cursive font and either with graffitti fonts and gum color or neon color to the interface on sandpaper background or background in the form of a wooden shelf, etc. While there are some such cases in apps for WP8 with, but most have a certain layout and typography and makes things consistent. There is good space, air, between different elements and clever animations that do not get to abundance.
    The interface must be experienced. Its flexibility and fluency is difficult to surpass even right down to the cheapest phones with WP8.

    A further advantage of WP8 is naturally Office Mobile, free. It is so easy to open or create a new Excel document, edit it and save the changes. The same applies to Word and PowerPoint, and of course fabulous OneNote. You get 7GB free via SkyDrive (equivalent to Dropbox, Google Drive, iCloud, etc.) and allows one to always have on their documents wherever you are without having to think about it, it is so integrated into the WP8 . Similarly saved a copy of all the pictures you take with the camera on SkyDrive automatically. It makes you both have a backup without having to think about it and to have access to the pictures not only in the cell phone but wherever you have Internet access and can access their SkyDrive, as soon as you took the picture. Thus no complicated transfers. Would you want anyone else to have access to an image or document then just assign it to him via SkyDrive. Light and smooth. In the same way are also backup on apps and settings, text messages, etc. to SkyDrive and it is easy to restore phone if something goes wrong or when changing phones.

    Regarding mobile phone so many people think it weighs a lot. It weighs more than most phones, but for me it weighs no more nor less than what it should. It feels solid and makes an impression of quality as opposed to eg Samsung Galaxy SIII that feels like it almost should be broken in the hand and gives a cheap impression.
    Everything about the Nokia Lumia 920 is designed in a class by itself, from the buttons in the ceramics of the page to the streamlined body. Some feel that it feels slippery due the glossy body on some of the colors. Then you can choose black or cyan, which is carpeted. For my part, as has the white high gloss so it feels a bit slippery but while it slides not as much as you might think. Go somewhere and feel to it.
    Many people's complaints with the phone and the operating system has also been addressed in the latest update from Nokia, which very regularly comes out with them. For example, recently the Microsoft Update 3 update and new firmware from Nokia ("Black") arrived, which includes offers new features, etc.
    Some people experience battery bad, I find it almost too good and easily through an entire workday.
    Many think Spotify app is bad, which it is, but clearly better looking than the other platforms with its Modern UI design, etc. Most likely an update soon but as long as there is also Nokia MixRadio and Xbox Music, which is very satisfactory competitors Spotify and offering prövoperioder. Then there are of course also WiMP, Deezer, etc. for Windows Phone.

    Nokia Lumia 920 is the most innovative mobile phone today. It has HAAC that allows you, among other things can play a loud sound from eg concert without sound is bad. It has a real image stabilizer that allows video gets almost no-shake. It takes dark pictures like no other mobile phone today, perfect for pictures of eg a good dinner at a cozy restaurant, a night walk in a new city or starting at the club. It has wireless charging where you just set / put it in a rack or on a pad / plate / speaker and it starts charging.
    With DLNA, you can wirelessly display your pictures and videos on your mobile phone via your TV at home. Its screen has a pixel density that not many can match, and whose high definition quality must be experienced. The display is updated twice as fast as other mobile phones today which gives a very stable viewing experience (9ms where it usually is 23ms for the same imaging techniques) and is easy on the eyes. It can be set so bright that it becomes extraordinarily readable in bright sunlight. Its sensitivity can be adjusted so that you can use nails, gloves and empty mittens without any problems, which means you can use it fully with long nails or avoid taking your gloves in winter and freezing hands. All this is just a small selection of its innovation.

    The integration of social media in Windows Phone 8 is fantastic and unparalleled. You can add one or more contacts to a custom panel on the home screen and thus follow everything related to it / the person / persons to do, its SMS / MMS, its Facebook, Twitter, etc. Virtually everything can be attached to the home screen from within the most part, which means that you can have shortcuts and updates on anything specific that is important or beneficial to you and make the phone much more personal.
    Nokia has an ecosystem of navigation known as Here, and exceed the equivalent of Google by far. Example, you can see different planes in the shopping center and where stores are located. You can quickly get directions for traveling by foot, bus, train or car, and seamlessly switch between them when you stop walking and be on the bus and then returned to take on foot. Everything is free, and works just as well without a net.
    Hubs, eg Photos, collect everything that has to do with it, you see eg your captured photos with the camera, but also a flow of its own with photos from your contacts on Facebook, then only pictures that they put up there. These focal points are also available for Music + Video, such as what you played last on YouTube / Vimeo and Nokia MixRadio / Xbox Music / Spotify and others, there are contacts and their status updates on Facebook, Twitter, etc. Smooth and neat.

    I can recommend to try WP8 and / or Nokia Lumia 920 (or any other mobile phone with WP8) in at least a couple of weeks and form your own opinion. You may be very pleasantly surprised. Now there's even an app for WP8 and Android that shows you the apps you've used on Android, to WP8, and equivalents to those who are not yet available.
  • Very good
    3 years ago
    Bought this when I thought my Galaxy S3 was broken.
    At first, I was super happy, but as it was a lot of features I was missing from my Galaxy S3a and after three months I had to change because I was missing some apps and features from Android.

    If you have not, however, come into googlemanin that I have, I think this phone would be perfect!
  • Very good
    3 years ago
    Very satisfied with the quality of the phone, too bad there is not so much applications. The rating is pulled down because of it.
  • Barely acceptable
    3 years ago
    That's a good phone via the hardware, but this operating system is the most boring thing I have been through, I'm so tired of these squares. Lacking genuine my Android phone (galaxy y) which cost 700, -, the cell phone had the worst camera and worst screen resolution you can think of, but the fact that it had access to Android applications and had androids user interface makes it still a better mobile than this Lumia. Nor can you use it as portable storage media, you can only add the music and so on. through a program on your computer that has not worked for me (mac), I was therefore unable to add music. Could well be worth mentioning that the "strong" screen on 920an shattered pretty soon when I dropped it from 40cm. I deeply regret that I bought it

    A BIG PLUS + is the camera! Many beautiful pictures I've taken with your mobile and videokvallitén and the recorded sound is absolutely amazing! Incredibly good camera.

    If you're at work and need a good phone to call, email, smsa and take pictures so recommended it because it may still 4 stars!
  • Very good
    4 years ago
    Good Phone, with a few small flaws. A heavy model compared to the current standard, and that battery life has tended to vary a little from update to update.

    Offline maps is extremely useful for travelers, the phone itself is very durable, and Glance feature is convenient when the phone is placed along the bed. (When charging, the Glance always on - no matter the setting) Also worth thinking about accessories like wireless charger.
  • Perfect
    4 years ago
    love shoot, I have a good camera,,,
    love to travel, I have full offline navigation maps of the world for FREE,,
    love the work, I have fully integrated office with auto storage to skydrive and auto connection to my computer, nothing is lost;
    NFC, I forgot cord charge,
    good screen in the sun and in the cold with waiting, just perfect
    4G super fast
    Kids corner taken away all the stress from the ports of kids' hands
    I was surprised by how many apps I have,, 320 Apps and games so I do not know if I have an Android or Iphone I should have more,, most of them I have never used

    I still like it a bit thinner and lighter but with all of the above and the price, forget it, I'm super happy.
  • Good
    4 years ago
    The phone itself is quite lovely. Great features, stylish and camera are a class apart.

    BUT, got tired really much to update, for example, Facebook took forever to get up. Same with Instagram, got to live with Instance for a while before.
    It's not so much that the earth goes under - but that they promised and promised but nothing happened.
  • Perfect
    4 years ago
    As so many others have already stated: Damn the cruel phone.
  • Perfect
    4 years ago
    After iOS and Android, and then Last One Galaxy S3, I have found home.
    This phone is so cruel.
    Batterie time of between 3-7 days, I'm not kidding over seven days and fixes it with mixed use.
    Coming from a s3 this is like found home again.
    However, some programs such as programs for gmail is not in the same class as on Android.
    But fluency in Windows phone, herbs wonderful if you come from a tough Android.
    Nokia programs are super good, especially when compared to Samsung's software.
    Nokia makes the program you want in your phone, samsung makes programs that you do not want to have in your phone.
    And it's durable, dropped it on the slopes, and it is, it's like a tank in construction quality.
    The sound is good and it feels great to hold while talking on the phone, with the S3, it felt like I have to use handsfree all the time, not with this.
    A little bad Calendar is.
    Camera is crazy good in the dark, do not know how Nokia succeed.
    And an Iphone feels incredibly stale and boring compared to this.

    The downside is well programs, some lacking, some have less features in them than on Android or Iphone and some even poorly made.
    But the problem is much smaller than I thought, and many programs are better looking and have better handling, feels more modern in its interface.
    The main screen is not the most fun with their squares, but the navigation part is outstanding good.

    Obvious best phone I had, would not swapped it with any android or ios handset, Difficult to understand those who go back to android or ios after tried this, will be to gmail app sucks or not to candy motocross saga there, but otherwise incomprehensible.
  • Perfect
    4 years ago
    Replaced it with my Samsung Galaxy S3.

    Given that they are in the same price range, I get to say I'm very satisfied with the Nokian. Recommended!
  • Perfect
    4 years ago
    Updated: 4 years ago
    I've had this phone for a year now, and it keeps on surprising me. Buy it. You will not be disappointed ... even more ... it'll be the best phone you've ever had.

    - The lack of gaps is almost unexhisting now, opposite to what you might hear around.

    - The exclusive apps That Nokia is releasing are so good it's hard to explain. Nokia well done!
  • Excellent
    4 years ago
    Switched to this phone from the sibling lumia 800.
    When I had to do factory reset via the menu system in telefonet hung it up in the reset. Just stood there chewing for 1 hour.
    Luckily there was Google, so it was possible to solve by yourself.

    Otherwise, it's a huge lift from my past.
    + Quick!
    +4 G
    + The camera is incredibly good
    + Offline GPS

    Many think WP lacks apps, yes it is. But the ones I need are there, banks, sportappar etc. And they become more and more all the time.
    Do try some Samsung Phones and thinks Lumia is more faster and easier to understand. Then it's fun with a cutter!
    Iphone is just 14isar :-)
  • Very Poor
    4 years ago
    Incredibly disappointed with this phone after all you read about in the media.
    Where do you start.
    I'll make a snabbsammanfatting would really devote as very time Charlie2k do in their reviews but this time I have not, but thanks anyway Charlie2k you for trying to raise the standard of the reviews.

    The key with a phone is the apps you can fill your phone with.
    It is missing a hell lot of apps for windows!
    on iOS and Android, I 100tals similar apps to choose from, and can then find an app that suits me, I am lucky, I can now possibly find an app that hopefully works almost as I want, but if you have kids like me, it is it just forget this.
    IOS and Android are continuously receiving a lot of popular and well-developed apps for kids, but not windows.
    No support for Chromecast!?
    It may have offline maps which is great when traveling abroad, which is made up 1gång per year, but to be able to seamlessly send the picture to the television, which uses 2-3x a week without.
    Even iOS works on Chromecast.
    Nokia Uses the process plants use child labor, and who have terrible working conditions.
    Nokia has managed to dark all defects and deficiencies in the media, this is an incredibly buggy phone
    like many, I have had to replace the phone because it does not charge (googling)
    Like so many, I got dust in front of the camera sensor, measure based on warranty (google)
    Like so many, I have had the problem that the screen stops responding (googling)
    Like so many, I had problems with the camera stopped working (google)
    3 Phones, I have been exchanged, the one I have now works, but almost can not do smth with it so it pops out on the block soon so I can wait for the S5-ball from Samsung ist.
  • Excellent
    4 years ago
    Cruel phone. Super satisfied owners in almost 1 year.
  • Excellent
    4 years ago
    Superb mobile. Very nice quality feel, good call sound, all is going well and it has a top screen. Love to be able to answer the phone without taking the gloves off! Finfin camera has the well.

    Reserve 10 points successor to the smartphone that can easily handle two days of moderate intensity use without charging ...
  • Perfect
    4 years ago
    Comes from a Samsung Galaxy Note 2 and although Nokian CPU is half as powerful as the actual cell phone twice as fast, anyway experienced the so-iom that it is not laggy or have themselves.

    Will enough to buy a Nokia 1520 when it is released for the larger screen as it should have.

    Conclusion: Unbeatable mobile price, BUY
  • Acceptable
    4 years ago
    Better than expected with Windows phone.
    But the phone itself I do not know, tried 3x and all bugs, lights on and off the backlight in quick succession.
    Hope it comes an update that solves it all.
  • Perfect
    4 years ago
    Now is the time to leave a review - have had this phone for two months now. Coming from Android (about three years now) and have had Nokia's before (Symbian). I have to agree with the positive reviews provided on this handset. It is the "top of the line" in terms of build quality and feel. The design and the weight adds more premium feel. OS'et WP8 is a joy to use ... simple and neat (matter of taste). It seems simultaneously very optimized and economical, I get easily out three days on battery - calls, sms, 1h web radio every day and slösurf. The camera is very good. Pictures are really good. Apps - yes, you do not 100'tals apps for the fart sound or flashlight as yet no necessary at all. A big plus is the solid kvalitetsappar that Nokia ships with very good photo and navigationsappar. The GPS locks really fast and bundled nav.program is very good. Best nav.program I've seen. Office is also available with this handset, great! For the price it is sold today so I can nothing but recommend - BUY! It's a bargain at such a good phone. Would I buy a Nokia/WP8 nap again?, After trying friends' iPhones and various newly purchased Androids .... without a doubt!
  • Decent
    5 years ago
    Updated: 4 years ago
    Have previously had 4 different nokia phones before the smartphone time and then one iphone 4 in two years.
    In the family there are 3 pc iphone 3rd This is just to explain what I compare it to and what my experiences are colored by.
    've Really been waiting for this mobile phone and that Nokia will come up at the top with a new super phone.
    Have followed the reviews until the day that I finally was able to order your own copy of lumia 920.

    The look is stylish and the weight is just right for me. The size could have been a little less considering how much space there is in addition to the screen.
    Does the matte black model and perceive it as a particularly slippery.
    The buttons on the right side of the cell phone, I often ate when I'll grab it and I do not understand quite how they thought.

    Performance and speed on the cell phone, I will not go into more than that it floats on quickly and smoothly. 4G where it is available makes the terrible fast and fun to surf with.

    Now I come to what made me choose this phone and it is the camera.
    All too often I forget your camera at home and sitting in school when kids have lucia, etc. with only my cell phone in my pocket. Previously, the light conditions made it impossible to take good pictures until now .. it is superb at this 10 points here!

    Battery life is acceptable, not as good as I expected.
    GPS will do their job, amazing, however, that all maps included .. has fueled home Sweden, Finland and Spain where I usually am.
    Apps that I miss is not many but more important spotify, Swedbank ..

    The biggest minus and that is what draws down on the score is still w8.
    Microsoft frequently release their programs a bit half-baked and updates them by hand so that they approximately one year after is clear and good.
    For example, it may stick to an otherwise may not place, is that when I do call someone, the screen turns black, and when the call is finished, it's impossible to get on the screen before the man called hung up.
    Really annoying is it when you call an answering machine and have to wait the time out before you can use the cell phone again.

    Just reinstalled W7 on my laptop and got up 157 updates on windows update!
    so I think in a year so will my phone be much better than today.

    My conclusion TODAY, however, is a strong seventh.
    In a year, maybe it's a nine cell phone itself is superb.
    Can not give the mobile a tenner because of the placement of the buttons.
    windows 8 is the weak link here.
    I really like this phone and Nokia in general but can not overlook the shortcomings and hope that the software gets better. Nokia deserves it.

    Update: have now read about the problem with black / locked screen during calls.
    it seems like it might be proximitysensorn malfunctioning. It is the dust that enters at the upper edge and settles on the sensor (just above the n in nokia) and also in the camera lens.
    This is not all mobiles but it seems common.
    Should call nokia tomorrow and submit the cell phone to get a new one for you send it in for repair so not fix the problem.
    If that does not help then I had to concede and take an iPhone 5 instead.
    I who have been great advocates for Nokia's new mobile at work and outside .... downgrades the score a bit until I got my new one.

    after a number of updates, both from windows and from nokia so it is a very stable phone I have in my hand
    compared to when I acquired it.
    It almost never happens that it freezes or restarts by itself anymore so I raise the rating by one notch.
    would raise it more but the dust that collects under the lens for 2 camera makes self-portraits looks foggy out.
    then have the windows not been quick with apps .. miss them more than I thought when I finished with the apple.
  • Perfect
    4 years ago
    Have had my Lumia 920 in starting a half year now and I can only say one thing, IT IS AWESOME!
    Apple may roll over for this camera is the best and no protest, no-light pictures will be perfect and I really love the Windows Phone OS. Apps are as previously said a little lean on when there is a fairly new OS we're talking about but it will come with time. Right now as I write this are no official apps for Instagram, Google Maps and Snapchat. However heard that snapchat coming later this year (2013) so these might be out by the time you read this.

    Otherwise I have nothing bad to say about the Lumia 920. Well done Nokia!
  • Very good
    4 years ago
    Can not be bothered to write any novel, as many have already done it, but a really good phone that fills my needs well and good! ie. good camera, good GPS and phone in one.
    Good battery life, holds about ~ 2 - 3 days for my part and then I have 3G and Wifi running around the clock.

    The shortcomings are mostly in the Windows phone which has made since its inception (also owned a lumia 800), there are minor things that I wish were different, eg notifikationscenter, different sound modes for different sound sources, better tab handling in IE and so some things that I will not at this time.
  • Terrible
    4 years ago
    Updated: 4 years ago
    Update: Google "Lumia 920 touchscreen not working" so to certify that there is a big problem on this model, really a lot of people having the same trouble that I have.

    Original text: I have owned cell phone for 2 months approximately, of which I have been able to use it in two WEEKS. The rest of the time it has been on service because of the touch screen stopped working, whether directly (30 seconds of use) after I got it back after service so ended the work again. So now it is back in service. Worst mobile purchase I have ever made.
  • Excellent
    4 years ago
    Nokia always had good quality phone and lumia 920 I think this is one of the best from the lumia series. especially right now when the 925 and 1020 are getting into the market and 920s price drop makes it the best buy for more what you can get on the money!

    Free Nav + Awesome low light Camera + Big screen + Good battery (compare to shit phone) makes it perfect as both job / varjedag phone.

    The only thing that Storr me a little spruce it is actually music player can not race play a music only, and can only make a playlist on the data but not working on mobile.
  • Very good
    4 years ago
    Fun mobile and everything floats on the good but even though I'm not a appnarkoman there are quite a lot of basic good ones that I miss deeply. Swiftkey, shush and I cant wake up well some. I wonder also how I delete all one thousand email addresses that I ever mailed my Google contacts in android of course I can easily just filter out those without phone numbers.

    The weight-argument's total bullshit.
  • Perfect
    4 years ago
    Really affordable and good phone! Feels like a very high quality both in the hardware and functionality! Possibly the only downside is that it is a little heavy, but nothing that feels remarkable.

    Can highly recommend this phone!
  • Excellent
    4 years ago
    After a lot of pondering, I chose to buy my own yellow Nokia Lumia 920 a few weeks ago. The choice fell on this particular phone because I simply got tired of Android, to get a laggfri Android that may uppdatringar would cost significantly more. During that time I have gotten pretty good time to teach me the phone and start enjoying all the features.

    We begin by reviewing the features:

    When reviewing a Lumia 920, it's hard not to start with the known camera. Is it so successful that "everyone" says it is? Well, there is no magic camera as some make it seem like, but having said that it is still a very good camera. Along with the new Lumia Amber Update (as 920an been first with 925an) photos have also become even better. Colors in light and dark conditions have improved, the focus has been improved and a bunch of other small details. Noticing one of them? Yes, from having gone from pretty mediocre (compared to other flagship) in light, it has been really good. Night photography has also been slightly improved. Could be me, but I think the difference is noticeable. In particular, the automatic white balance has improved in my opinion.
    One detail that makes it easier to pop the photos, especially walking with one hand, the optical image stabilization, which is a real stroke of genius by Nokia.

    The flash consists of dual LED lights, which illuminates quite well. Maybe not like a "real" camera flash, but not too far from it either.

    Good pixel density (HD resolution on 4.5 inches), great brightness, it reproduces colors well in all environments. A really cool feature is that the white balance is adjusted for ambient light. Which means the white remains white in the sunlight as well as under fluorescent light. After the update, you can nowadays also adjust the saturation and the "heat", so you'd think the colors are too exaggerated (or not exaggerated enough ...?), Then you have power over it too.
    The Finns may think us northerners more than South Koreans, because the screen works fine to operate even with gloves on.

    Well, I belong to the restricted group "more interested in computers" that do not directly care about how many cores the processor has and GHz overclock on it, as long as everything runs as it should, it makes no real role. Something this phone does, float on. Though you want to WP8 will float so you do not really 5000-kronor phone for just over a thousand patches can you do if you are saving to invest in a Lumia 520.
    Games will flow as they will, although there are not many to choose from.

    GPS and Navigation:
    Provides you the Nokia, then you get good maps. As you also can save downloaded for offline use. One feature that can save quite a lot of money abroad, then everything works offline besides traffic information. Including addresses, POIs and coordinates. The GPS is fast and accurate for the most part.

    Feels solid and sturdy, could probably withstand a few knocks without giving up any time soon. When you squeeze it is the only thing that bends slightly the glass edges. Do you take in so it can crack at the camera if you squeeze in there. The phone is decent in the hand, but it had not been hurt by being slightly smaller. The weight is not a disadvantage, almost think it is a bit easy. Another disadvantage is that it is a bit slippery.

    Another thing you get when you buy the Nokia is that they can be the thing with design. Yellow is a highlight color makes you stand out and not in that negative way as a telephone CAT will make you stand out. The shape is comfortable in the hand, the lock button placement is smart. The only design detail I can whine about is that the screen and Nokia logo is not very centered. But that's just niceties.

    Operating System:
    Nokia Lumia 920 running either Android or (surprise!) iOS, but Microsoft's mobile operating system Windows Phone 8. Something that separates WP8 from the rest are mainly design and "power." Android lets you make the most your geeky heart could ask for, iOS lets you do most things that do not change things outside of the app in question, Windows Phone is intermediate. You can do more than iOS, but not as much as with Android, with security guarded (so far?). Then it's simply up to you whether you can live without the ability to have a program to automatically change the wallpaper depending on whether you are at work or at home (yes, you can of course only choose between two "wallpapers" on WP, black or white).

    The apps:
    If you want to be able to wallow in apps like a pig in mud, then they shall choose Android or iOS. App Store and Play Store is the standard, the Windows Phone Store is a pretty good bit behind at the moment. With that said, there is no acute shortage of apps WP Store is still most apps for the most part. The difference is that when iOS and Android may have several hundred ficklampsappar have WP Store just a handful. For better or worse. When it comes to most "big" apps, are most at all three stores. Except, WP Store lacks in writing, including official Drobox, Instagram and YouTube apps. Many other important applications are made simply by Microsoft and Nokia, among other things, Facebook is made of MS. Sveriges Radio Play was once made by Nokia. Though when a ficklampsapp can really be done by anyone, may be known games of course only be done by the original creator. It is therefore all the more hard up on sensible game in the store. Angry Birds, many EA and Gameloft games already exist, but many are missing. Would say that the apps are WPs biggest Achilles heel in the current situation. If you feel comfortable in their iOS or Androidgyttja, maybe we should rethink this fact first. On can check out the store, etc.

    As this is a flagship model (although in the current situation may not be the last), the battery will not be comparable to your old Nokia 3310 that could survive for many weeks on standby. Do you use it sparingly (check news, email, web browsing, playing liite), capable of handling the most commonly through two days without charging. Do you use it more than that, expect to have to charge it every night. Better than an iPhone 4S, but do not expect any miracles.

    It has NFC, Wireless Qi charging, Bluetooth 4, 4G internet, and must take some of the many Lumia-exclusive apps (eg Nokia Drive +, Nokia, Smart Camera, Pro Camera, Photo Lab, etc.), which are mostly really good

    Stylish, high-quality, well-designed, fast and protruding phone that can mostly besides going to play for two days straight.

    + Camera!
    + No lag
    + Well-designed handset and OS
    + Nokia apps
    + Updated
    + Nokia Drive + with offline maps worldwide
    + Good GPS
    + Easy to understand

    - The apps ...
    - The battery
  • Perfect
    4 years ago
    Thanks Nokia! Thanks Microsoft!

    After reading on the amounts of this beauty to the phone.
    Can I just say that it goes all the way to the finish.
    Sure the app supply may be smaller but it is growing all the time.
    It is easy to grip just right in size and downright pleasant.
    Tung I do not think it is. Want to feel your phone in your hand.
    32 gb of memory! Do you need more I've never needed to.
    Have tried competing sites, but this is exactly what I want.
    It meets even cover all my needs and some where.
    The phone is incredibly stable and floats on the performance of it is not the worst.
    Everything feels nicely structured and clear.
    And already after only almost a day, I can only agree with all of the others reviews.
    Absolutely the best phone I have owned.
    Are you tired of Android or Appels worlds and go in thoughts on a new phone.
    Buy this!
    A direct hit from Nokia! Ingeniously Microsoft!
  • Perfect
    4 years ago
    Have had this phone for 3 months now so it is time to write a few lines about it, it's the host.
    I have been beaming happy with it since day 1. I went admittedly from an iPhone 3GS, so most smartphones would surely made me impressed. But this is outstanding.
    Before I started to check the range o the reviews here on PriceSpy, I had no intention of getting a Nokia o WP8. The standard would surely be getting a new iPhone or any android. Do not regret a second that I have not joined up mainstream gang o bought a tired iPhone or a boring android. This, my friends, is something new, innovative, solid o NEAT. QUALITY if you will.

    There was no doubt for me before I bought this beauty, doubts that surely have more (but need not have);

    Importance: Where long unsure about the relatively high weight would be a problem. It did well for a few days, then it was forgotten.
    App-supply: Yes, sure. There are far fewer apps with WP8 than competitors. A problem? No.. All apps that I had to have existed (except Swedbank, but I can manage without). That's all skitappar that has not complied with the WP8, the usual, well-known apps available.
    WP8: Palla moving to WP8, it seems awkward. Bullshit. Takes 1 day to leave iOS traditional (read boring) design. WP8 is cruel much prettier o better.

    The positive? Lots. Do not have time to write everything, certificates waiting, BUT:
    Cruel camera
    The screen also
    Fantastically well-made apps in Nokia collection (maps, GPS, music, etc.)

    Spot on mobile! You hesitating. Dare to think outside the box. It has Nokia done!
  • Good
    4 years ago
    Updated: 4 years ago
    One should not give up too early, but try the phone for 14 days, when WP8 is a little different.
    - Build quality. Should there even protection? The phone is very robust.
    - GPS, maps of the entire world for free, the driving function is top notch, have not seen a better pure GPS than this phone. World GPS Tom Tom 1005 Worldwide costing fr. 2668 -, and lack of course all the other features that this phone has .. Driving with HERE DRIVE + ("+" stands for maps of the entire world) is loose cannon is AWESOME! As long as it is in the development stage, it is not available for the Lumia 520 and 720, they have instead "HERE DRIVE", which can only have maps for the country that the phone's first simcard comes from - you can then pay to get the "+". The GPS itself is a reason to buy at least a Lumia 520, provided that the "+" will not be too expensive to upgrade to.
    - Screen
    - The camera
    - Home button to the home screen, as simple and good as the iPhone
    - Size and weight is not a problem at all, is good in the pocket.
    - The phone is completely accessible from your computer, all folders for music, video can be accessed. File transfer is very fast. Sync music with Windows Media Player.
    - When you change the volume pops a menu with music player controls up.

    The bad:
    - When the GPS pulls more current than is recharged (in a Volvo USB output). However, it is quite common, and run it with your phone as a GPS should get a stronger car charger for 149: -.
    - Excel does not run macros - Visual Basic, and links in the document, linking to other tabs, not working. The links in Excel is blue and underlined, but nothing happens when you click on them.
    . I miss app for local traffic ("Trip Planner" västtrafik Gothenburg) App "västtrafik travel" is pretty good too ..
    - I miss the app for Swedbank. A mobile page is however underway according Swedbank.
    - I miss the app for Eniro (mostly for their charts)
    - The apps are generally inferior to the iPhone. Apple must approve apps are very good, Microsoft should do the same.
    - You can not fast forward the music with handle in progress bar, you have to listen to the whole song from the beginning., Whether in WP8's music player or Nokia Music app. There maybe other musikappar. Updated to the Nokia Music will rewind to withhold arrow button, but the handle is still missing. There's in the video, why not the music player?
    - Free FTP app is missing, is the iphone and android, can be purchased for $ 11: -. No money, but I is reluctant ..
    - In case of low battery alerted it, but it's hard to see HOW low the battery is. One should be able to click on the battery icon, now you have to go into the menu list, settings, and power saving mode - which shows how low the battery is.
    - You can not add a contact by clicking on a number in the call list and select "add contact" in a simple menu. You have to click first, then click somewhere else to add. Not nearly as intuitive as iPhone and Android, which directly asked if you want to add the contact.
    - Can not lock screen during video playback (can not be on the iPhone either). But it's been good to see the video anyway, so it's not a major problem.
    - Why not utilized the full width of the screen in landscape mode? Hardly anything left of the screen when the keyboard is up.
    - Why can not I log out of skydrive? Should anyone looking at the phone to have access to all my private files? iPhones skydrive can log out, androids as well - but not Windows.
    - When using viber (phone calls over internet phone becomes very hot, and the battery is dead in a very short time.
    - Then they skimp on hardware buttons, they have wasted a button on the search engine "Bing" that nobody wants to use. Replace with Google's impossible, you may add an app with Google instead.
    I'd rather have the iPhone 4S.
  • Very good
    4 years ago
    Got a 920 as loan phone when my Xperia V broke.

    Impressed by the nice feeling in the interface and how fast and robust everything feels. The camera is great compared to Xperian except that the pictures tend to be blurry if you do not let the autofocus work done. GPS and bundled software is much better than Google's I have on Xperian.
  • Very Poor
    4 years ago
    Updated: 4 years ago
    I'm very ambivalent to my Lumia 920 after having already had it for 2 weeks.
    Previously, I have had the HTC Desire, iPhone 4 and an HTC One X.

    The Good:
    * Build quality.
    * Camera
    * The screen (color / brightness / sharpness)
    * Battery life
    * Nokia's apps
    * Perfect screen size

    The Bad:
    * A little too heavy (not very heavy). You know it is not in a pair of jeans, but put it in a thin jacket and feel the force ;)
    * The included headset. So miserable so they might as well have skipped to send with them.
    * Very slippery back. One must have a shell with a little "grip" in it (eg Case-mate).

    The phone itself (Lumia 920) is very solid and it really feels like quality compared to most other phones out there from other manufacturers and operating systems. It does not feel "plasticky".

    Had it ended with "The bath" above so I probably gave the Lumia 920 a weak 9/10 in ratings ... unfortunately it will more.
    What pulls down the score is Windows Phone.
    * What I would call "core apps" does not exist or is missing the features of the apps available for the Droid / iOS. For example I have not found an audiobook player that can play my audiobooks (mp3 format), remember where it was / bookmarks, etc. .. I have not managed to solve the problem that you may want to vibrations and sound turned off between 23.00 and 07.00 so you will not be disturbed at night.
    * To WP8 interface / GU 't would be crisply is either an outright lie, or the person who thinks so has not used a mobile with a really "smooth" interface. Similar animations iOS run by "hiding" the fact that it absolutely is not particularly crisply. No disaster, however.
    * There are various app markets in different regions (Sweden) and it can not seem to download apps from other regions (eg, U.S.). It is possible that there is some tricks, but I have not the patience to sit and mess with the nonsense that should work from the beginning.
    * Multitasking seems to be an afterthought (?). If you drive such an exercise (I run normally Endomondo but has been forced to run runtastic Pro to get something so when the same experience and functionality I had on my HTC One X) and starts the music player (or Spotify) so anything can happen. Kilometre Reports stop working .. the music bribed ... träningsappen paused .. you name it. Not acceptable in 2013 in a "modern operating system".
    * The appearance of the apps (graphic presentation) does not look good. "Overlapping text ', or text that is not visible without need" scrolled "up mm mm for the font is not adapted to the one shown. Way too "yxigt" for my taste and have added to the feeling of "this is not really clear" (in Windows 8).

    What I think / feel:
    Wait at least 6 months with WP8 (general) before you buy a Windows phone. There are too many teething problems and / or apps that are simply missing.
    Developing apps for WP8 requires Windows 8 Professional / Enterprise / Ultimate version + Visual Studio 2012 (Express version (free) is available, but it is limited) + Windows Phone 8 SDK'n. The documentation is very poor or, as I discovered when I sat and read .. totally wrong.
    It's no wonder you get a tear in the eye of the app market, shelves lit empty. Nothing seems to be done for the convenience of developers.

    Final words:
    I have already started looking at other phones (Android) now and it looks bright on that front to come here.
    WP8 is not ready for the mass market yet. Too much is taken for me to find that the phone / operating system has "everything I need".
    I can not recommend anyone to buy a Lumia, but it's not because the phone itself is bad ... it's for Windows Phone 8 is bad / not ready by a long shot. If WP8 will compete with Android and iOS, it takes far more than just the name Microsoft or Nokia.

    Update: The GPS works very poorly with / in training programs (Endomondo / runtastic). I can only compare to my now quite old HTC Desire, iPhone 4'an and my previous phone (One X). It looks like utter "shark teeth" on speed during a workout (leg however, tend to see properly out sooner but the last two times where even the've seen like that "Olle two years" has gone loose with rödkritan on the white wallpaper in the living room) .

    Update: Yesterday, I sat in the car listening to Spotify when I was waiting for the lady. Thought it took so I took up the phone to call her and noticed I had a missed call a minute ago. The phone had not rung, vibrated or lit screen to show that "something is going on." Once again shown that multitasking is completely off. Loading the other hand, the battery and it gets full so the phone will vibrate and light up like the Christmas tree outside Rockefeller Center and it can not be missed. All my terrors on Windows Phone 8 has come true + many more that I could not even dream of.

    Update: Noticed to my horror when I restarted the phone, that I can access email and a bunch of other stuff WITHOUT having to push the pin code? That call went but not without keying it. Security? Wtf?

    Update: Looked around at what was and what is / was going. Most bang for the buck was a Samsung Note 2 4G. The only Lumian is "better", is that build quality feels better at it and that the camera _kanske_ is better (I'm not super impressed with the 920's camera). Note No. 2 to win at everything else. Ease of use, OS, menus, appearance, speed and course appmarknaden. Although the community around Samsung is so sick much bigger and nicer than Nokia's little "corner". Unfortunately, I think that Windows Phone 8 is just a small wink to mobile heaven and will disappear faster than you think.

    Update (after 4 months). I've been running 100% with the phone again in a week:
    * The phone itself still feels solid and of high quality.
    * Windows Phone 8 operating system and appstoren is still really awful.
    * Nothing has been done about that push notifications are not working properly (for example).
    * Multitasking is still as poor (read not working).
    * The GUI is klonkigt and tough with the tough and annoying animations (think iPhone but much tougher).
    * The GUI is ugly as ironing and should have been thrown out with the bath water already. I that is not even designer could cobble together a better / nicer on a day-job. White "theme" or Black "theme"? Come on. South Africa in 1973? In addition, the icons look the same so it is a clean dark scroll through them for you (I) have to read the text on every single one.
    * The apps .. Oh my. Which darkness. Poorly conceived chewy hard. Just take the Facebook app (which Microsoft has done .. and I do not mean the new beta that you have to look after). Roddigare and incomprehensible is hard to find.
    * Sound reproducers (All I tested incl pillar pods, etc., etc.) do not remember where it was / what file it ran last, etc. .. IF you do not have real ossified turn when you turn on the player again.

    Will give it a new honest attempt when 8.1 released (+ possible bug fixes to the version). I agree of course, no direct high hopes that there will be no order to the misery anyway because Windows Phone 8 is still in ALPHA stage. Shame on Microsoft!
  • Perfect
    4 years ago
    Have had my Lumia 920 for two months and am super happy, byggkvalite'n is amazing (already the second day I dropped it on the concrete floor at work, not a scratch ...) It is amazing fast, WP8 is surprising bra.Kameran is not as good as on my old N8, but the camera phone is that? Only Nokia 808 PureView ... Missing some they appear well up eventually ... The battery lasts easily a full day on heavy usage.
  • Perfect
    4 years ago
    Spot on mobile. If jämnför with other mobiles that I had o it's all big brands so it is a clear ONE.
    The best that it hangs never compared to other brands which is HUGE annoying!
  • Decent
    4 years ago
    Updated: 4 years ago
    The camera in both film and photography
    Physical camera button
    Construction Quality extraordinary
    Incredibly delicious OS

    The sound quality
    Gets incredibly hot
    Spotify app is horrible
    The browser is tough
    WP does not support streaming browser
    Have not stepless flushing in film

    Things that are not bad but could be improved
    Battery capacity
    Mobile supply
    Are mobiles that handle 4g ??faster
  • Excellent
    4 years ago
    Very good phone, considering what you've heard about it from others, but then you realize that they probably never tested it but just have preconceptions about it.
    Fast, stable and solid handset and wireless charging! 4g network works very well.
    The camera can overexpose in bright sunlight but in the dark it is very good and in Sweden it's usually dark ...
    The only downside is that it is a bit too thick if you compare to its competitors, and its battery life is OK, no more.
    Hit on one if you dare to take the step to WP8.
  • Perfect
    4 years ago
    Totally sick build quality right through this phone. Troubled fast, sick satisfied!
  • Excellent
    4 years ago
    Have now had my 920 for about a month and is still satisfied. Previously had a Nokia C7 (Symbian) but the screen on the C7 was too small and the performance is low. The wife has a ajfån and Android has me on the tablet device. 920 has a great screen but it sure made the apps / features, such as when running sporsttracker in C7an linked all the photos you took with the app running automatically to the app, it does not in WP8 (yet). Attach an ELM 327 / OBD to the car via Bluetooth so you can see a lot more Android apps than in WP8. Lumian has a good flow and I hope to WP8 develop. Nokia Here is amazing, you can now put away my old Garmin. Sign in to and create favorites then email the just the sync of 920in and you can navigate without rooming in the whole world for free!
  • Very good
    4 years ago
    Have tried it for about 2 weeks now (normally uses iPhone + div androidenheter (phones + Nexus7 plates)).

    + Screen
    + Solid quality, feels very stable
    + Camera
    + OS is ok, like adaptability - much less locked than iOS but not as adjustable as android.

    - Battery life, it is actual really lousy!
    - Many small things in the operating system that does not feel completely thought through - there's a lot to learn from both Android as iOS.

    Aside from the battery life, my view is that Nokia has done a better job than Microsoft ... the shortcomings that the phone is almost exclusively associated operating system.

    The total is that it's a nice working machine and the combination of Nokia + Microsoft has great potential (although there are still things to work on!). To switch from Lumia 920 to the iPhone is like going from a real working tool to a blingig toy.