Samsung Galaxy Note II GT-N7100 16GB

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GT-N7100 Galaxy Note II is the new version of Samsungs popular smartphone, this time with a slightly larger AMOLED- screen display (5,5 inch). 16 GB memory, the processor is quad-core and on 1,6 GHz and the camera is 8 megapixels. Just like in the previous model, the operating system is Google's Android. Released in 2012. Close
GT-N7100 Galaxy Note II is the new version of Samsungs popular smartphone, this time with a slightly larger AMOLED- screen display (5,5 inch). 16 GB memory, the processor is quad... Read more
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  • Perfect
    4 years ago
    Excellent phablet. Surprisingly can fit into a pcoket... or a any decent purse. Its fast and web-browsing is a breeze on the massive screen. It's resolution can be a somewhat limiting factor when RDPing into other computers, but thats not a barrier sincee 1080 phones aren't mainstream yet. The screen is very bright, and the notes feature is both useful and entertaining. It supports micro-sdxc cards (64gb in my one) so lots of space for movies, music and more...

    Recommending it to anyone who needs a not-only-a-phone device.
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  • Perfect
    2 years ago
    Updated: 2 years ago
    Best mobile I've had!
    I've had baths phone for about 3 years now to have never had any problems I'm glad to have large skjerm.mene it is starting to become quite old now so I have little fancy a newer model.
  • Perfect
    2 years ago
    Do this even, was bought in spring 2013 although it is starting to be properly worn with cracks and the like, I have always been happy with it. I especially like multitasking feature that was very good in its day but which I guess is pretty elaborated by the E4. I will only replace the phone because I need a waterproof phone, but otherwise I would of course have been able to live with this for quite a while.
  • Decent
    2 years ago
    I was not happy with this phone. It was too big for me and in addition the interface was uncomfortable ugly, according to me. Very fine screen though!
  • Excellent
    3 years ago
    Updated: 3 years ago
    2.5 years with the Note II.
    Never ever malfunctioned or create troubles during this time. Scales almost did not buy another new then I will probably never have a better friend than this that I can trust.
  • Perfect
    4 years ago
    How should a phone be. Leaves usually both positive and negative reviews, but in this case I have nothing to remark! My last 4 phones have been top models including HTC and this beats all by far, really good in every way. Have a yearling at home as the final test has bitten it a hundred times and dropped it to the floor at least 50 times, not a mark anywhere ... Smartphone with a big screen = this, you should have!
  • Perfect
    4 years ago
    If you say like this. Agree with all that has been given top marks!

    My personal plus:
    + Battery life (despite the play of Spotify and various web surfing so it went a whole day without problems)
    + Big screen (I have large hands and it is ONLY plus with such a great phone, it is wonderful!
    + Camera
  • Excellent
    4 years ago
    Over a year later, it is still rapping to get. A speed that gets android feel like a dream :)

    Good at everything apart from being slippery and the screen is fragile: (
    Lost my 2 times .. Have had to replace the screen both times: (Still pleased with this gem!
  • Perfect
    5 years ago
    Updated: 4 years ago
    Switched to this from an iPhone 4S and ... talk about a difference. Was an Apple fanboy in the past but would be very reluctant to go back to an iPhone now I think. One can do so much more on this type of mobiles. And it feels gigantic five minutes, then it feels perfect and all other mobiles too small.

    EDIT. Four months later update. Once a week, I look at the mobile and softly whisper "I love you". This is the best cell phone I ever imagined.

    Almost 12 months later. Still the world's best mobile. There are still no mobile I would rather have on the market.
  • Perfect
    4 years ago
    What a great gadget! Had first considered buying a tablet as a supplement to your phone. Then it hit me that I was for many years said that smart phones are so good for a gadget replaces multiple, camera, calendar, GPS etc. etc. Should I then buy a tablet when it is almost the same as a smart phone .. The solution was the Galaxy Tab 2, the phone is now also my tablet and with the help S-pen now my notepad. I am astounded good S-note is to decipher my scrawl. Looked at Samsung's presentation of Note 3 and concluded that there are no significant differences between the 2 nd and 3 rd defending the expected price difference of around 2000 SEK. This is my best elektronikköp ever!
  • Perfect
    4 years ago
    Lacking nothing in the phone. Have had around 10 century androids last two years but now I've found the one that will be around for a while.
    Good battery life, screen, wonderful, pen works beyond expectations.
    Samsung's own "shell" Touchwiz is very good, have driven HTCs and vanilla but I like TW
  • Perfect
    4 years ago
    Enjoyed my note for 4 months and my first thought when I bought it and open the carton means it was not a small phone, but you get used to the size very quickly


    The battery is easily a full day of work and charge the phone every other day
    The screen is big and nice but the screen protector is recommended!
    The sound from the speaker to hear when it rings
    Can be dropped on the ground happened 5 times

    Negative if you could call it the negative

    Bad eq (run with beats by dre solo hd)
    Easy access Power button
    Hal back (have wallet case so no problem)

    The size may vary be negative if one is to more things than in your pocket and more pockets

    And they could have pushed in 1:13
  • Perfect
    4 years ago
    After note 1 Note 2 is the natural step. Samsung knows how a screen should look and smart solutions are plentiful. It will probably Note 3 for it to be better than this.
  • Acceptable
    4 years ago
    Very good mobile that would become a super hit with ios. The girl switched from iphone to this and I have been fiddling with the settings every night of the week since. Iphone she could take care of himself when ios is so much easier to use.

    The first problem was that after connecting their accounts for email, Facebook, Google, qq, etc. so it came notificeringar every minute and then it starting to get tough, we realized that you can not control individual programs notifierings permissions.

    Thought we had turned off mobile data, yet so lost all the money ca350kr from prepaid card and it turned out that mobile data was not 100% disabled. Too much setup possibilities simply.

    Facebook APP preinstalled and it has access to EVERYTHING in your mobile, it is not possible to uninstall. Spy App,,

    Googels map app, you get the chance to write street number if you do not type the whole address manually. Do you write "skolv" so föresls school route and press ok, it shows random spot on the road. In iOS Gets Hurt chance to write street number.

    Thousand other small problems that have to do with the millions of settings to make, it takes a month to get everything to work fairly.
  • Perfect
    4 years ago
    Best phone I have owned! Absolutely gorgeous .. Going back to a smaller screen after this will be completely impossible!
  • Perfect
    4 years ago
    No more small screen!
    Nice to be able to open web pages without most of the time actually having to zoom. (Many Web pages are already adapted to mobile use)
    Super Float with surfing and logical uppbygd.
    Is itself not purung longer and can then choose from five different characters magnitudes which is great!
    Are in great need to plan and keep track of my hectic everyday life at work and in leisure time, and the calendar is the variant with custom notes directly on the calendar and create notes with the stylus perfectly.

    Do not hesitate on the size, it is wonderful!
  • Perfect
    4 years ago
    Updated: 4 years ago
    Had a note one before and have always said that it was not worthwhile for me to buy 2an instead .. I was wrong. Very wrong ...
  • Perfect
    4 years ago
    As a faithful old Nokia fan so I went over to Android and HTC Desire HD 2010, then every a S2 and then four months back, I am a proud owner of Note second Never thought I'd have a need for a larger screen ever when I purchased the S2 and sighed for those who wanted more phones. But after four months with Note 2 is no going back, you can not have smaller screen than this and I look forward to Note 3 to the autumn.
    The phone is crazy good at all and I think I've nothing to complain about, just such a thing that the battery always lasts a whole day is a wonderful feeling.

    You feel good every day you wake up with their phone next to them, and now that S4 (soon) released so I really feel no need whatsoever or envious of it, I have my Note 2 and will never want to have a mobile with less screen.

    Buy it!
  • Excellent
    4 years ago
    As most have said most of this handset so trouble myself no more than making a simple plus / minus list.

    + Battery life (one can squeeze out 10 hours of screen time in a day sometimes)
    + Sound. Huge sound chip. Custom kernel must be used to enhance the sound quality a great snap-in headphones with Wolfson controls (Neak kernel recommended).
    + Screen. Awesome deep blacks (as good as the Lumia 800) which contributes to the incredible contrast. Big and beautiful screen.
    + Pen. Are a lot of smart features. Press the button and insert the stylus on the screen, screenshot is taken and you can at once write / smudge what you want with the pen before saving the image.
    + Driving clean Note 10.1 tablet rom on this handset is getting good. Available at XDA. Floating multi windows etc that you can resize the way you want. This is only for those who want and can Roota and maintained. The possibility exists.
    + Battery life again. It's really good! First mobile one does not have to worry about whether to keep the day off or not. Usually around 50-70% for me in the evening. Sometimes more sometimes less.

    -PLASTIC. Would have liked a bit more quality material as it may creak a little bit sometimes and become greasy / slippery on bakstyket.
    -Difficult to maneuver with one hand. It is possible but then the balls one bit with destiny sometimes.
    -Does the Home button can be a little difficult to press down. The entire handset wobbles like when you press on it.

    In short, the best mobile I've owned and I do not seem to get bored with the times either. It is simply unbeatable for me. Not even one of the newest (HTC One etc.) phones interest me in the slightest. Do not upgrade needs for everything new just feels like downgrading!
  • Excellent
    4 years ago
    Super Najs!

    Now I've had my phone for half a year and can only say that I am really pleased with it.

    For those who think it is tough to write, learn Swype or Swiftkey Flow - I did not "sweeping" the writing work as well as Swype (Beta) makes (or as it did on the old Note), partly because it does not automatically took the spaces between words.

    If you have a problem with "lag" and you have enough self-installed something that runs in the background (or an odd one) - it has the sickening good performance, however.

    I have not taken the time to learn to use the pen very much. Sure, you can do lots of things with it, but my needs rarely include the pen. (I write as a rake, draw like a 3 year old - but not happy - and although I am very impressed by the mathematical formulas can be written which, in turn, seek answers to Wolfram Alpha, so I do not need it.

    I'd very much like to have seen a Visio-like app with support for pen, for example, be able to document networks and the like. It would be cruel! :-)

    I read a lot on my mobile, web articles, e-books, etc, anything that makes the big screen very nice.
    Games are undeniably nice too :-)

    It is stable - two restarts in six months. A few months ago the spontanbootade later (and since then System Update).

    + + + + + Big screen
    + Good battery life
    + Good build quality (though plastic)
    + Stable

    - Difficult to handle with one hand
    - A bit slippery (should have protective shell when it feels a bit slippery in my dry hands)
  • Perfect
    4 years ago
    Everything is good with this phone. Have virtually nothing negative to say.
    This is my fourth Android-based phone. And wow. Which phone is. Would not swap it for someone else.

    The screen is amazing. Resolution and brightness. Size.
    The processor and memory. The processor drag around all my app'ar without problems. 2Gb RAM has not run out on me yet, despite about 180 app'ar which of course a number of load at startup.

    Battery life. Better than 1 Note that I came from. Better than most smartphones. But not good enough. But on the other hand, Samsung has chosen a design with removable battery that allows to buy one or two extra batteries and thus have a solution that is very flexible.

    Pen. Has completely bought in to Samsung's choice to use the pen. Very clever.

    Highly recommended, just be aware that it is a GREAT phone.
  • Decent
    4 years ago
    My first Android phone. Coming from a Nokia N8. Also has an iPad 2 and the missus has an iPhone 4s. Nokian has worked well with good fluency, best mobile camera, hdmi, mkv video support, free maps, etc.. The screen is however now a bit small so it was time for a bigger one.

    Is pretty technically inclined and like advanced gadgets but think that a phone should be simple and functional, just like the TV, stove, dishwasher, tablet, among other gadgets that just should work. Do I want to program and pula I do it on my home PC.

    Tested Note 2 more times in the store before purchase o thought it went well. Unfortunately I could not install it, I will be driving but I struck anyway. All reviews are so positive. Now that I had a note a while I feel a little cheated. It drags tex in several areas; scrolling in albums, on scrolling messages mms / sms, in many apps tex. In many cases, the level with my old Nokia. Yr flowing tex better in Nokian.

    What's going on in the picture gallery? I have many pictures that I put over the computer o want to see and show on the big screen, but they end up a mess. Can not sort in alphabetical order, date, time or other. How to browse the pictures is tough and choppy, my Nokia is better and the iPad 2 is really better with standard ios. Maybe go download a better app?

    The keyboard? Why is the comma is not standard, it has been my Nokia? It's one of the most used characters. Sure, you may be able to download a new but it's so basic that it should be included.

    Many other features and basic settings were difficult to find solution. I had to google the answers, time consuming and annoying. Tex, how to turn off vibration when typing, texting, etc? How to add favorite contacts? Why all sorts of weird gmail contacts show up in the contact list. Even those only mailed once. Frustrating.

    The camera is a disappointment compared to the Nokia N8, but I knew that.

    Positive is the big screen, surfing is a joy and is moving well. Good selection of apps, what you need is there.

    The plastic construction quality is not impressive. A phone for 4000 - might well build a little more robust?

    Do not know if I should keep note and have no idea what to wear instead.
  • Very good
    5 years ago
    Updated: 4 years ago
    First reactions from me:

    + Battery / / Down to 55% after a day actively användade incl games. Loading every other night.
    + - S Pen / / A bit plasticky but a nice tool. The side button is hard to click on depending on the grip. Writes very well with it with Swiftkey "FLOW".
    + - Size / / Some great in my hand, I have smaller hands - lovely display purposes. Poor visibility in sunlight.
    - Material / / Very plasticky

    Miscellaneous: Will a sore pinky finger when I'm using it as a support finger to fix up the phone in your hand for long-term use.

    Fits in your pocket easy.

    After 3 months:
    How satisfied that hellst addition to being "a little too big" to be used optimally for my hands. Upon reflection, I prefer probably a little less diligent mobile firm but with the same specs ... but around 4.8 "maybe?
    Goes in the tanks for replacement, but there is probably no other phone I desire in the market at time of writing, the HTC One? .. $ $ $

    Nojar me that the camera lens can be scratched out when it bulges out a bit at the back, put the phone every once in a surface.

    Samsung's software is besides hideous (notifkationsfältet / sms app which is dark blue / snot green).
  • Perfect
    5 years ago
    Updated: 4 years ago
    It is a pity and give it less than perfect ratings
    Have had Note 1an 1 year soon ..
    And this is significantly better .. Though 1an's cruel ..
    Twice as fast
    No lag
    Better pen
    more comfortable in the hand
    better battery time
    Distinctive phone to watch movies, surf, smsa mm

    Ps.Nästan a year later and i still love it
  • Very good
    4 years ago
    Absolutely stunning mobile! After a little more than 3months use, I'm very pleased. I use the phone a lot! I'm the type of users who find it fun to test all the features and apps, functions etc..
    It seems to me at this phone is for those who
    * Looking for the big screen.
    * Want to have the best battery life
    * Pencil quite cruel when you learned all functions
    * Physical home button (+ you can reply with it!-Can wear and become tough after a few years of use.)
    * Want pulp with features simply.

    Steep learning curve for normal users. But you give it some time and you will find all the neat stuff that makes your phone the best.

    Minus (therefore dropping it two stars)
    * Plasticky
    * Hal
    * Power button is located so you can easily access it by mistake.
    * Quick charging cord.
  • Perfect
    4 years ago
    Have had it now for a total of just over two days and is so very fucking happy!
    My smartphone history began with an HTC Desire, went through a Samsung Galaxy Nexus has landed in a Samsung Galaxy Note is the second
    After the HTC Desire, which I thought was the shit in the beginning, so I got fed up considerably on laggigt and bloated UI and craved vanilla Android. Then took the next handset, a GNex good. I never thought I would like to switch from vanilla, but Google sells the basically an experimental phone whose functionality depends on whether the developer for that feature sleeping or not.
    Thanks to all the positive reviews for Note 2 as I dared to step into the skinned UI world again and I have not regretted a second! (Except when I dropped it on day two and scratched glass, but oh well :))
    It floats, it's stylish, large, and above all useful!
    I realize that I have only written a collection of superlatives and if I can I'll update this review someday with more nuanced expression, but until then buy!
  • Perfect
    4 years ago
    Updated: 4 years ago
    After having had my previous Htc One X for repair three times, so I got my dealer an "equivalent" telephone. Lets just laugh and say thank you for the deal, because you can tell the difference in quality and performance. I am crazy happy with my Note2, Samsung has really outdone themselves, no wonder they sell most kids.
  • Perfect
    4 years ago
    've had it for 3 months now, can not say something other than SO FUCKING CRUEL on e the best mobile out there right now better than crappy iphone 5 Just saying BUY
  • Perfect
    4 years ago
    Updated: 4 years ago
  • Decent
    4 years ago
    Updated: 4 years ago
    This is my first phone with Android, and I have now had it for a little over three months. Formerly "smartphones" has been Nokia XpressMusic 5800 and last three years, an iPhone 3G.

    Where to start? The size then maybe? I thought I would estimate the size, but I do not really know if I do that.

    There are many who say that it is perfect for movie or series, but I would probably just say that it is better for this purpose than phones with smaller screen.

    For games like GTA works also better than smaller phones, then the controls do not absorb as much of the screen.

    I thought this would be perfect for web browsing. However, it is still not completely smooth going into the usual sites, so I'd say 95% of my surfing is done on the mobile-adapted sites. And these, I think basically works just as well on smaller screens.

    I also thought that because of the size would be much easier to type on this than my previous iPhone, but I have not experienced any major difference. After more than three years with the iPhone and this so it is still a slow process for me to sign a so-called virtual keyboard. Maybe it's me that's wrong, I do not know.

    I knew this would not be a enhandsmobil, but I did not realize quite what that meant. It becomes eg difficult to use the convenient on the subway or bus when you have to continue, or when carrying something in one hand. I spend the kind of time out there on public transport or on the town, it becomes therefore often difficult.

    Besides the size then?

    The battery is very good. I never have to worry about the battery running out before I get home. Batteries are at 30-50% when I go to bed. It means, however, that I have to charge my phone every night, just like the iPhone I had before.

    The camera's not the world's big shots, but good enough for a mobile device. One can sometimes get to the nice pictures.

    Otherwise, the performance is almost on par with my three and a half year old laptop. It's nice. It is capable of game and HD material significantly than the computer.

    The pen feels completely unnecessary.

    Then there's this thing with Android Vs. iOS. I like that there are many settings and such, and that it is more open than iOS, but I do not know. There are certain types of apps that are not available for iOS for example, which is nice. But I feel that there is more trouble with this than with the iPhone I had before. The phone restarts from time to time, and it's apps crashing and so.

    Maybe I had too high expectations on this mobile, or maybe it's just not for me, I do not know, but I give the 1:06: a
  • Very good
    5 years ago
    Have now been using the phone intensively for a month. can only agree that this is an amazing phone that can replace both the mobile tablet and computer in several aspects. However, even the sun has its spots that may be useful to know.

    The good:

    1) Android is a superb phone-os and Samsung have put on a nice user interface and integrated well with their own software and service. It's nice that you can pretty easily configure it as you wish.

    2) The phone is also fast, has a nice user interface and a very good pen function and the ability to configure the control via gestures and inclination. (Have not had the inclination to function fully.)

    3) The camera is fairly quick and can take pictures in series. Picture quality is good.

    4) The battery is pretty good for this type of phone, 1-2 days.

    What is less good:

    1) The phone is extremely sensitive to being dropped on the ground. First case cost me $ 500, which is deductible in Samsung screen warranty. (Bad sustainability but nice warranty!) A substantial shock protection is recommended.

    2) My phone has started to reboot itself several times a day, which seems to be a known bug.
  • Perfect
    5 years ago
    Troubled good phone!
    Having owned a Galaxy Nexus and a Galaxy SIII, so I wanted to change the OS.
    Felt then that Android does not have anything to offer more.
    Until I bought a Galaxy Note II.

    Incredibly good phone.
    Battery life that keeps about 2days with heavy use.
    The size scared at first, but after a few hours so it felt perfect.
  • Perfect
    5 years ago

    Have many years of experience with different phones and systems.

    Samsung GT-N7100 Galaxy Note 2 is a great phone in my opinion. Everything has its advantages and disadvantages but the advantages far outweigh any other smartphone on the market right now.

    The phones that I compare with are: iPhone 4, iPhone 4s, iPhone 5, Samsung Galaxy S2 which I besides hold all said.

    + Battery.
    I was looking for a long-performing battery but that I should have to turn off lots of features. What this phone does. That said can easily run charge was 36h-48h intervals which I think is very good! When I talk much phone, using GPS, make pictures, films, writing notes you name it.

    + Android JB 4.1
    Very good system that floats on unhindered and great opportunities to shape, develop and do what you want it to look like.

    + Processor
    Quad-core processor that is top class. Viewing high-definition movies without notch, while I write a note and run Skype. Impressive to say the least!

    + The screen surface
    the 5.5-inch screen surface allows for my big fingers to not have to correct every word you write that I had on the smaller models. And when you look at the video in HD, you can not stop watching.

    + Pen
    As someone mentioned, the pen feels cheap, but you get used to and a cruel tool to note, paint, edit.

    + Camera
    Quick time and you will not miss a moment. Video Mode also works fine there to record HD movies.

    + Flip cover.
    Samsung's own screen protector that is integrated into the back cover is wonderful. Not necessary to buy extra shells and scratch protection for the screen.

    + Features
    There are almost endless mlöjligheter. So as to record in slow motion, create greeting cards, drawings, Excel sheets, everything you can think of that you need in everyday life is with all the security in the phone or in any app.

    + Weight
    Despite the size is not felt awkward in his jacket pocket and will not weigh down either. Without it being compromised on quality

    - The size.
    While it's nice to get a little big at times and a little clumsy. Is probably one of habit.

    - The screen.
    iPhone's Retina display is superior, and know that when taking pictures sometimes you can not see really sharp. There will be better when the image is sent to your computer.

    - Headphones
    It provided are in my opinion very poor quality and do not reflect the phone. Had man been able to put the same quality feel and time developing the headphones so there is no need to run and queue up for the iPhone.

    Sammfattning: Must admit that Samsung has really succeeded with this phone exceptional. For those of you who can get used to the size of it is quite large, this is an obvious choice. Is it all and then some. Will certainly do not buy the next model also because it is an amazing phone with "almost" infinite possibilities. iPhone comparable actually feels very old all of a sudden though I run iMac and Macbook Air. There is huge WOW factor for this phone and can not but give the 10th Had wanted to give 9.5 for headphones and screen, but adds a 10.a

    For those of you who love technology and exploring it's like a previous omdömmare that this is pure art porn.
  • Excellent
    5 years ago
    Many mention the size and it is the limit of what fits in your trouser pocket. It fits nicely in most, but not all. If you manage to get the whole hand below the hip joint (Unless you are known to have small hands) should be fine.
    The drawing with the pen is something for those with a steady hand and attention to detail. What makes it difficult is that it's very smooth surface and when to proceed in a line starting is not always you might think.
    I use mostly pen when I surf the net and play simple games. In other words, the pen made of the pointing finger.
    What I love most is the battery life, I can watch an episode of Game of thrones (ca.55min) and only use 10% of the battery, take note without full brightness. It's hard to put up with a battery much below 50%.
    What has annoyed me a bit, the buttons on the sides. I think it is because the on / off button is too far down the page as compared to the audio buttons on the other side.
    It also withstands case that was quite powerful. Lost the 1.5 m and down on a pretty square faucet and down on a tile floor with only a few scratches, but I was probably pretty lucky, if it had landed on the screen had probably broken.
    There are quite a few settings on this so I recommend through it several times. Some works better than others. Smart Rotation works rare, but now I have not tested it under proper lighting conditions.
    The keyboard that comes with it is pretty smart to choose your next words, but the only sentence available of the signs of sia makes it cumbersome to write.
    Dropbox supplied (50GB in 2years) is very handy when working on something at home and at work. And with so much going nice to have movies there too.
    I have not tested how well the screen is in sunlight, but I think that the screen is a little too much bright at least once located half sleepy in bed. I also think the screen is slightly too faint at maximum brightness.
  • Perfect
    5 years ago
    Updated: 5 years ago
    The world's best mobile phone, did not think it would be so much better than Note Generation 1 but is much better actually. Can not wait to Note 3 also comes.

    Incredibly fast, very good display, the pen has been much better, Android 4.1, very good camera, brilliant battery.

    Should it be something it must be that in Norway is expensive. Bought my overseas in October and got the ransomed for 1800 - with 4G support
  • Good
    5 years ago
    Updated: 5 years ago
    My first phone with android and it works well ok ....
    I'm certainly not as sold as everyone else seems to be, but certainly not displeased. 1 1/2år with this phone probably will not be any problems.

    Run Paranoid and Apex launcher and it works fine.

    + Large screen
    + Beautiful floating
    + Grim battery life
    + Annotations with different colors on the LED. Skit Smart thing.
    -Slightly scratched screen
    Dumb-positioned power button
    -Could have been a little more resistance in the volume buttons and power button
    USB cable is not attached firmly in touch
    -Feels like the WIFI reach is worse than my iPhone4
    + /-Camera, great pictures in good lighting conditions. Solidly much noise at high ISO
    + /-No hell out of Google Play
    + /-Custom Rome, more or less buggy
  • Perfect
    5 years ago
    Troubled good phone! Had an SGS2 before and felt it was time to update themselves so struck on this and do not regret it a second!
    + Battery life
    + Screen
    + Everything else!
  • Perfect
    5 years ago
    Love everything that comes from Samsung
  • Perfect
    5 years ago
    I do not quite understand how one can not be sold on this. Note 2 has it all, an excellent stable software, a hardware high quality, lots of useful functions besides.
  • Perfect
    5 years ago
    I'm incredibly happy with this mobile. Good enough to have left in a few years actually. Believe or not, it will cost this mobile as much as an iPhone 4s (16Gb), more than 1 year old mobile with 800 Mz dual-core and 512 mb memory! It just shows that Apple is a joke company that thrives on design and an OS that has not changed significantly in nearly three years.
    Android is fresh, very functional and attractive OS. It really does not take a genius!
  • Excellent
    5 years ago
    From a former Samsung Galaxy SIII users:

    I went a long time and wondered if it would be worth switching to a Galaxy Note II instead of SIII grade. I travel a lot for my job and am constantly on the move. The larger screen attracted me particularly. With a larger screen, I could totally skip to have with me my Nexus 7 tablet.

    + The larger screen is great to work with / watching movies etc
    + Battery - Which life, hitting my S3a pretty good on the fingers.
    + S-pen works better than I expected, when I write with the S-pen so it reads 98% of my writing without making mistakes. However, I write almost faster on the keyboard than with the pen: P
    + The size of the phone, I do not experience as much pain but fits in pants pocket or jacket without worry.
    - I would have liked a higher resolution screen. Can sometimes feel that some things feel unnecessarily large.

    So to you who might go in thinking of switching from a S3 to a Note II: I ask myself now questioning if I could go back to a smaller screen. Very doubtful. Clearly, this is the phone for me!
  • Perfect
    5 years ago
    I have been an avid iPhone enthusiast ever since the iphone 3G came. Was the choice to upgrade from iphone 4s to iphone 5, but I felt that was utråkad of apples lack of imagination made the choice easy. So we opted to upgrade to this wonderful mobile.

    It meets all my expectations of a mobile and much more. Absolutely superb!
  • Perfect
    5 years ago
    This is a perfect phone. It is difficult to enumerate all the advantages of this phablet. It is just the right size, comes with a superb OS (Android 4.1.1 Jelly Bean), the S-Pen and all the functionality that entails, sound quality in the headphones jack is fantastic, the screen is one of the best on the market. Simply the best cell phone available right now.
  • Perfect
    5 years ago
    Updated: 5 years ago
    Why people queuing to buy iPhones when there are things like this? Completely incomprehensible.

    Galaxy Note 2 is a phone, tablet, laptop, TV, video player, camera, and best-ever notebook all-in-one. This is better than sex!
  • Perfect
    5 years ago
    Updated: 5 years ago
    Got this to work. It's a totally outrageously good phone.
    No point in even comparing to other phones, this is in a class by itself.

    + Superb job telephone. Ideal for remote control of computers, recording, creating guides, presentations, etc.

    + Fast. No annoying småstopp in the interface. Phones floating on like butter whatever you do.

    + Multi-window. Using this feature all the time. Ideal for previewing videos, web pages, etc. Feels more like a computer than a phone

    + Screen size. Suitable maybe not all but it's wonderful when you get used to. How good any time with the big screen when surfing / watching videos.
    Going down into my pants pocket without trouble.

    + Pen. Good accessories. Perfect for when you are going to create presentations, etc., or when to do "pill jobs" such as to remotely control computers. Also perfect for notes. If you sit on the phone and need to note something you only take out the stylus, then a notepad up. Very smoothly.

    + Battery life. It is extremely good

    - Screen size. Put this as minus and plus then it probably does not suit everyone, but it is known of course before buying it.

    This phone is as mentioned in a class by itself. There is no other phone on the market that even comes close to this. You can do so very much more to this handset. It will be long before I switch off this beauty :)
  • Perfect
    5 years ago
    threw out my iphone 5 as well just got fucking rubbish hook, had 3 & 4 before me but this was the last time yes tried me iphone, they have much to learn from this handset which is fantastic, much better than galaxy s3 me .. this is a it now.
  • Perfect
    5 years ago
    After 4 years of iPhone use so I decided to go over to android after I got the opportunity to try out the note II. Do not regret it for a second, on the contrary, I feel that I changed at just the right time when I feel that the iPhone 5 is not really adds something new, and Samsung with its note just succeed where Apple unfortunately does not really do right now.
  • Perfect
    5 years ago
    Congratulations SMA supplies & everything is gold and green forests. Can only say one thing BUY SGN2. It is great in the hand but the pockets are deep and there is no problem Best handset. Lars
  • Perfect
    5 years ago
    Absolutely stunning!