Samsung Galaxy S III GT-i9300 16GB

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Galaxy S3- named "the new Galaxy" by Samsung, is the model many enthusiasts have been waiting for. It's predecessor, Galaxy S II became one of the world's most popular mobile phones, and the new model has a good chance of following in the same path. The AMOLED-display is 4.8 inch with 720x1280 pixel HD resolution, 8 megapixel camera and Samsung's very own 1.4 GHz quad-core processor, "Exynos 4212". 16 GB version. Officially released in London 03/05/2012. Close
Galaxy S3- named "the new Galaxy" by Samsung, is the model many enthusiasts have been waiting for. It's predecessor, Galaxy S II became one of the world's most popular mobile pho... Read more
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  • Excellent
    I've had this phone for over a year, and I have absolutely no problems with it, in fact, it is better than a lot of the new phones you can buy for many hundreds of dollars.

    This phone doesn't feel like it has only 1GB of RAM and a 1.4 Quad, it definitely performs much above its weight in terms of age and specs.

    I've also dropped the phone a few times and it has never broken or anything.

    I have also rooted the phone and kept the stock Android 4.3 and it runs like a charm
    1 year ago
  • Excellent
    One of the greates pieces of electronic wizardry ive ever owned !
    3 years ago
  • Perfect
    Big price = big performance = big screen = short battery life :D
    4 years ago
  • Perfect
    Wonderful phone. Very fast and can do anything. Oh and you can turn that blue light off nurcopolics.
    4 years ago
  • Perfect
    Best phone ever. Can handle anything you throw at it. Only negative is the blue light that keeps blinking all the time because I have multiple email addresses coming to my phone.
    5 years ago
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  • Very good
    Have played a little with this mobile. Impressive how much performance you can squeeze out of old technology with a new OS. Thanks @Farahots comment below, I got the eye of CyanoModgen and after installation so floats S3 on pretty well. Consider that nearly all 4-year-old mobiles are slow to wear it, this is tremendously impressive.

    There is a lot to learn about how to install CyanoModgen, a little too much. But this video shortens the process considerably:

    Note that if you are using OS X, so you may run Heimdall instead of Odin:
  • Perfect
    Update 4: Raises now rating to perfect now when you no longer depend on Samsung Android updates. The handset works even after several years, had to buy a new battery for 200kr to solve the drop charge. Also installed Android 6.1 through CyanogenMod 13. Works really well so far. There is no need to purchase a newer mobile several thousand when it still does a good job. One can easily follow the development of the mod via a website and it released updates several times a week for the interested.
  • Perfect
    Receive the latest iPhone through the job ... iPhone 6 or whatever it's called. The lands directly in the box at the bottom and instead I use my dear faithful servant S3. Old as the hills, but it will never be poor. It just continues to deliver, without compromise. =)
  • Good
    LIte less battery life, otherwise a hyffsat good phone
  • Perfect
    Very good (still) have had it since August 2012 and still use it today and it works just fine for being over 2 years old.
    Will stick to the Galaxy series, will be well-S6-ball in the spring.
  • Good
    Would recomend anyone to put Cyanogenmod on the S3, it has meant that I went from hating to loving the phone again after two years. Everything is better. above all, eat it fast now!

    It has been quite slow with time.

    Very good phone, satisfied in every way. The silly hyped features turned out to be very good and not at all so silly. Must say though that having already tested all the major systems, I think Windows Phone is the nicest system so next phone will be one.
  • Terrible
    Worst phone I've had! Got a purple ring on cameran .. then left it in for repair and it got better .. but about a month after that came the purple round ring again, so I did it again .. but you can not fix it because it there is a small crack in the corner .. I would fix it I have to pay 2000 for a new screen. and the phone is really not the world so much. it is also very tough and the bugs themselves very much .. so the phone is not something I recommend! has also just had it for 7 months ..
  • Excellent
    Here, after two years of ownership, I have to sum it up like this: After the latest software upgrade to Android 4.3, so is my phone more stable than ever, better battery life than it ever had, and everything just works.

    Sure it has a few years old, it has got some kisses on the road, fallen to the floor, and two places on the frame has small cracks. But the screen is completely scratch-free still, without a screen protector - quite incredible.

    Blåtanden works better than ever, and now 100% perfect with my MB's Bluetooth.

    Against it may not have the last in terms of resolution and so on. In fact, I go and want a new phone - I just do not know what is to be able to replace my S3a now that the software is so cruel. I dare hardly even update any more - right now it feels like in a golden zone that I do not want to disturb ....
  • Excellent
    After more than two years work still excellent, despite a countless number of bangs.
  • Excellent
    Upgraded to this from a HTC Desire S so it was a huge step forward. Lightweight, comfortable to hold and a nice design, good resolution made it could finally start using it for web browsing, movies and more.

    A little less that it can be a little tough at times.
  • Good
    First and foremost, you should put 2500-2800 on a new androidtelefonen? CHOOSE NEXUS 5! Find out why below.

    Here is an updated review after two years with the phone for those considering getting it because it's got a pretty good price.

    + + OLED screen. This is subjective, but OLEDs are true blacks, ie related pixels and not backlit like LCD. It also means power efficiency, black background / night mode in the apps that support it draws almost no battery at all. Many people complain that Samsung's screens are översaturerade, this is due to ignorance. One can have 4 different display modes and the mode that Samsung ships the phone with is what gives that impression, but there are normal modes.
    + Relatively fast but Samsung's own androidversion is cumbersome so lag is occurring.
    + Good battery, if one knows his kung-fu can get three days on a single charge, two with no problems. Will this still even though it is two years old.

    - The phone is stuck with android 4.3. Do not expect that Samsung will update it more when they themselves come out with it is low on the frame, which is not entirely true. You could of course install custom rom but even that has its flaws. This is really the only minus I have. If you want to be guaranteed to have the latest version of Android when it is released, there is only one choice and that is to buy a Nexus 5 or Nexus 4th If you do not know the Nexus concept is the high time that you read on, it is knowledge you will benefit from in the future. It is not for nothing that the Nexus 5 at this writing is the most popular phone here on-hunting.
  • Perfect
    Had telen for two days now.
    Updated from xperia ray and can only say that any damn boost!
  • Barely acceptable
    After 20 months of use, the phone is now tough as hell, it did not reset the phone .... time to replace the crap ...
  • Good
    Wonderful, replaced my Galaxy S2 (9100).

    Have begun to draw more battery after 4.3 update, not good Samsung
  • Perfect
    I have nothing negative to say about it. Very good phone.
  • Excellent
    Very good phone!

    + Quick phone that works very well in all conditions.
    + The camera is very good in certain situations and is otherwise very high threshold.
    + The screen has good color reproduction and resolution
    + Good battery life. Also followed by an additional
    + HSPA + -> Quick surf and GPS satellites
    + Films in 1920x1080 - however, files right uncompressed and take much space

    - EQ to the built-in music player is very poor
    - Gorilla glass is scratched easier than I expected
    - The speaker could have had better placement
    - 4.3 upgrade has made it much tougher (not update!)
  • Decent
    Had the phone in 7months.
    Came from an iPhone 4s and loved the freedom of android and the big screen. If you are familiar with iOS, there are certain things you will miss and it was a little to much for me that switched to an iPhone 5.
  • Perfect
    Bought it because it has EVERYTHING I need.

    Good sound chip
    SD Slot
    Replaceable battery
    Just in size
    Rapid menus
    Ok battery life (going to buy other batteries with much better, but by compromising the thickness of the phone, peeking ebay / amazon)
    Ok camera

    Everything is very easy to navigate (Android). My first smarthphone, however, tested many others. Weighed between this and others in a similar price range.

    Savic. Tip is to buy a skin that allows it to not slip off of the hand.
  • Excellent
    Have now had my S3: ai almost a week and I am impressed with Samsung's latest creation. Now I have fully converted from the iPhone.

    + Screen. 4.8 inches and a resolution of 1280x720 is sovereign. Minimal reflections and cruel black makes it a treat. PenTile does not bother me at all.

    + Battery. Really good with cream in the battery and in normal use, is it really long. What attracts by far the most is the screen. Especially if you surf.

    + Shape. Some think it's ugly, and others think it is stylish. Personally I think it is nicer in reality than on the picture. But above all, it is a delight to hold and use.

    + The operating system is brilliant. The android ICS would suffer much more lag than iOS I think this is a slight exaggeration. Sure, iOS is a little softer to use on a 4s. But I would choose android days a week anyway for the millisecond I lose once a day for baking.

    + The hardware is gorgeous. The sound is really crisp, and support for memory cards makes it so much better than competitors' options. It smacks most of the fingers in most benchmarks.

    + The price I think is reasonable in comparison to mobiles in the same class. If you buy the subscription, it costs the equivalent of the iPhone 4s and HOX. Meanwhile, the light years better than both.

    - Had rather have seen Google's own kalenderapp instead of S Planner.

    - S voice is just as shitty as Siri. Samsung's fabrications such as smart stay and direct call is well resourceful, but absolutely no dealbreakers.

    - The automatic brightness I think this is pretty poor. It does little by itself would feel like. Could have been a little smoother transitions as well.

    This phone has pretty much everything you could want and then some. It is not for everyone. But for me it was a cleanly purchase. 're Not going to age like a wine, but it feels like it will keep up with good in a few years anyway :)
  • Perfect
    I've had my s3: ai 1 1/2 year I think everything is fine with this phone
  • Perfect
    Updated to 4.3 works great never had any problems during my 18 months with it :)
  • Very good
    Had it for about one year and was very pleased with it, sure it hung a little now and then but it was not the worst thing. Battery life could have been better and a little less plastic so it had been 10/10.

    Unfortunately the replacement I recently an iPhone 5s and regret it a bit.

    Android = freedom, and SGS3 with today's price? Recommended!
  • Perfect
    A perfect mobile for the surfer / the one who likes to play on mobile
    + Screen a relatift high definition screen for its size

    + Sound that sounds okay when playing music

    + Even though I only have 3g so I'm going up in pretty high speeds on brebbandskollen :)

    - Little short battery time when using pogram that such games / internet / youtube
  • Terrible
    After over a year of using my phone now gives up. It freezes several times a day and require a restart. Master reset does not help, and assume it is a hårdvaruprobem.

    It's been a great phone that has served me well up until now but one year lifespan for a phone for 6000 SEK is not ok. Will be some time before I buy Samsung again.
  • Terrible
    Bought this phone in June after having had IPhone for a few years. I was happy first month but after that came all the android syndrome. Phone hangs even though it is only 7-8 apps installed. After 3-4 days it is so tough that it has to be restarted. Have tried to reset but the same flaws remain. Wanted so much to like android but this may bottom scores.
  • Good
    Enjoyed both the Nokia Lumia 920 and Galaxy Note 2 before this so I was used to large screens and heavy phones.

    Flexibility in S3 is great compared to the other two but at other points it a great deal worse. While quite tenacious in charge, at SMS, calls, etc., etc.

    I change phones quite often and need now for a short period this "little" phone. Will trade up to me the next Note for next summer for sure!
  • Excellent
    What I can start by saying that this phone is virtually flawless.
    And very good looking.
    Got my phone from 3 for about a week ago and have since learned what a real Android smartphone is. My copy was the one of the last blue S3orna at 3.

    + Also on the back is made of plastic so it feels really stable and sits well in the hand.
    + Really fast.
    + Most of what the others say.
    + The camera is one of the best mobile cameras I've seen, and I've seen many.

    - HD resolution. Not exactly HD with PenTile and twice as many green pixels as the other colors.
    - Micro Lagg, and that one can not escape. Android is Android.
    - The design is not the best, but is not really bad either. Feels good in the hand.
    - Home button is a little loose.
  • Perfect
    Earlier smartphones Nokia c7, Sony Ericsson Xperia neo. And I thought at first that I would take a SGS2 for I like and switch phones every year but then told a friend why not buy a high end phone and having it over one year instead of the purchase of class phones on changing every year. How right he was, I have never been so happy with a phone then Nokia 3310th Why is this phone so good then? Yes to begin with, I think:

    The screen visa certainly it's PenTile, and it shows (the hawk sight) but it is certainly not that of the Motorola razr, HTC's one instance where it is more visible than it is on s3an. But blacks are among the best you'll find on a mobile phone is likewise viewing angles too. So in summary the screen is among the best on the market.

    The performance is terrible good passes all games I tested on it anyways, Dead trigger, Minecraft can handle it even on energy saving mode on. Fluidity of the interface is the best in the whole Android world even if it's not on iOS level but then you get a small phone with iOS that I think gets a bit boring in the long run unless you jailbreak it then (ipad2).

    The camera is really good better than sitting in Xperia neo on then it is a really good camera phone. Zero shutter teams are really good, it means that the image is taken directly when you press the camera button without delay. 1080P filming this beast in and film quality is so good that you get weak in the knees

    The design is welling nothing that stands out but it is really comfortable to hold and it was swell that it's made for comfort rather than design that I like.

    I think Samsung should have a plus at the edge so you can change the battery and that you can expand the memory while the trend seems to be that it is not possible to replace the battery and memory enhancement.

    Less then

    Back button and the button to the left sits a little mad for it's easy to hit the back button when you extend the top.

    Is this the perfect phone then? Of course not, nothing is perfect but I dare say that this is the best phone on the market right now. Sent from my Samsung galaxy s3 will see how it looks on the computer since then :)

    Updating the score from nine to ten because I am more satisfied now than when I bought the phone
    -------------------------------------------------- --------------------

    So where did I say when it was new now I've had it for over a year and I still think about the phone but my battery has lost about 20% of its capacity iof so doing swell all batteries that then. But Touchwiz starting to feel a little old and outdated when compared to the Sony UI, Sense. Though I have never been this pleased with a phone this long and it serves its function very well and some related fact. The best mobilköp I have done so far
  • Perfect
    The counties phone is good shit. I've had it for 1yr it has always functioned been crappy fast and good. But once I happened to update the phone via the computer to an update that was faked. My fault!
  • Poor
    The first smart phone for me, and last. Fun and surf with perhaps for those who do not want to sit comfortably in front of a large screen. Calling with the useless, big and clunky. SMS is a pain to write when you like me have big fingers and constantly pushing the several letters. Sold it on the block and made the loss with 1200kr a month. But it was worth it and get rid of the crap. Does my four year old Nokia (unwise) now it's fun calling / texting again.
  • Excellent
    This was my first androidlur. bought it in August 2012 on the block for 3800 systems. Of course, the value reduced now but I'm really happy with this phone.

    I love that you can build anyway and that you wish to program / widgets / folders. battery life is well alright now after 1 year. It manages without charging for about 24 hours? loads during the night and loads the next night ..

    Only minus is the symbols. Hard to see what it "is". and very few also.
  • Poor
    Have had the phone for about 13 months and already the first week it's been hanging up (missed call icon shows constant missed calls though there Stamer-I have left after a few attempts to restore it). Had some periods that it turns 20 times a day for no reason. (working fine a few months but then will that kind of strange for no reason)
    Similarly, sometimes it becomes really tough and restores all browsing history and fav sides of himself.
    Ladningen hate not worked a few times either (been on ladningen for 10 hours without the barn ugly) Rather plasticky, camera ok and screen ok.
    Have had the iphone 4, the Sony Ericsson Experia 10i, samsung galaxy s2, and a few others, but s3-an is probably the phone I was least satisfied with (given expectations).
    Have already ordered the new phone and it will not samsung this time. (Test sony z1)
  • Terrible
    I've always liked Samsung, and have owned two phones by brand.

    One happened unfortunately out of the unknown EFS problem (which of course I did not even know existed before I sought help when the phone one day stopped working in the middle of a call). This can definitely be worth checking out for those who want to use a different ROM on your phone.

    The other, a Samsung Galaxy S3, died today. Everything points to this case of the even more infamous SDS - Sudden Death Syndrome. This felt I understood not to, before I got reason to start looking for help.
    This has, however, been known since the fall of 2012, and Samsung acknowledged the problem around the turn. But I bought my phone for barely three months ago, which means that there may be many more here who will suffer the misery.

    One thing is fairly certain after this: my next phone will not be a Samsung!
  • Excellent
    Spent my 3rd now. Says a lot. Wish it was better though. S4 attracts not when it built the same way.
  • Very good
    Having owned it for 13 months, I am super happy with my S3, it is the best phone I have owned, by far. However, there have been a couple of problems that I after two attempts to get it repaired still live with. The same problem has occurred on the girlfriend's S3 and an acquaintance. It does not happen very often, but enough to annoy:

    - Hangs sometimes when the screen is off and can not then start. Snatching the battery or reset via the power button is the only solution.

    - Restarts itself randomly.

    - Microfonen is sometimes completely dead during calls. It may work for a while, but then it becomes completely silent on the other end. Calling again solves the problem.
  • Excellent
    The camera is absolutely incredible. The speed of the mobile is crazy and it feels smooth and super easy to use.

    Edit: Have been a little slower with time. Still bothers me the home button which is too small for my thumb.
  • Excellent
    An absolutely wonderful phone!
  • Acceptable
    Have always liked Samsung be it mobile phones or TV powered device. But this phone is really nothing to cheer for. Build Quality Small is horrible. Loose pieces from the gray frame and the plastic on the back is falling off. It has also been 5-6 cracks in the gray frame that is not passed on the warranty. Camera glass (plastic piece) has come off a few times. To add is that I never usually have problems in mobiles fails.

    + Scratch resistant screen
    + The screen is generally very good in colors and viewing angles, nothing to complain about there
    + Speed
    + Stylish

    - Build Qualifying Small
    - Wifi unstable
    - All samsung apps that come with that nobody uses?
    - Expensive
  • Good
    Better phones! eg Lumia 925.
  • Decent
    Good phone, but I like it anyway. Want me my Windows Phone phone back.
  • Terrible
    Updating the score.

    -No source code, even though Samsung has promised to release them before 2013.
    -Without the source code so it will not get any stable AOSP ROM
    -The phone is nedbloatad with junk that takes resources, even without the source code, it works CM, AOKP ... several times better than the stock ROM.
    Many suffer from SDS, my blah, allowing the phone dies after about 6-8 months due to faulty internal SD, not valid for all but very many S3 suffers from it.
    In the best cases, it does not break your phone directly, but it hangs 50-100 times a day, many who suffer from this, including my doing it.

    There is more to write about the debris, both positive and negative things. Has changed me up against a Nexus 4 Now that is cruel compared to S3. This might be my last Samsung!

    Are you considering buying a S2/S3, Note / Note 2, check out the XDA first so you can see how much trouble people have with them.
  • Very good
    Have had the phone now for about 2 weeks and have to say I'm well pleased! Chose between this and S4 nd, and I have not regretted it .. Everything flows as it should, cheaper, FM radio and also have lower SAR value than S4AN.

    Regarding battery life, I have managed to get almost 2 days on a single charge (power saving on). This constant mobile data or wifi, surfing, fb, calls etc.. Disable unnecessary background processes and applications in Appmanagern. Check online for more info.

    Must point out that I purchased my copy through Bazula and later discovered that it had Baltic (BSE) firmware. I ran into a Nordic (NEE) and after that, I must say that the handset flowed faster. Do not know why really ..

    Relatively cheap now
    + Fast
    + Good screen
    + Low SAR
    + All the features you need
    + Replaceable battery
    + Easy
    + Good battery time

    - Built of plastic. May be disturbing to some, for me it's ok for this price and the ability to change the battery.
    - Easy to accidentally access the Back button and then closed some programs and "oops what happened now" feelings arise from time to time
    - Samsung seems tough with Android updates
  • Excellent
    The phone is more comfortable than the iPhone 4.
    The phone is easier to pick up from the table than the iPhone 4.
    The size makes it easier to write compared to the iPhone 4, which is smaller.
    Good GPS using maps better than the iPhone 4 as the screen is bigger and has more pixels.
    It is much easier to add music when you do not have to use iTunes.
    The sound is great. The noise reduction works.
    Showing websites quickly and cleanly.
    Can download free software / apps / widgets without having to log in each time.
    Can show week numbers in the calendar and on the top left with WeekNow.
    The alarm clock has a nice setting that can soft start sound instead of starting at max volume.

    Double Click your browser does not adapt image or text width to the phone's width.
    The mail does not wrap the text that goes beyond the screen.
    One day I took the battery out very quickly.
    The cord smelled bad first few days.
    Alarm Changes disappears back without question if you do not press save. (IPhone saves directly.)
    Unclear which button is used to send SMS and email when the buttons are images without text explanation.
    The camera adds a slight color ball when photographing a white paper with black text.
    The camcorder video recording stutters occasionally.
    Viewing and zooming in PDF is scrubby compared to the iPhone.
    Original calendar icon always shows 31 instead of the current date. This fixes it by downloading Smooth Calendar for free.
  • Excellent
    + Comfortable, practical, write friendly, good map display, fast and has soft start at the alarm clock.
    - Somewhat worse PDF viewer and video recording stutters at times compared to the iPhone.
  • Excellent
    Replaced my old Sony Ericsson. Great phone. Quick, clear and responsive.