HTC One X 32GB

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One X is a new top model from the Taiwanese manufacturer HTC, created to take up the fight against the more powerful models from LG and Samsung, and of course Iphone. The screen is 4.7 inch, the quad-core processor 1.5 GHz and the camera eight megapixel. The phone is Android run. Released in 2012. Close
One X is a new top model from the Taiwanese manufacturer HTC, created to take up the fight against the more powerful models from LG and Samsung, and of course Iphone. The screen i... Read more
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  • Very Poor
    Recommended non!
    Poor battery. Do not understand - it is 32 GB, but when I get to just below 7 as it is said stop. The screen hypersensitive equally rapid overheating. Long battery charging. Unable to remove the app, I do not need or want.
    LG has had two years - the best phone I have had. Broke down the other day to my sorrow o despair. It receives messages but I will not go into it. Will check if it goes composite repair.
    Bought this "unused" - not - from a guy in a sales team at fejjan. For 1,300 bucks. I am furious mildly. It was published in 2012, and apparently it's a long time ago people wrote reviews. It will not be updated because it is "out".
    So buy the fan was not this!
  • Perfect
    Ridiculously good phone as held for more than 3 years. Have never frozen and is still like a clock. Unlike later bought Samsung. Becomes an HTC again next time.
  • Excellent
    Have had this since the beginning of summer.

    I think that is slightly too large and can sometimes be hard to handle with one hand, but I have small hands. Do not comment more here then it is uninteresting taste things.

    (YouTube,, NFL game pass, Movies)
    Best screen I had. Never thought I'd start watching sports on mobile phones, but with this focus, the screen size, it has actually become a habit. iPhone lovers have begun to show youtube videos on my phone instead of their own.

    (Need For Speed, Temple Run,, etc.)
    Never been a problem, does it all so far. However, to get quite warm by the processor when pushed hard, to such a degree that the screen starts to lose a little sensitivity (temporarily ofc)

    (Spotify, Podkicker, Music)
    Beats Audio system is what it is, it's an EQ preset that imo does its job. All cell phones have some sort of EQ, the only unique thing about this is that you can turn it off and it comes from a known brand. I use it and I think it's great, and I think this is the best audio experience I've had in a mobile, but ... I see what HTC is trying to do here, and that is to create a hype around it (so that Apple is doing so well with their products). This is so clearly marketed towards the mob and I hate when Apple does it, and I hate that HTC is trying.

    Biggest surprise for sure. Where on holiday this summer with some friends and the photo album filled with pictures from my cell phone, and three others (iPhone 4 & 4s). And the quality difference was incredible (I can not answer for what settings they had on their cameras), but the result was that my pictures were much better in terms of color and sharpness despite the smaller size of the images. The video I have not used enough to comment on.

    Very good as long as the screen is off. Otherwise absolutely acceptable though perhaps at the end tasks may lose battery very quickly. Iom the powerful battery it takes even longer to load.

    Other plus / minus
    Internet sharing, just like on most androidlurar is the internet division of sub / wifi really good.
    Dropbox, 25 gb for 24 months? Well, thank you!
    The included headset, really good to be an enclosed head. Associate stopped however working after just one week, my lasted a few months before I happened to tear it.
    HTC Sense, I'm used to it, and like it, but many times have you wished that there were core android instead.

    EDIT: Over time, it has not been as great as it was from the very beginning. Once it has had to be serviced by the motherboard got crazies (a common fault). The guarantee, of course, took care of that, still a tricky thing. Over time, the phone function worse and worse (a pretty vital part of a smartphone). Almost impossible to hear what people are saying if I do not use headphones, calls often breaks, and the reception is clearly impaired. Do I want to play with the phone, however (see movies, play games, etc.) and it works perfectly still. While I am not as happy with it today, I realize that two years Type is a life for a smartphone, so it may maintain a good score in the memory of their glory days
  • Very Poor
    Now I've had cell phone for two years and it's probably really the worst one I had. The camera is completely useless. Battery life is useless. Wifi stopped early work. Sen is tough and hangs often. No more HTC,
  • Barely acceptable
    Cracked 2 screens (the first two in my life)
    Boiled 2 processors. Do not ask how?!
    Otherwise super once it operates.
  • Excellent
    Enjoyed my one year now and I love it. Awesome good performance and battery life is a party after the 4.0.4 update. Cons: The battery does not change myself but it's just as fashionable prescribes right now unfortunately.
  • Excellent
    Horrible bad battery time it has, and you may not take it out and change it to another one may be able to buy on ebay or something. The cell phone is the best but is just the worst battery life have destroyed the entire cell phone. Therefore, HTC did direct another smartphone with the same name, although a plus at the end (HTC One X +)

    EDIT: Now I've had a cell phone for 5 months and the battery has gotten a little better, BUT the wifi and the screen is now worse. Pin to the screen a bit or pinched by different reason to get the yellow stains that goes away after days and sometimes weeks, and additionally becomes mobile giant hot if you play games which makes the heat weakens the wifi reception. I have also had problems with the wifi that it had stopped working, so I send it to service. Otherwise, everything else on the cell phone good, fast + great camera.

    NEW EDIT: Now jellybean android 4.2 and Sense 5 come to this from and what I can say is that the cell phone has truly become more attractive in applications and software, fancy icons and more. and faster, the cell phone and the best, the battery has been about 20% better than it was before. Now I am happy with the phone's battery time.

    PS. The cell phone got wet and some of the screen stopped working, but I send it to service after a week and as luck had they not noticed and therefore changed the screen to a whole new, and a new screen protector. Luckily I had ;)
  • Poor
    had the phone for a week now, highly recommended! has not crashed a right time when I used it and looks very stylish in my hand :) definitely the best cell phone I've owned!


    had it for almost 1 year, the middle part of the screen stopped working, usually that part of the screen to stop working yet so invalidates the warranty and they blame the "moisture damage". It's big o fine but no battery time o wifi is useless. The camera to stand out is probably the dumbest thing I way and was scratched down after the first month ...
  • Decent
    Good build quality, but pissigt battery. Also become very hot if they have data traffic running.
  • Barely acceptable
    Great bang for the buck. When I acquired my was the 1700 cheaper than the cheapest SGS 3 which I see as the main competitor. Performance is equivalent to one tenth of an inch larger screen on the SGS3 and slightly faster processor HOX

    Fast. Impressed with how much more performance and how well some apps floating over my 2 year old HTC Desire

    The design / construction. Now I have about glove size 9 but I reach narrowly with slightly modified grip, all the corners of the screen.

    That I'm a little less happy with ..

    The screen. My first ex had a yellow dot in one corner. Apparently nothing unusual according to the network. Current phone has a tendency to flicker on the screen when running with low backlight and it makes you happy, see next paragraph.

    Battery life. Battery life is really lousy. Do not know if it is so significantly much better at HOX + but this is worse than my 2 year old HTC Desire. This is regardless of whether it is a day when the phone resting in the pocket (with Wifi and Bluetooth off) or if it is used frequently. Both results are substandard.

    Features. Mentioned earlier that I saw SGS3 as competitor and it is a month or less, but the innovative and lovely man got with Sense as other Androidtillverkare had not, seems to be a distant memory.

    HTC. Promises updates but a phone is apparently too old to be updated already 7 months after the first release. I am still waiting Jellybean. Same symptoms, HTC had on the first Desiren when 2.3 loomed in the horizon. Promised and promised and not until the ble public outcry, well then let go of a halvmesyrsversion to that particular phone.

    Beats. I must mention Beats. Do you have a couple of really bad headphones, such enclosed, well then fills it a purpose, but do you like the music as it was meant to sound. Turn off the Beats. An equalizer that makes everything sound like commercial radio with unpleasant heavy bass and pushy midrange / tweeter.

    Integrated battery. Sometime in smartphones story starts to fuss in my experience. Sometimes it freezes the phone so you can not do anything about it, only way is to remove the battery. Alternatively take it simply ends and you want to change when you are off-grid example, but this is not the case. Poor.

    For the money, the phone is good, it is really good, but in retrospect I would not have bought it today. Waited out the new Google Nexus handset alternatively see what's on the way ..

    Update: The screen has grown up yet another large yellow spot on the screen, which is really annoying, and this on a product that is sparingly used for 7 months .. -2 stars
  • Very good
    Very satisfied of this phone that I got to buy used. Never had a phone that I'm still quite happy with a year after purchase.
  • Perfect
    A very good mobile, some small things that can be a bit distracting but think that is clearly better than the Samsung. However, I have trouble connecting it to my computer but running mostly with dropbox. And the phone has beat audio which sound card is a huge +
  • Perfect
    Very happy with it ... works like clockwork with no lag. Good screen and good camera.
  • Decent
    + + Good screen, fast processor, good quality shell, Very good sound.

    - Poor battery life and slow loading. This is a major stress factor in my life. Every day I wake up with a fully charged phone but I have NEVER come home but it had less than 20% left .. Often it dies in the afternoon. And one hour of charging gives not so much. (Has no battery devour apps and use it mostly for music and surf) Dies HTC One so it is dead. No chance to start it up later and send an emergency text, such as my old HTC Legend could.

    - The coverage is alarming. Run Telia and compared with the same abb on my ihpone or htc legend so this is often worse. I'm the only one on my job who have no coverage at our office, even though we have window seats. Talk about humiliating to have to go out and call when you have bought a new phone ...

    + + The hardware design is okay. Material, buttons, skjärm is canon.
    - The front camera is in a depression, and hence can not polish the lens so it is often covered with lint.

    + + HTCs extra features of webbläsarn are fantastic. The content will be fit-to-screen-width is magnificent - feels like a feature that is hailed as hell if Apple had come to it. - HTC's lock screen has some smart controls for music player but an idiotic feature is that if you open an app via the lock screen so you can not move to the home screen, without home key for a return to the locked position.
  • Barely acceptable
    I have never in my life had more hardware problems with mobile and DOA: t more than this.
    Sure - it has good camera, big screen, is stylish and Sense is nice, but it does not matter when every single one I had was a måndagsex who are either suffering from dead pixels, light leakage, "waves" and cracked more than a loft in a wooden house built in the 1920s!
  • Barely acceptable
    Bought this phone last Christmas, it worked damn good all the time passed all game and never indulge themselves, totally excellent performance.
    The memory is also great, although it might feel a bit lost without support for memory cards sometimes, hehe.
    I treated App better than any other phone I've had before, was very experimental term.
    MEEEN after 2 vecker I noticed already lots at small scratches on the screen, they had been created by a misplaced metal button on my jacket.
    So if you have this App, buy screen protector, totally worth the investment.

    Now comes the tragedy.
    A few weeks ago, I would charge the cell phone a little fast in one of the computers we have in school, when a classmate accidentally hooked his chair in laddsladden so the cell phone went to the floor.
    I took the cell phone quickly but could not see that it has been damaged, so I put it in my pocket and thought int more about it.
    Then when I got home and would charge the cell phone so I was not allowed into the charging plug, micro usb had been bent so much that when I finally got the cord they did not load mobile anymore ... it was broken!
    I then sent into the cell phone as I bought of CDON to their workshop, got a couple of days an email about the damage would cost 3580 to repair .....
    The cell phone costs new on Amazon 3400kr .... The damage to the USB jack needs to apparently replace both the battery and the motherboard to cook! The cell phone, I have decided to scrap free, now I'm going to order a sony instead.

    Have always liked HTC, but after seeing this latest pretty black on their slim and actually delicate mobiles ..... (should add that I had a HTC desire s before htc one x, on the pane of glass was broken in 1000bitar of dropping off a chair down in a wood floor when I stood up. Ananda I got the cell phone with the cracked screen until the mini-usb on it also broke down and could not wait any longer. And I had never lost the lead in)
  • Very good
    This phone is great, smooth, good battery life, fast.

    Have had mine for over a year now, and it has passed countless cases the floor without problems. The downside is that there is hardly protection and accessories for it, all bets on the iPhone and the Galaxy.
  • Excellent
    A quality phone, like HTC usually delivers. The only thing I miss is a little more battery life but it seems pretty common for all toptelefoner out.
    Got everything I wanted for almost a thousand less (at the time of purchase six months ago) than soap dish S3 ;) With twice as much memory.
  • Perfect
    Been using this for almost 2 weeks and am very pleased. Had before an iPhone 3GS as some writing was old but incredibly stable. Did not want an iPhone again when it feels the same only bigger.

    The idea was really to test a WP8 phone but the lack of apps made it this phone. Troubled nice display and crisp and nice software. Is simply incredibly satisfied.
  • Very good
    Have had my HOX since May 2012, thus almost a year. Unlike some others here, I have never had any problems with my phone at all. It is sleek, light, well built, has good-looking screen, good speakers, and everything runs fine. Plays e.g. GTA 3 without problems (maybe not the most demanding game for all I know). When people see it they always say wow nice looking phone what is that?

    Quite honestly, I can not offhand think of anything negative with the phone. Maybe could be the battery life but what high end phone, you can not say that about nowadays. It can handle themselves in any case always one day, often longer with regular use (facebook, spotify, sms, calls, easy web browsing) and the new power-saving function, I think has made a big difference if you have it switched on during standby periods.

    Now that HTC and Samsung unveiled their new flagship for 2013 is actually a HTC again. Samsung went too much on Apple's line and SGS4 seems mostly to be an update of the SGS3. Better hardware and no new software features but basically the same phone as a year ago. HTC has definitely been more innovative in years.
  • Excellent
    Works perfect. Fast for my needs. Have not had any problems during ownership
  • Terrible
    Have had this phone for 6-7 months and have had a lot of problems with it right now. But in the beginning, I was actually very pleased with it, the first cell phone that has quad core processor. Thought this must be mighty sick mobile, and it actually was, then when I had the stock version of HOX.

    I never had problems with it, never lagged so on. BUT, as soon as I update it as I begin to notice that it starts small Add when I texting or playing. But then I test that kind of small game like my old samsung i5500 managed without problems, then I noticed that it lagged a lot.

    Also tested the drag racing that which lagged very well, I thought what the hell, it's wrong on my mobile? So I called HTC and they told me at first that I should try to completely restore cell phone, then I did it. But as soon as it became clear that it still lagged.

    Then I called HTC again when they said I should send it in because they thought it was strange that it was tough. Submitted it and when I got back so did Anovo reset and found no fault. Then I thought this was strange and called HTC and they told me later that they could not do anything about it but to submit it again. But then I shat in that it lagged but use it as usual.

    A month later I started my htc get yellow spots, and it disturbed me very much. Did it again and then switched Anovo screen and got screen protection and I was very happy and loved mobile again. A few weeks after they changed the screen so it happened something very bad. While I texted died App though it had around 70-80% battery and it had done so several times thinking it is certainly no update. But the problem was that I could not even start it or load it NOTHING.

    Was terrible sour on the cell phone and I needed files I had in the mobile but the problem was that the memory is built in! So now it has been dead for 5 days and have been on charge all the time, can not start or anything. But since I have submitted it three times already and now the fourth so I can replace the mobile phone against another for the same price range, and then when I bought it so it cost 6,000. Then I will probably choose iPhone 5 or Samsung galaxy s3 4g. No more HTC. All their phones laggy and has also disposed battery. But if you are interested in this mobile so do not buy it. I myself had been more pleased with a galaxy s2 than this mobile. Buy a Blackberry or Iphone. PS you saying that HTC ONE X is fast is because you have rootat it, or do you do nothing with it but just taking pictures or texting.

    To a mobile which has 1.5 ghz quad-core processor that drags on drag racing is very embarrassing, Samsung i5500 lags less and it has only 600MHz. In any case, I may exchange it for another one so it will be awesome beauty without law and disposed battery. :)
  • Excellent
    But, what do you do with your phones that have so much trouble ..?
    The phone works perfectly!
    Will not something to complain about even if I try.
  • Terrible
    Bought mine in April (had it for approx 9month).

    Have had an awful lot problems with this phone:

    Think that was all.

    Have had many different HTC but this was the worst model they have made.

    Then to HTC customer service was disaster makes you will never again buy a HTC again.

    I recommend anyone to buy this phone? Never in life.
  • Poor
    Is the whole right unhappy.
    Have had it for 8 months. Which 4 months of the intermingled with a S3a, which is a much much better phone.

    Amazing screen
    Huge sound from headphones
    Cruel OS
    Super fast and good camera

    Poor coverage (compared to other phones with the same provider)
    The battery is disastrous.
    Wifi coverage is non-existent.

    Makes about doing the right HTC!
  • Excellent
    Bought this for half a year after launch to avoid hardware failure as some reported.

    Have now had the phone for 3 months and think that it has the following advantages and disadvantages:
    Have updated to the latest HTC Sense + Android 4.1.1 (3.14.401.31)

    + Good Performance (With Update)
    + Neat UI
    + Good battery life (with update)
    + Great screen
    +32 Gb storage on Dropbox for a year
    + Is well designed and breathe quality
    + Good price

    -No dedicated hardware button for the camera (Since launch, the commercials on TV
    been about to take a picture with your phone, then I think such a button should be obvious, otherwise you have to focus your eyes on some other feature)
    Not replaceable battery and lacks micro-SD input (Which you learn to live without, and can be satisfied anyway, look at iPhone owners)
    -Most of them lack the S-Off. (A bit limiting when you flash the firmware, kernel and ROM)

    Recommended for those who can cope with the drawbacks. For me, it's almost perfect anyway. :)
  • Excellent
    Had this for over 6 months now and is still really really happy! Quick A smooth

    Draws a star for the battery life that will be right lousy when the screen has been running a lot. HTC One X + which have bigger battery I imagine could be a genuine tiopoängare.
  • Good
    A decent and affordable mobile Very good screen. Tested this because I was looking for good sound quality. Unfortunately kaunde I note that this mobile's audio output is nothing sensational. S3 and Note2 actually better sounding headphone output. My dissatisfaction with the sound quality I was able to confirm this:
  • Good
    Latest mobile: Samsung Galaxy S3 LTE

    + Great screen, very better than the S3, but worse than the iPhone 5.
    Good byggkvalitè.
    Good camera.
    32 gigs of memory.
    Good indication lights.
    Great price now, 3500kr Siba.
    Pretty neat.

    - HTC Sense is no picnic. Very cluttered than Samsung's and Sony's systems.
    Too big for my taste.
    Lags part.
    Pathetic headphones.
    The camera lens will probably have to take some beating when it sticks out very.
    Volume Buttons: Why insist on all android phones with having such large volume buttons that covers half the side of the phone and also very sensitive ones? Will ate them all the time involuntarily, which means that you turn off the sound. Top annoying!
    No physical home button which I prefer.
    The media player is as ugly as usual with android. Hey 1800s!
    No Jelly bean.
    Battery: Worst standby time I had on a smartphone, and moreover, it takes seven long years to recharge it.

    I like this phone more and more actually. The screen is amazing and it feels good in the hand. Shame on the protruding camera lens, battery life and that Jelly Bean will be delayed.

    Update 1: Build quality was no picnic anyway. The screen is loose on one side after only 2 days and the volume buttons as well. Then it drags a lot in the menus. More than on the S3 I had.
  • Very good
    Was skeptical about this handset after reading this but have so far no problems with my hox .. previously had the iphone 3g, samsung galaxy 1 o 2, but was less samsung o wanted to test htc, iphone ... bah. HTC has that felt more qualitative construction to keep in. And it clearly has the most appealing design. It is a bit rank in the design .. nothing to böjja ;)
  • Decent
    + Thin
    + Stylish
    + Large

    -Beats thing, increasing the volume and makes it less tinny, however, nothing more than a gimmick.

    Technically, it is a good phone, but HTC with 4 cores can not get shit to float, as my old Desire HD can handle excellent, I can not understand. With Jellybean maybe it's better, but one can almost always trust the manufacturers fuckar up totally when it comes to software. Oh well.
  • Excellent
    update: Reduced one star for call quality, more that I talked to complained that it's hard to hear me and it's not just about my English accent.

    entrusted to it, I am still very pleased with my HTC one X.
  • Perfect
    Super satisfied, since my SE XP mini pro.

    Had it since it came out, got DOA first because of a pixel error.

    Cruel screen, camera, good looking (er than SH III), just right size

    - Not as comfortable to hold as the Samsung Galaxy S III, due to boxy.
    - Does not quite okay with spotify
    - A little better battery would have been desirable
  • Excellent
    Have had the phone in in a little over two months
    Awesome nice display. Better than the Galaxy SIII. Much better than the iPhone 4s.
    Although SIII has better blacks and seems to have a larger dynamic range, so do cheating resolution with "PenTile" that images of Htc One X is much, much sharper. Then do not pass SIII show white, but shows an uneven gray-white color, and additionally shows the other colors incorrectly. For example, consider the function buttons (bluetooth and wifi) green paint is poisonous :)

    Are you the least bit interested in photography, going to the Htc One X + instead.

    Good reception, above average.

    -Battery life:
    Feel that the battery life is better than on my ZTE Blade, despite the giant screen, but not top of the line. It ought Galaxy SIII, if they succeeded with the software, be better.

    It seems HTC One X has the best battery life, according lekmannatester on youtube. What became very clear is that the Hox consumes less power when it is in stand by.

    -Design and Build Quality:
    Prefer the design and unibodybyggkvalitet front of Galaxy SIII, but had so clearly been been even better with a little Apple Touch on the whole. The camera lens protrudes ugly (easily scratched) and especially on the white so it does not look completely uniform out to me. iPhone 5 is much better looking. (why should it be obvious?)
    Above average, but not the best.

    -Memory Card Slot:
    Estimate that they invested in 32GB internally instead of users having to fuss with SD cards that are not compatible, additionally constitute remember slot yet a mechanical function that can malfunction. Dropbox 25GB is a plus. Here the Galaxy SIII 50gb, but there are many clouds, so it's not really important to me.

    -Size: It is slightly too large, would rather have taken the higher PPi and 4.5 inch screen, and a little shorter and slimmer body. It's thin, but you think "great buzz" when you see it on the table. (But smaller than Galaxy SIII)
    But in relation to being one of the market's larger phones is extremely well located in the pocket and shows surprisingly little on a little tighter pants (guy).

    -Sound: The sound through the headphone output is not as musical as my old ZTE blade.
    Beats audio makes it sound more powerful but less musically. The dream would have been if they had cooperated with LINN instead, who knows how to deliver music in a right way.

    -Launcher/Sense: After the update, 16th of May, was feeling even better in Sense. Sense handles folders in the same way as the iPhone, creating a user friendly feel. But it is possible to run nova instead of Sense which Launcher, without rooting, if you prefer it. It remains to be seen now that Jelly Bean will about Htc succeeded with sense, or if it will be moving to Nova again.
    Update: 20 July was an update that made Sense faster than Nova. So now I have scrapped the Nova and returned to Sense like launcher.

    Speaker: Even if the sound from the Rear speaker completely lacks bass, so I feel it anyway as cleaner and more accurate than tex Galaxy SII's speakers.

    -Call Audio: Strong and clear, but a little concentrated at a point, and thus a bit vassst and do as many other mobiles little pain in the ears at high volume (which is needed when driving a car). Then delicious it very much to the surroundings when talking.

    -Camera: The camera is sharp, perhaps the market's sharpest, and gives a beautiful sash drop. It has better light transmission and is faster than the Galaxy SIII, but skin tones becomes easy rödstickiga. Also had rather have seen a more raktecknande lens even if it produced a little less wide, this is not at all raktecknande.
    The protruding camera lens has also begun to be scratched on the edge. Does not affect the pictures yet, but what about in 12 months to?

    -Filming: Experiencing the iPhone 4 Films more smoth than One X as far as updates are achieved to date. Becomes somewhat jagged, in comparison.

    -Pour: In both nova and sense, it is a way to go to iPhones butter fluency. Placing my hope in the "Project buttery", although I doubt that it will all be caught up iPhone is already on the next androidutgåva (Jelly Bean).

    -Docking: Iphone has much better docking facilities right now. But it is a good step in the right direction, there are docking connectors. But soon, one can dock speakers over USB micro, thanks to Android Jelly Bean. It's very good news!

    -Quality Feeling: Think it's bad that you can create wave patterns on the screen, by pressing UTI edges. It makes the phone gives a little cheaper impression. I've probably got one of them early copies with minor errors. But it verark that the manufacturing process becomes better and better and fewer defective copies shipped, now than before.

    Like really love to review if you received the benefit of it!
  • Very good
    The updates did it well,

    That I think is the biggest drawback is that the battery life is a little better.
    But it is usually enough one day
  • Acceptable
    Got two examples of Htc one X and unfortunately it was the WIFI problem on both phones (DOA). It turns out that the phone has a hardware or software fault in itself. (When the phone comes near certain types of wireless networks, so dies the phone WIFI entirely.) To warn people away from buying this phone if you use a lot of WIFI.

    Very sorry for the phone itself is a dream phone, but a place like this wrong pulls down the score because I am working with wireless networks.

    Were switched to another phone the Samsung Galaxy 3. This phone is not in the vicinity of HTC's software user basis.
  • Very good
    The cell phone I think works very well, the design is awesome. The only minus I can find is the speaker, I think it is far too weak.
  • Excellent
    great smartphone, the sleek and smooth despite its size and the screen is gorgeous. It is fast and can handle all the apps and games without any problems. Battery capacity is horrible. What I have seen so many other better battery life than me. But I charge every night and if I surf and play spotify few times during the day so take it out before the day is over. Can of course be fixed with a custom rom but I do not want to break the warranty.
  • Terrible
    Lousy. Crappy phone. 5 pc, I changed in a month. The screen fumaric, yellow spots, get really hot and lose wifi.
  • Excellent
    best android handset I had :)

    the only thing I miss is a dedicated camera button
  • Perfect
    Been using it since May 12.
    Actually think it is the best smart phone so far, and then I had some.

    Besides good screen, fast, never laggy, and seems bug free, I want to highlight a couple of things that are better than the others I had.

    - That it is shock resistant, dropped it a few times and not a scratch.
    - That the phone part works flawlessly, as an old Ericsson T29.
    - Bluetooth works perfect sonically, where I have had major problems such as the Iphone.
  • Perfect

    Have now had my HTC One X for 4 months now and after the update to ICS 4.0.4, I was Shocked. Laggfri and 1000p extra in Quadrant benchmarking, most with previous version 4.0.3, I came up in 4500 4900poäng, but now almost all of 6000 points and it's a real lift.

    Now one does not need ROOT: a phone anymore, and I almost was about to do. If you want a completely different look & feel, it's NOVA LAUNCHER you're driving, drive = prime cost, but it was the worth. Can build an S3 with Nova in principle.

    Now Samsung S3 pretty tired!

    The thing I'm really happy with is the time following
    + Nvidia Tegra 3 quad-core graphics processor, 4 +1 cores = 5 pips
    + Camera in daylight, although a bit noisy in the dark otherwise spot on
    + Surprisingly thin
    + Superior display with really nice picture!
    + Very light 180g
    + Beats Audio = a trick, though a great trick, great sound!
    + Good sound in speaker
    + Good ergonomics, feels wonderful in your hand.
    + Quality feeling is GREAT!
    + Faster an S3

    However, HTC had a little too rapid release of this that gave DOA copies and some other errors, but buys one today so surely 9/10 you get a great nap.
    Can not say yet that this is by far the best phone I've had, DISGUSTING satisfied!

    test my brother's S3, it got about 5100! But now its back again. : D
    Service mission, there are more opportunities with HTC when it comes to gaming and more.

    THANKS HTC for this wonderful UPDATE!
  • Excellent
    Have had this since release and it's growing by the day, especially after the last update. The only negative thing is that the battery is rushing a little too fast when the screen is lit, standby phone performs quite incredible battery life. The screen is of course absolutely stunning and the feeling of holding in it is more than satisfactory.
  • Good
    My first smartphone so I'm no pro.
    I think it was crap easy to get started with wifi on regular surfing and I experience it as easy to use.
    The battery lasts one day if you are a part.
    Fucking superb camera.

    Now I risk enough part hatkommentarer but my wife has a nokia lumia800 with windows and it is faktikt much faster and more direct and does not seem "småtänka" them that extra pint while yet this seems to do sometimes. If it's android or the phone itself I do not know but it is anyway. Then, it's fast and so but not as .... hmmm ... directly or however you say. If for example, you scroll up and down really fast on some side so it hangs like after a little bit anyways while Lumian hanging out with your finger more accurately. Complicated explained but perhaps hope that the scores will arrive. Android is atleast more fun =)

    Either way, I'm still happy because it's a fun handset.
  • Excellent
    Very good phone!

    Only negative is the well-battery life (which for all smartphones).
  • Perfect
    Troubled satisfied after the update, the update was HOX means a disaster.

    That said a good phone with a spot design! Like even Sense
  • Very Poor
    Great phone when it works.
    So incredibly poor quality.

    Now it in for repair for the 3rd time. Got it at Easter and it has been longer in the repairer than in my hand.
  • Good
    Enjoyed my One X for a few months now. Got it right when it came out. Already in the beginning I noticed that the backlight flickered. Not much but enough to be annoying. Have not noticed it lately though. Either tweaked the new software update it or I've just gotten used to it ...

    * Otherwise genuine construction. Have knowledge on Samsung Galaxy S3 and it felt very plastigare somehow, not as "stable". One X feels like quality.

    * It is good in the hand. I did not feel too great, though I have small hands.

    * Gets hot under relatively easy driving (surf, means demanding apps). And very hot under the same circumstances, with shells on (hard plastic, approved by HTC)

    * On / off button is small and is a bit silly to. Very uncomfortable the first time but you learn where it is after a few weeks of use.

    * Crashed a few times on me. Probably because of the heat generated.
  • Excellent
    Kanon Phone.
    Everything works like clockwork.
    There are a few small things I do not like though.
    Too small on / off button, a bit difficult to handle in one hand about to call tex and draws a lot of power when using the processor fully.
    It gets pretty damn hot by then.
    Otherwise everything is hundred percent perfect