FAQ: Changes for PriceSpy logged-in users

PriceSpy is adopting a new system and will be closing the logged-in parts of your experience. But there is no need to worry – you can continue to compare products, prices and shops, just as usual!

What to expect

  • Price alerts: Your price alerts will stay active, you will get them by email. (We will use the email address registered in your account. If you want to change the address, you can do it here.
  • Account login: Effective from September 30th you will no longer be able to log in to your account.
  • Active lists: These will be removed, but you can save them by following the instructions in our FAQ.
  • Reviews: Your existing product and shop reviews will remain visible but will transition to anonymous.
  • Forum closure: The feature will be removed.
  • Shops: If you have a shop connected to your account you will get a separate email with instructions.

Should you have any specific concerns, please don't hesitate to reach out to us directly.

At PriceSpy we will continue working on improving our service and remain your go-to place for finding the right product at the right price.

Keep on comparing – for better decisions!

To future-proof our comparison service, we are changing the login system company-wide, and the new system is unfortunately not available in New Zealand. We are looking into alternative solutions on the local markets.

Why are you choosing a system that's not supported on all your markets?
PriceSpy is fully owned by the Norwegian company Schibsted and we are implementing their company-wide login system. This offers new possibilities and advantages that we think will benefit our comparison service in the long-run.

Your reviews will remain publicly visible on our platform but will transition to an anonymous status. You'll no longer have the ability to edit, delete, or add new product or shop reviews. Later this fall your reviews will be removed.

Your price alerts will continue to function as usual and notifications will be sent to the email address associated with what you had on your account. To update this email address, please make changes here before September 30th. (Log in, click on your profile and go to settings.)

Unfortunately, your lists will be permanently deleted. However, you can download them as a .html file through our app before the September 30th deadline: Log in to your account in our app, go to your lists and click the button 'Export all lists'.

Before the September 30th deadline:
Log in to your account in our app, go to your lists and click the button 'Export all lists'.

You can download our app in Google Play and App Store.

You will still have access to your shop, and a migration to a new account platform is being made. Keep an eye out for another email, it will include instructions on how to finalise your new business account.