2012-10-25 Press Release

PriceSpy celebrates with Windows 8 app

Windows 8 is one of the most important new releases in the PC world this year. PriceSpy is celebrating the new operating system with a fresh update of our Windows 8 app.

PriceSpy's Windows 8 app - ready for download from Windows Store 
At PriceSpy, we're happy to have been one of the first NZ sites having a Windows 8 app ready as early as in June this year. Now the newest update is approved and ready for download in Windows Store.

- When developing the app for Windows 8 we've had the opportunity to incorporate the user experience closely with the OS, something we don't get to do when developing our web site, explains Marcus Liedholm, developer at PriceSpy.

- For example, you can get the search result from Pricespy directly in the 'Modern UI' search charm and in just a few clicks go to the store to order, compare with other products or pin products directly to the desktop. Another cool feature is that you can see the prices offered by other stores when you're in a webstore looking at a product, Marcus concludes. 

The app can be downloaded from Windows Store.

All Windows 8 products in its own category
PriceSpy has also created a new category where we list all released Windows 8 related products, such as tablets, computers, phones, and of course the various versions of Windows 8.

New Windows means a new approach to PC computing
One of the most striking updates in Windows 8 is that it integrates PC:s, tablets, mobile phones and even the Xbox game console into the same system, creating a seamless user experience as well as incorporating essential Cloud storage features.
Windows 8 is also about the new user interface 'Modern UI', designed to work just as well on tablets and phones as in conventional computers. Naturally, Windows 8 also supports apps, and thousands of safe and approved apps are waiting to be downloaded and installed.

More information on Windows 8 and its world wide launch at Microsofts official site.

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