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Perfume is one of the categories on PriceSpy where you can save the most money, by choosing to shop online rather than in a shop or tax-free. On PriceSpy we don’t just help you find the best price, but also the right scent.

On PriceSpy you’ll find over 3,500 perfumes in the perfume category. With the help of our buying guide you can easily find the scent that suits you. In the guide you can, for example, choose what type of perfume you are looking for.

‘Edt’ and ‘edp’ are short for ‘eau de toilette’ and ‘eau de perfume’. A perfume branded as ‘edp’ contains eight to fifteen percent pure perfume oil and the scent lasts a whole day. An ‘edt’ contains four to eight percent, which instead corresponds to a light scent that lasts only a few hours. Depending on how concentrated perfume you want, it is important to keep an eye on these names.
When choosing a scent, think about what you prefer as top, middle and base notes. The various fragrances of the perfume evaporate differently quickly, giving the perfume different characters after a long time. Examples of common notes are citrus, bergamot and jasmine.

Here you’ll find all perfumes of PriceSpy.

Author: Emma Cedell

Translator: Åsa Sonden Cook

Foto: iStock.com / YakobchukOlena

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