Freshly brewed coffee with the right coffee machine

Start off your day with a large cup of freshly brewed coffee. Or tea if you prefer. On PriceSpy you’ll find a wide range of coffee machine models and kettles to choose from.

If you prefer coffee there are electric coffeemakers, cafetières and percolators to choose between. The traditional filter coffee machine is the most common one, and offers the most functions, such as timer, drip stop, built-in display and ’keep warm’ . Perhaps you’d also like a double coffee machine for extra coffee?

You can filter on number of cups per brew, volume of the water container, and type of filter. Most common are disposable filters, but there are also permanent filters that you won’t need to replace, as well as replaceable filters that you clean between the brews. 

There are also coffee machines that brew the coffee directly in the thermos flask. Perfect if you want to bring the coffee on the go, or just don’t want the coffee to be heated up for a long time. 

A few coffeemakers have a built-in grinder to grind the coffee beans directly before brewing. If you prefer a model without one, there are several great coffee grinders that can grind from superfine espresso coffee to bigger pieces for cafetières. 

For tea drinkers, that would rather have a kettle, there might not be as many functions to choose between as for the coffee machine. But there are models with smart functions which can be really useful. 

Automatic shut-off, boil-dry protection, adjustable temperature and a mobile app for controlling features are just some of the functions you can choose between. Most kettles are also cordless, which is useful when moving it around in the kitchen.

Daniel Haaf

Foto: iStock.com / Helmut-Seisenberger

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