Portable speakers give you greater freedom and better sound

Leave the headphones at home and bring the portable speakers to the beach or on summer holidays instead. You don’t have to wear headphones on your head, the sound is better than on the mobile phone’s small speakers and you can share your favourite music with anyone who wants to listen.

Portable speakers are available in a wide variety of sizes and designs. On PriceSpy there are almost 300 models to choose from, but we’ll help you find the ones that suit you.

If you want to take your portable speakers on the go, we recommend a small and stylish model with weatherproof design and wireless connection to your mobile phone. If its main purpose is at home on a shelf, the size and weight matter less.

Power is usually supplied by batteries or mains adapter. You’ll also find small models that can be powered via USB connection. One tip is to choose a model with a built-in powerbank so that you can charge your mobile phone while in use. Perfect when the days are long and you struggle with finding somewhere to charge it.  

Most portable speakers have wireless connectivity via Bluetooth and a 3.5mm connector for audio via a lead. If you want to use Spotify Connect, Apple AirPlay or Google Cast, there are also models for that. By connecting to your home network via Wi-Fi or Ethernet, it's also possible to stream music and you get greater freedom of movement at home.

If the portable speaker is placed at home on the shelf, it may be useful with multi-room support. You can buy more copies and get an interconnected system where the sound is spread through multiple speakers at the same time.

Finally, we recommend choosing portable speakers with built-in docking functions for your mobile phone. This allows you to place your mobile phone in the portable speaker and charge it while both are in use.

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