Guidelines and technical instructions

  • Acceptable file formats: GIF, JPG, Flash or HTML (for restrictions see below)
  • Size: max 50 kB to 980 x 120 and up to 30 KB for 300x100
  • CPU usage: Max 8% on average of 1 CPU core on a standard computer (about 2 GHz). (Up to 50%, however, is allowed for a few seconds, or during user interaction with the banner.)
  • Expanding banners must be delayed with at least 2/10 of a second.
  • We do not allow banners that play sound in other cases than user interaction

Tips and instructions for the use of Flash

If you are interested in getting the number of clicks measured, you should replace the target URL with a so-called clickTAG in the flash banner, and then let us know which URL to use. However, if you don't use a clickTAG, we can convert the banner for you in most cases.

More information is available here:

Please note that we require that the links open in a new window, ie _blank.

If you want to have multiple links in one banner, you cannot use clickTAG.

Guidelines and rules

1. Advertising material which we find unethical, or believe is illegal, will be refused.

2. Advertising material concerning any of the following subjects will be refused: tobacco, alcohol, weapons, firearms, ammunition, fireworks, pornography or gambling.

3. Advertising material that have been accepted by us imply neither an endorsement nor a recommendation of the product or service advertised.

4. It must be very clear which company or organization that is behind an advertisement. Advertising material resembling editorial material might be refused, or clearly marked as advertisement.

5. In order not to jeopardize our independence, we draw a clear distinction between ads and editorial material. Advertisers and sponsors can not in any way affect this.

6. We reserve the right to refuse or remove ads that violate our own rules, national laws or recommendations, or the agreement between us and the advertiser.