Conditions for publishing advertising material in Schibsted websites

Who it concerns

The entity that publishes an ad on a website that is owned by companies within Schibsted Media Group, meaning companies that are partly or fully owned by Schibsted Sverige AB or one of their subsidiary companies, or Blocket AB or BytBil Nordic AB (below described ad “Schibsted Sites”), commits itself to follow Schibsted’s prevailing conditions for such advertising. These conditions are shown below and apply both to advertisers and media agencies and others that publish an ad on their own or on the behalf of others (below described as “Advertiser/Advertisers”). Anyone who hires a subcontractor in order to, for example, but not exclusively, measure the results of such advertising, commits to ensure that the subcontractor is informed of and comply with these terms and conditions.

Updated conditions

Schibsted reserves the right to update these terms as seen necessary and it is the responsibility of the Advertisers to keep up to date on current conditions. The latest version of the terms will be found on Schibsted is entitled to specifically inform the Advertiser regarding any major changes.

Prohibition on collection of data

The data relating to users of Schibsted sites may not be collected or obtained from third parties in order to advertise towards these same users or categorize / segmenting in other commercial spaces using cookies or other tracking methods without prior written approval from Schibsted Sweden AB. Exceptions to the prohibition on data collection are only applicable when a third party has an agreement with the advertisers to collect anonymous data for the purpose to report and follow up on the advertiser's impressions, reach and conversion.

Prohibition on transferring data

The data relating to users of Schibsted sites may not be shared with third parties without prior written approval from Schibsted Sweden AB. It can for example not be transferred to the external ad exchanges, data collection platforms or other systems that somehow capitalize on this data.

Prohibition on handling of personal data

Data that contains personal information as defined by local legislation may not be processed without explicit consent. This includes, but not exclusively, a ban on associating cookies or other tracking methods with personal data.

Sanctions for infringement

Violation of these terms also means a fundamental breach of contract between the Advertiser and the company within Schibsted Media Group where the ad is published. Upon such a breach, or reasonable suspicion that such a fundamental breach of contract exists, Schibsted has the right to immediately terminate the contract and claim compensation for the direct damage inflicted by the breach. If the breach was committed intentionally or by gross negligence the right to compensation even holds for indirect damages.

Last updated December 13th 2012