Which reviews are listed on PriceSpy?

The following criteria should be met for a review to be listed on PriceSpy:

  • The review should be professionally written, both in terms of content and language.
  • It should be clear when, and by whom, the product was reviewed.
  • The website publishing the review should have contact information available.
  • The review should not be written for compensation in the form of money or goods, or by persons or companies with a connection to the reviewed product.

Do you have a website with reviews that meet these criteria? Do you want to work with PriceSpy? Please contact us at support@pricespy.co.nz. 

How do I participate?

We recommend that you create a list with your reviews. This can be a simple text feed with one review (product) per line. The fields should be separated with tab, or with a character which is not present in the fields. Formats like JSON, XML and HTML also work, but the most important part is that the data/information has a clear structure. The link to the feed (not the feed itself) should be sent to support@pricespy.co.nz.

The following information must be present for each review in the feed:

  • URL
  • Headline
  • Product name*
  • Manufacturer (does not apply for movies or games)
  • Product category* (if the reviews apply to more than one category) 

*If you add PriceSpy’s product ID, you do not need to list product names, manufacturer or product category. If you add the product ID, it will help us connect your review to the right product, thus making your review visible faster. 

We would appreciate if you would also add the following information:

  • Date when the product was reviewed
  • Score
  • Summary
  • Unique identifier
  • Awards (pictures) **
  • Videos (URL) **

** These features are not yet fully developed

The feed will be scanned by our system once every 24 hours. All of the reviews do not have to be scanned every time. If you have a lot of reviews, we would love for you to add a parameter to the feed, in order to make the scan faster.


http://www.idg.se/exports/prisjakt/?c=10 - The 10 newest reviews scanned

http://www.idg.se/exports/prisjakt/?c=all - All reviews scanned

Please contact us at support@pricespy.co.nz if you have any questions or would like help getting started!