is the leading price and product comparison service in New Zealand. We have an unparalleled focus on our users, and we strive to deliver the most comprehensive price listings and product information on the market. The quality of the data is outstanding, due to the hours of manual work we spend on getting it right, along with our active community in a number of countries which helps us in correcting anything we might have gotten wrong or missed.

We strive to provide a complete and independent price and product comparison service to help consumers find the best online shopping deals. We believe in the right product, from the right retailer, at the right price; or simply 'Shopping Intelligence'.
We make the market more transparent by providing powerful search and filtering tools, comprehensive product information as well as valuable store and product ratings. What is most important is that our listings are always in a 'lowest price first' order. This is regardless whether the shop is a 'featured shop' or not, in order to ensure that the consumer is provided with the most fair comparison service available.

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At the moment we display 1,840,000 indexed prices, 90,000 products, 563,000 product ratings and 6,820 store ratings.

Pricespy Media Ltd is since 2009 owned by the Swedish company Prisjakt Sverige AB.