How to choose the right gaming platform – we’re here to guide you

Here we help you choose the right gaming platform

Is it so sunny outside that it is 25 degrees in the shade and almost too hot to leave the house? Or perhaps it’s raining so heavily that you can barely see what’s outside your window? When the weather doesn’t lend itself to outdoor activities, it’s time for some indoor gaming.

If you don’t already have a gaming computer or game console, but you’re thinking of getting one, here are some tips to help you choose. Buying a gaming machine can quickly become an expensive investment, so we hope our pros and cons will help you along the way.

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Gaming PC

A gaming computer is the best choice for those who prefer a computer mouse and keyboard to a controller. It’s also the best choice for those who want control of the performance level and who want to stream their gaming sessions online.

With a desktop gaming computer, you choose the performance level in a way that isn’t possible with game consoles. With the right hardware, it is possible to obtain much better graphics quality than our other options in this list, but not without the price quickly becoming much higher as well.

In addition to the internal hardware of a gaming computer, you can also choose many useful accessories to enhance the gaming experience. These include a monitor, keyboard, computer mouse, headphones, mouse pad and microphone. Game consoles also support some accessories, but a gaming computer has many more options.

Another advantage of a gaming computer is that it can be used for more than just gaming. It is a versatile gadget that can be used for much more, such as office and school work if necessary. And of course, you can connect your gaming computer to your TV if you want for a bigger gaming experience.


  • More opportunities to control your gaming experience
  • The graphics can be made much better than with game consoles
  • Best option for keyboard and computer mouse
  • You can mod/change how many games work
  • Computer games generally cost less than games for game consoles
  • You don’t have to pay a monthly fee for online games as you do with Xbox and Playstation


  • Generally costs more than a game console or handheld console
  • Needs to be upgraded to keep up with developments
  • Requires greater technical know-how for optimal use
  • Fragmented selection of games across many gaming services
  • Poorer game selection than Windows if you’re running macOS, Linux or ChromeOS
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Game console

A game console is an easy and convenient choice for those who prefer gaming with a controller, want to use their TV as a monitor and don’t need the functionality of a gaming computer.

When you buy a game console, it comes with everything you need to get started quickly, apart from a game if you don’t buy a bundle. Game console, one or two controllers, and often a headset if you want to talk to others online.

A big advantage of a game console is that you don’t have to think about expensive hardware upgrades, you don't need to install new drivers all the time, and you don’t even have to restart it particularly often. Put simply, it’s less hassle and more gaming.

However, not everything is sunshine and daisies with game consoles. Games for consoles are generally more expensive than games for PC, the hardware limits the graphics quality, and there are only a small number of games that support the use of a keyboard and computer mouse.

In addition, a game console can only really be used for gaming and watching movies, lacking the versatility of a gaming computer. Also keep in mind that VR support is limited as only the Playstation consoles have a headset, and this is not as good as the options currently available for PC.


  • You don’t need to upgrade the hardware like on a gaming computer
  • Convenient game store directly via the game console
  • Easier and more convenient to get started than with a gaming PC
  • You can play many console-exclusive game titles


  • You don’t get the same excellent graphics quality as on a gaming computer
  • Poor computer mouse and keyboard support
  • Not possible to mod games the same way you can with a gaming computer
  • If you want to play online with Xbox or Playstation, it costs extra every month
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Portable game console

Portable consoles are game consoles for those who like to play on the go and who don’t necessarily need a big TV to play on. This gaming machine can be used as a complement to your existing gaming computer or game console, or be your primary gaming machine.

There are currently two major advantages of portable consoles. The first is that you can take your device with you wherever you go. Whether you’re on a plane, train or bus, or lying in a hammock. You don’t run the risk of draining the battery on your mobile phone and don’t have to carry a gaming laptop in your bag.

The other advantage is that you get access to all the popular Nintendo game characters. Since the Japanese gaming giant dominates the market for portable consoles, this is where you can play Zelda, Super Mario and Pokémon, as well as other Nintendo games. However, you lock yourself into Nintendo’s restricted ecosystem, so it’s not without its drawbacks.

Portable consoles are technically limited by their format and cannot deliver the same graphics quality as the a gaming computer or game console. Nor do you have access to the wide range of games that the other options have. If you want to connect your portable console to your TV, there is only one model to choose from, which is the Nintendo Switch.


  • Practical and easy to take with you when travelling
  • Works just as well on the train as at home on the sofa
  • Nintendo’s portable consoles have many child-friendly games
  • You can play without draining the battery in your mobile phone or tablet


  • Doesn’t have the same excellent graphics quality as a game console or desktop gaming PC
  • There are only a few new portable consoles on the market today
  • Not all models can be connected to a TV for a bigger monitor
  • Very limited selection of games compared to game consoles and PCs / Pinkypills

Mobile phone

The mobile phone is a versatile and practical gadget used in most homes today. In addition to making calls, surfing the internet and sending messages to others, you can of course also play mobile games on your mobile phone.

And with the hundreds of game titles available in the app stores, your mobile phone is perhaps the most accessible gaming machine on the market today.

As long as you have a relatively recent mobile phone, you can play virtually any game available to download to Android or iOS. These games are of course very different to what gaming computers and consoles offer, both in terms of content and how you are expected to pay for your experience.

A mobile phone is more of a practical complement to than an actual substitute for a gaming computer or game console. A gaming machine that offers completely different possibilities with its built-in GPS and cameras. AR games, for example, have become incredibly popular since the launch of Pokémon Go.

Another advantage of a mobile phone is that many games for gaming computers and game consoles have so-called companion apps that give you more details about the game directly on your mobile phone. Examples of this include the Star Wars: Battlefront series, which has an app for both Android and iOS.


  • You always have your mobile phone with you without it becoming “an extra gadget in your bag”
  • There are many games to choose in the app stores
  • The games are often free or can be purchased cheaply
  • The mobile phone is currently the most widely available gaming machine
  • Has AR games that other gaming platforms don’t


  • The gaming experience is limited compared to on a gaming computer and game console
  • Limited support for controllers/bigger monitors
  • Many games show adverts that interfere with the gaming experience
  • Games quickly drain your mobile phone’s battery
  • Few opportunities to connect your mobile phone to a larger screen
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The tablet is a gaming machine, a work tool and a media player in one. A versatile gadget with multiple applications that makes an excellent complement to your regular mobile phone and other gaming machines.

With a tablet, you can play many of the games that are already on your mobile phone.

Just make sure you’re using a tablet with the same operating system as your mobile phone, and that you’re signed in to the same Google or Apple account on both. Otherwise, you won’t be able to sync your game and in-game purchases between devices.

As with your mobile phone, many tablets can be used with a controller and connected to a bigger screen when you’re at home. However, far from all tablets can do this, so check carefully before making a purchase if this is important to you.


  • Has a bigger screen than a mobile phone or handheld console
  • More battery life means that you can play for longer before the battery has to be charged
  • The tablet is a practical work tool with many applications
  • Games purchased on your mobile phone often work for free on your tablet*


  • Has the same limiting gaming experience as your mobile phone
  • Cannot be used to play major games releases for PC and game consolesDoes not apply to all combinations of mobile phones and tablets. Check what applies to you before you make a purchase.
  • It is an extra gadget to take with you if you are travelling

* Does not apply to all combinations of mobile phones and tablets. Check what applies to you before you make a purchase.