FIFA World Cup 2022: 3 tips for a successful football party

Grab a seat, it’s time for the FIFA World Cup! You don't have to be a sports fanatic to appreciate a thrilling game, with the right set of conditions, you’ll be having a football party right up to Christmas.

1. Sound and vision

To be able to watch the matches there are three options: you can go to Qatar and follow the tournament there, you can watch the matches on TV, or you can listen to the matches on the radio. A TV or radio could therefore be useful, alternatively a jet plane. If you want to hear the audience cheering and shouting in surround sound, we recommend a supplementary soundbar.

2. Appetizers

Two nerve-wracking halves require energy. If there is also extra time and penalties, it’s absolutely necessary to have something to eat and drink nearby. Finger food is preferable when the sofa is the main seating area, but preferably avoid the saltiest snacks (you’ll need to drink more = you’ll miss a goal during a toilet break). Smoothies are our favourite: food and drink in one that can be consumed via a straw! 

3. Make it convenient

It’s important that you sit comfortably and ergonomically while also needing space for gestures. Choose the type of seating based on your company. An armchair solves the problem of sour faces from relatives who just spilled their drink on the sofa because you suddenly needed to stand up and shout at the referee. Also make sure you don't have to leave the TV unnecessarily, with an app-controlled smart plug for the coffee maker, or a large thermos mug you don't have to do several runs to the kitchen.

There can never be too much football. So here are some suggestions for other nice products, maybe a Christmas gift for an equally football-loving friend?

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Text: Jessika Jellbom

Published: 28 October 2022

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