Hands-Free Car Kits

Car / MC Handsfree Kits allow you to connect your mobile phone to an external speaker and microphone so you can use your phone while driving. In the filter you can choose for car or motorcycle, features like water resistant design and active noise reduction as well as possible battery operation. You can also select stereo or mono sound, button types, and support for intercom usage. Prices from 19 shops in this category.
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Product Lowest price User rating Rank Area of use Wireless Bluetooth version
Jabra Freeway BT$142.88 107/101 Car Yes2.174
Jabra Drive$66.66 8 2 Car Yes3.0 
Parrot CK3100$298.98 7 3 Car Yes 
Parrot Minikit Neo 2 HD$129.00  27/104 Car Yes4.0 
Jabra Tour$120.50   4/105 Car Yes3.081
Parrot MKi9200$439.53  6 6 Car Yes2.0 
Parrot MKi9000$306.71  58/107 Car Yes2.0 
Jabra Streamer$98.52 37/108 Car Yes3.0 
Parrot MKi9100$367.08  6 11 Car Yes3.0 
iO G2 Play2$449.00  1 12 Car Yes 
Parrot CK3000$248.40  17/1013 Car Yes81
Parrot Asteroid Mini$548.55  3 14 Car Yes2.1 
JBL Trip$119.00  3 15 Car Yes3.0 
mbeat MB-BT-300$47.46 1 16 Car Yes 
Jabra SP200$79.82  1 17 Yes2.085
Parrot Minikit Neo$120.42  3 18 Car Yes3.0 
Parrot Minikit Plus$99.00  27/1019 Car Yes2.0 
Parrot Minikit Smart$156.17  2 20 Car Yes 
Parrot Minikit Slim$233.45  1 21 Car Yes75
Bury CC9058$319.70  1 22 Car Yes 
Bury CC9068$479.55  1 23 Car Yes 
Bury CC9048$228.85  1 24 Car Yes 
BlueAnt S3$115.26  1 25 Yes 
Sony Ericsson HCB-150$176.42  18/1026 Car Yes2.0 
Parrot CK3000 Evolution$249.00  1 27 Car Yes81
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