Portable Air Conditioners

Here you will find portable air conditioning equipment of different kinds. Both more simple models which uses water to cool the air, and more advanced with cooling media and dehumidification. Prices from 7 shops in this category.
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Product Lowest price User rating Rank Cold Media Heating Features
Sunair ECS11$189.95 1 1 Frozen gel packs/WaterRemote control 
Olimpia Splendid Ellisse HP$897.00 1 2 Display 
Dimplex DIM3IN1$599.00 2 7 Yes  
Dimplex DC10RC$699.00 2 8 Timer 
Olimpia Splendid Piu Eco 12S$799.00 1 9   
TCL Portable 2.9kW$388.00 1 10   
TCL Portable 3.5kW$538.00 1 11 Yes  
TCL Portable 4.1kW$588.00 1 12 Yes  
Aolan AZL035-LY13F $649.00 1 13 Frozen gel packs/Water  
Aolan AZL035-LY13G $699.00 1 14 Frozen gel packs/Water  
Aolan AZL16-ZY13A $1,799.00 1 15 Frozen gel packs/Water  
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