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Product Lowest price User rating Rank Mounting options Available colours Junior/Senior
3M Peltor SportTac Slimline Headset Foldable$316.31  28/101 HeadbandBlack, Grey, Brown, +4Adult 
Howard Leight Sync Stereo Headband$79.21  37/102 HeadbandBlackAdult 
3M Peltor X Series X4A Headband$74.06  2 3 HeadbandGrey, Orange, GreenAdult 
3M Peltor X Series X5A Headband$80.86  2 4 HeadbandBlack, GreyAdult 
3M Economy Headband$12.97  1 5 HeadbandRed, OrangeAdult 
3M Peltor Kid Headband$37.84  2 6 HeadbandGrey, Blue, Red, +3Junior 
3M Peltor Optime I Helmet Attachment$68.88  2 7 Helmet mountGrey, Yellow, Orange, +1Adult 
3M Peltor WS ProTac II Headband$553.53  2 8 HeadbandBlack, White, Silver, +3Adult 
3M Peltor X Series X4P3 Helmet Attachment$74.06  1 9 Helmet mountBlack, Grey, GreenAdult 
3M Peltor X Series X5P3 Helmet Attachment$80.86  2 10 Helmet mountBlack, GreyAdult 
3M Peltor Optime Push To Listen Headband$140.84  1 11 HeadbandBlack, Grey, Yellow, GreenAdult 
3M Peltor Optime Push To Listen Helmet Attachment$140.12  2 12 Helmet mountBlackAdult 
3M Peltor Welding Neckband$65.52  2 13 Neckband Adult 
Howard Leight Bilsom Impact Sport Foldable$172.38  1 14 HeadbandBlack, Green, PinkAdult 
Howard Leight Bilsom Leightning L0F Foldable$37.84  1 15 HeadbandBlack, CamouflageAdult 
Howard Leight Bilsom Clarity C1 Headband$64.06  1 16 HeadbandBlueAdult 
Howard Leight Bilsom Clarity C3 Headband$96.13  1 17 HeadbandBlueAdult 
Howard Leight Bilsom Leightning L1 Headband$33.24  1 18 HeadbandBlueAdult 
3M Peltor ProTac Hunter Headband$207.00  1 19 HeadbandGreenAdult 
Banz 24 months+ Foldable$33.00 1 20 HeadbandBlack, White, Blue, +3Junior 
Banz 2 months+ Headband$33.00 1 21 HeadbandBlack, Silver, Blue, +5Adult 
3M Peltor WS Headset XP Headband$935.15  1 22 HeadbandBlackAdult 
3M Peltor WS LiteCom Headset Headband$1,781.52  1 23 HeadbandBlack, BlueAdult 
Howard Leight Sync Electo Digital FM Radio Headband$335.08  1 24 HeadbandBlackAdult 
3M Peltor WS ProTac III Headband$228.06  1 25 HeadbandBlackAdult 
3M Peltor LiteCom Basic Headband$1,252.79  1 26 HeadbandBlack, BlueAdult 
3M Peltor WS ProTac III Helmet Attachment$189.14  1 27 Helmet mountBlackAdult 
3M Peltor WS ProTac III Slim Helmet Attachment$201.68  1 28 Helmet mount Adult 
3M Peltor LiteCom Basic Neckband$1,096.15  1 29 NeckbandBlackAdult 
3M Peltor WS ProTac III Slim Headband$175.62  1 30 HeadbandBlackAdult 
Howard Leight Sync Digital AM/FM Radio Headband$204.40  1 31 HeadbandBlackAdult 
Howard Leight Sync Hi-Vis Digital AM/FM Radio Headband$189.88  1 32 Headband Adult 
3M Peltor Alert Headband$402.94  1 33 HeadbandRedAdult 
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