Wireless Chargers

Wireless chargers can be used with compatible mobile phones without the need for a charging cable. In order for it to work, the mobile phone and wireless charger must use the same wireless charging technology. Select a model that is either flat or standing if the charger needs to work in the car and if support for quick release is required. Keep in mind that wireless charging is generally slower than traditional cable chargers. Prices from 23 shops in this category.
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Product Lowest price User rating Rank Type External power connection Available colours
Samsung EP-PG950$93.83 158/101 Pad, Stand/HolderUSBBlack, Brown 
Samsung EP-NG930$67.68 117/102 Pad, Stand/HolderUSBBlack, White 
Belkin Qi Wireless Charging Pad F8M747$41.25 145/103 PadUSBBlack, White 
Mophie Wireless Charging Base iPhone X/8/8 Plus$61.46 28/104 PadPower Adapter / Power Sockets (12-230V)Black 
iLuv Fast Wireless Charging Pad$25.83 2 5 Pad  
Promate AuraDock-2$39.54  2 6 Stand/Holder  
Belkin Boost-Up Wireless Charging Pad F7U014$87.99  2 7 PadPower Adapter / Power Sockets (12-230V)Black, White 
Belkin Boost-Up Wireless Charging Pad for iPhone X/8/8 Plus F7U027$112.46 28/108 Pad, Stand/HolderWhite 
Promate auraPad-2$33.52 2 9 Pad  
Samsung EP-P100IE$60.38  18/1010 PadUSBBlack, White 
Mophie Charge Force Wireless Charging Base$45.84 3 11 PadBlack 
Asus NFC Express 2 & Wireless Charger$49.29 5 12 Pad  
Promate AuraMount$84.67 2 13 Stand/Holder  
Mophie Charge Force Vent Mount$84.99 1 14 Stand/HolderCigarette Lighter Outlet (12-24V)Black 
HP Elite x3 Wireless Charger$97.52    15    
Adata Elite CE700$78.40    16 Pad, Stand/HolderUSBBlack 
Samsung EP-PN915I$46.99  1 17 PadUSBBlack, White 
Nillkin Phantom Wireless Charger Lamp$110.98 1 18 Pad  
Nillkin Magic Disk II$44.76 1 19 PadBlack, White 
Nillkin Car Magnetic QI Wireless Charger II$51.27 1 20 Stand/HolderBlack 
Nillkin Magic CubeMagic$44.76 1 21  Black 
Nillkin Magic Disk III$57.98 1 22  Black, White 
Nillkin Energy Stone$53.93 2 23 PadUSB  
Nillkin Hermit Multifunctional Wireless Charger$123.09 1 24    
Azpen DockAll$178.32 1 25    
Spigen F302W$60.95 1 26 PadBlack, White 
Incipio GHOST 15W Wireless Charging Base (PW-309)$119.99  1 27 Pad  
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