Mobile Modems

A 3G/4G modem is usually needed for a wireless broadband connection. Mobile network operators often offer subscription plans that includes a modem, but if you choose to buy one instead, you don't have to worry about long subscription plans. From manufacturers like Huawei, Nokia, Ericsson, HP and Option, to name a few. Prices from 33 stores in this category.
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Product Lowest price User rating Rank Type of device 3G (UMTS) 4G (LTE)
TP-Link M7350$199.24 208/101 Mobile hotspot Yes Yes 
Huawei E5573$149.99  1 2 Mobile hotspot Yes Yes 
TP-Link M7300$148.49 186/103 Mobile hotspot Yes Yes 
Vodafone K4607-Z$38.00  1 4  
TP-Link M5350* $147.79 245/105 Mobile hotspot Yes No 
D-Link DWM-157$118.11  1 8 Modem Yes No 
Netgear AirCard 760S$220.86  1 9 Mobile hotspot Yes 
Netgear AirCard 785$317.40  14/1010 Mobile hotspot Yes Yes71
TP-Link MA180$57.90    11 Modem Yes No 
Netgear AirCard 320U$207.63  1 12 Yes 
Huawei E5220$35.00    13 Mobile hotspot Yes 
Huawei E587$90.00    14  
Vodafone R209-Z$59.00  1 15 Yes 
Sierra Wireless MC8790 PCI Express Mini$365.91  1 16 Yes 
Sierra Wireless MC8780 PCI Express Mini$568.47  1 17 Yes 
Netgear AirCard 790$662.40  17/1018 Mobile hotspot Yes Yes 
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