Call of Duty: Vanguard for Xbox, Playstation & PC

Take on the role of a special forces soldier in the new Call of Duty: Vanguard. Fight your way through the iconic battlefields of World War II and overthrow SS leader Heinrich Freisinger to end the war. Or, fight zombies with your friends, the choice is yours.

Finally, it's time for a new game in the Call of Duty series! In the brand-new Vanguard, you return to World War II with both a story mode for those who want to play a Campaign, and a multiplayer mode where you fight against other players over the internet.

When you’re tired of the usual game modes and want an extra tough challenge, there’s a zombie mode that is guaranteed to make your pulse quicken.

Call of Duty: Vanguard was released on 5 November for Playstation 4, Playstation 5, Xbox One, Xbox Series S / X and PC.

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Narrator mode

Take on the role of a Special Forces soldier in Task Force One during World War II, and fight your way towards the SS leader Heinrich Freisinger. Your goal? To end the war that took the lives of millions of people and stop the Nazi advance once and for all.

In the brand-new Call of Duty Vanguard, you’ll get the task of gathering a bunch of hardened specialists from different countries. Together you must take on the seemingly impossible task of getting behind enemy lines and knocking out Freisinger by all means possible.

The leader of the group is Sergeant Arthur Kingsley. He’s accompanied by snipers Polina Petrova, Wade Jackson and Lucas Riggs, all with different backgrounds, special abilities and skills. And of course, you get to control everyone during the game.

Together you’ll fight your way through battles on all the fronts of World War II, including the western and eastern fronts, in the Pacific, and in North Africa. Each has its own unique design and feel.

Multiplayer mode

What would a Call of Duty game be without the multiplayer mode? Vanguard uses the same game engine found in the previously released Modern Warfare and Warfare. There are about 20 maps for the multiplayer mode, four of which are unique maps for the new Champion Hill mode.

New for Vanguard is that you can choose between different levels with more or fewer players. It gives you more choices depending on how much time you have to play. Lack of time, but still want to catch up with that last round? Choose a lobby for fewer players!

Do you want to custom-build your weapons even in multiplayer mode? No problem, with the Gunsmith system you’ll get up to ten places for accessories that you attach to your weapons. Perfect for custom-building a set that suits your playing style.

Zombie mode

If you get tired of playing the campaign and crushing your friends in multiplayer mode, there is one last, challenging, to say the least, player mode left - the zombie mode.

And it’s exactly what the name suggests, lots of zombies! You can choose to take on the horde yourself or with three other players. The unique zombie levels are spread all over the world with places like Paris, Stalingrad, Merville and Shi No Numa.

To help you against the zombies, you have artifacts that provide different, magical abilities. After each completed mission, you can sacrifice hearts to take part in extra upgrades that make the group stronger for the next round.

Zombie mode is a so-called cross platform, which means that players on Xbox, Playstation and PC can play together.

This is what you get in the different versions 

Call of Duty Vanguard: Standard Edition

  • Call of Duty: Vanguard
  • PC / PS4 / Xbox One
  • Mastercraft drawing in BOCW/WZ
  • The operator Arthur Kingsley in BOCW/WZ
  • Ghost of War Ultra look in BOCW/WZ
  • Frontline Weapons Pack

Call of Duty Vanguard: Cross-Gen Edition

  • Call of Duty: Vanguard
  • PS5 / Xbox Series X/S
  • Mastercraft-drawing in BOCW/WZ
  • The operator Arthur Kingsley in BOCW/WZ
  • Ghost of War Ultra look in BOCW/WZ
  • Frontline Weapons Pack
  • 5 hours 2WXP

Call of Duty Vanguard: Ultimate Edition

  • Mastercraft drawing in BOCW/WZ
  • PC / PS5 / Xbox Series X/S
  • The operator Arthur Kingsley in BOCW/WZ
  • Ghost of War Ultra look in BOCW/WZ
  • Frontline Weapons Pack
  • Task Force One Pack
  • 5 hours 2XP + 5 hours 2WXP
  • Vanguard Battle Pass pack

This much space does Call of Duty: Vanguard require

  • PlayStation 5: 89.84 GB installed
  • PlayStation 4: 93.12 GB installed
  • Xbox Series X / S: 61 GB installed
  • Xbox One: 56.6 GB installed
  • PC: 61 GB installed

Call of Duty: Vanguard requires less free space than previous games thanks to a new technology to stream the game's textures only when needed. This means that the game uses your broadband connection more, but also that the space on the hard disk is not filled as quickly.

Bear in mind that future updates may be several gigabytes in size. Expect to need large margins so you can install them when they are released.

The recommended system requirements for Vanguard on PC are an Intel Core i5-2500k or AMD Ryzen 5 1600X with associated 12 GB of internal memory and an Nvidia GeForce GTX 1060 or AMD Radeon RX 580. These are comparatively low recommendations and you can actually play Call of Duty: Vanguard on slower computers than that.

For the best experience, we recommend that you aim a little higher than the official requirements so as not to have to worry too much about the image quality or the flow of the game.

Daniel Haaf

9 November 2021

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