8 smart gadgets that will improve your home office

It doesn’t have to be difficult or expensive to improve your office

Daniel Haaf

Do you work from home and find your home office uninspiring? It’s important to have a pleasant and practical work environment to keep the creativity flowing. That's why we've listed 8 smart gadgets that will make your home office better.

Create a cosier environment with smart lights that can change colour. Photo: Philips

1. Better lighting with smart lights 

Light up your life with smart lights that you can control through your mobile phone, via a motion detector, or directly from your computer. With lamps that can change colour temperature, it’s easier to create a pleasant atmosphere in the room. It also reduces the strain on your eyes if you sit at the computer for a long time. 

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2. Super-fast WiFi with a modern mesh router

Don’t let slow WiFi connection affect your creativity when you work from home. With a modern mesh router, you’ll get a more stable internet connection and higher speeds in all rooms. Add one or more nodes for longer range if you have a large home. If you choose a model with WiFi 6, you’ll get higher speeds and a future-proof home network.

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Tip: How to choose the right WiFi router for your home 

If you have an older WiFi router at home, it may be a good idea to upgrade with a newer and better model. A modern WiFi router with WiFi 6 provides higher speeds and better stability in your home network. In our article How to choose the best WiFi router, we’ll help you find the model that suits you best.

Great-sounding speakers are a great addition to the office. Photo: Ivan, Adobe Stock

3. Wireless keyboard and mouse for all your gadgets 

Keyboards that support easy switching between different devices make it quicker to switch between your work computer, gaming computer or tablet. You don’t have to crawl under the desktop to move USB cables and without cables you get a nicer work environment. A tip is to choose a model that works with both Windows and Mac if you often use both. Add a mouse that also has quick switch and you’ll get an even smoother experience.  

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4. Great-sounding speakers for your computer and mobile phone

With a great pair of speakers for your computer, you’ll get a much richer music experience. One tip is to choose a model that works with your mobile phone or tablet so that you can quickly switch between several devices. If you don’t have space for speakers, a pair of headphones may be a better choice. 

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5. Sit more comfortably with a gaming chair

With a proper office or gaming chair, you’ll be sitting more comfortably at your desk. When the chair is adapted for many hours of sitting down, it’s easier to get a good back posture. This relieves tension on the back and avoids problems with the shoulders and neck. A good chair has proper support for both the groin and neck, and has stable armrests that support the arms. Add a height-adjustable table so you can stand up to work if required. 

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A smart screen shows your favourite photos, plays videos and shows the weather report. Photo: Jacky, Adobe Stock

6. Voice control with smart screen 

A smart screen is a stylish and practical thing to have on your desk. You can view photos from your mobile phone, voice control smart home gadgets and see the weather. Or why not watch videos, set timers for cooking and see what comes next in the calendar. Smart screens are an excellent complement whether you want it kept on the desk, in the kitchen, on the TV bench or on the bedside table. 

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7. USB hub for all your gadgets and accessories

If you have a modern laptop, you know how few ports they have for various accessories. Standard USB ports, Ethernet ports for network cables and memory card readers are often missing. With a good USB hub, you’ll get all the ports you need, whether you work from home or on the go. Just make sure you choose a model that meets your needs and has the right connection for your computer. If you need to use multiple USB gadgets, for multiple computers, you may need a USB switch instead. 

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8. Work smarter with a height-adjustable table

With a height-adjustable table, it’s easier to find the perfect working position. You’ll get a better posture and reduce the strain on your back and shoulders. If you haven’t tried to work standing up, it’s about time, and it doesn’t have to cost a fortune. You can choose between electric height-adjustable desks or manual ones, if you want to save some money. 

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