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  • Apple Time Capsule 3TB (summer 2011)

    The Good:
    Apple's new 2TB Time Capsule offers more storage for the dollar than previous models and significantly improved wireless networking performance.

    The Bad:
    Experts will wish the Time Capsule offered more networking configurability, and users that copy large files frequently between systems will want a traditional NAS drive and its faster data read speeds.

    The Bottom Line:
    The new 2TB Time Capsule brings improved price competitiveness and faster networking performance to Apple's Wi-Fi router/NAS drive combo device, which will satisfy consumers in need of a multipurpose networking device.

    Score details
    Overall: 7.8/10
    Setup and ease of use: 8.0/10
    Features: 8.0/10
    Performance: 8.0/10
    Service and support: 6.0/10

    4 years ago
  • 4 years ago