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    Lite-On iHAS524 24X Internal DVD Writer with LabelTag Review

    Overall, I thought the iHAS524 drive was a capable drive. From a read/write standpoint, this drive offers good performance. The LabelTag feature is unique, allowing for creating, burning and labeling of standard DVD+/-R disc in one continuous session without having to spend extra money on special media. However, keep in mind that this drive can only label the data side of the disc and you can only use DVD+/-R discs for this feature. Also, you are limited to how much you can label based on how much disc space is avaiable. If these limitations are a dealbreaker for you then a LightScribe drive may be a better fit.
    With an MSRP of $39.99, we find the Lite-On iHAS524 an attractive option for those looking for a internal DVD writer with labeling capabilities for basic archiving without the added cost of using special media.

    3 years ago
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    4 years ago