Galaxy S2 is one of the flagship models from Samsung, with 4.3 inch Super AMOLED-screen, dual-core processor, 8MP camera with digital zoom and auto focus, and much more. One of the slimmest phones on the market, 8.5 mm thick. Released in 2011. Close
Galaxy S2 is one of the flagship models from Samsung, with 4.3 inch Super AMOLED-screen, dual-core processor, 8MP camera with digital zoom and auto focus, and much more. One of th... Read more
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  • Excellent
    's Probably nothing to complain about on this mobile, absolutely spot on.
  • Perfect
    Superb mobile! works for everything and floats on like crazy!

    Still an attractive mobile phone for those who do not want to "overkill" mobiles that you can not see anybody improvement. If you want even more mobile money, so you should roota o remove all the bloatware that can not otherwise be removed and overclock the processor to 1.5GHz.

    Can run all games with virtually zero lag, there's no more affordable than this right now!

    (MicroSD and replaceable battery are hard to find among the flagship handsets today)

    Update 1:
    It has got some kind of rash strokes on the screen, where it can be seen dimly that there are lines that run from side to side, completely straight lines.

    The battery goes both up and down, literally, by itself (bug), with battery apps, I've been able to keep the battery up longer, but it has to come from dips such as 70% to 30% in about a second, know that it was in connection with WIFI'n OFF or 3G.

    The resolution is obviously lousy, speaking to today's standards, but will do well and the cell phone itself will last long, perhaps even the entire next mobile life, but it remains to be seen.

    The lag makes the phone sometimes unusable for a time, have learned to deal with it, but you should not have to go through it too often, customers such as rootat phone and put CyanogenMod becomes mobile faster and rapper, customize it the way you want it to look like, and much more.

    Still better choice than most phones on the market, after many pin in the floor so I have realized it! (Lodge bendgate either!)
  • Perfect
    What to say .. Have had the phone for 3 years now, absolutely wonderful and has more features than I could wish (today!) Never any problems, has worked flawlessly in all these years ..
    Must be the best cell phone ever (in my opinion)
    Dread the day it adds to and you have to get something new .. probably not be easy to find something that comes up in this quality.
  • Perfect
    Had the phone until today and whips enough judgment expensive new handsets in the market.
    With a little bigger battery with a new battery cover so battery life is also very good
    Keeps getting lost in the concrete floor several times
    We'll see if the new phones are just as "top of the line"
  • Perfect
    This is half a year ago, it s5an

    This is of course fully approved than happy still but it will probably s5 in the middle of next year, but this is absolutely acceptable
  • Decent
    Has toktröttnat. Will reboot the phone every few days.
    It may be until the new android will and can use my old iphone until then.
    I've never had to reboot, it is not laggy.

    + Good screen, however the colors are not perfect.
    + Rapp, not so much androidlagg that one is accustomed to
    But unfortunately, it has a buggy software, which pulls out the battery smth huge. Hoping for new software that should show up soon,

    - Battery life, you must turn off all the time, widgets etc.
    -Android that malfunction may restart it all the time
    -Plasticky, feels like a toy.
  • Poor
    + Camera (2 years ago).
    + The ability to change parts.
    + The feeling that it did not do much to drop it to the floor.

    -Poor resolution
    -Supernatural colors
    -The audio out / in
    -Lagged in menus
    Buttons for volume and screen lock
    Battery Life

    Should add that my phone at the end freaked, battery discharged in no time. 100% in the evening to the morning to be 20% left. Additionally extinguished, the screen is not itself but you had to click on skärmlåsknappen. This was in conjunction with the update of the software.

    Otherwise, who may not have the phone itself was that I was not happy with the android OS. Think it can be difficult to develop an OS that will work for all other manufacturers and their own software påsmetat (TouchWiz for Samsung). This led to the apps crashed or did not work at all as can be seen in markets own comments regarding games and apps.
  • Perfect
    Bought one in late November, got very hot at first use.

    Went down to elgiganten following day and demanded a cancellation of the purchase (they have no purchase on mobiles!) Service mission that I'm just taking it out of förpakningen and charged it overnight! All sticky notes, etc. was left.

    Anyway, they sent it to the workshop and noted serious errors where they, among other things, would replace some things ... that in a COMPLETELY new phone that I hardly rung more than 5 minutes.

    Went to the ARN and it did so elgiganten agreed to a rescission.

    Poor both elgiganten and Samsung! Sell ??defective products!

    The phone to heat is a known bug!
  • Very good
    Woman S2 is still so can not otherwise say that it is very good ... Enjoyed it then came on the market ...
  • Perfect
    Agree with all enthusiasts below that this is a superlur! Did cleanly with everything you could wish for!
  • Excellent
    Long update - After 2 years of daily use, I have this to add.

    Generally very pleased with what the cell phone performed and above all, I think that the size is just perfect for my large hands. During these two years the mobile phone has been dropped many times on various surfaces - what happened? The glass cracked one (1) time changed to 500, - t hats it. Note that I run nudiststyle - ie no protection or even screen protector.

    My overall rating goes up to a 9 - this is thus based on slimROM.

    --- Previous review written in 2011 ---

    Incredibly advanced phone. Gigantonormous display that is absolutely stunning, simply a mobile karla men ;) One should be prepared to fiddle a part of all that work out as you want. Qualitatively, it may be mostly plastic but the conditions for strong-arm some are clearly better than the iphone.

    Short o good - over the top in every respect - perhaps oxo is its weakness - such as ringtone Not selecting any discrete variant, type 'beep once' (Nokia) but here is the question of the overall symphony or absolute silence. Another thing I think could be better is the volume of calls, which feels a bit thin.

    Want oxo issue a warning for the paranoid user. The user agreement for Android, you are forced to accept that Google may take part of one's communication - voice, SMS, geotags, etc. This applies to all Android systems - not just this one. That said, Apple is not much better - but everyone should be educated about this before Skynet becomes self-aware.
  • Terrible
    Have an iPhone 5 private and s2an as business phones, you can not say that I like s2an, everything is worse, bökigare to use, poor Battery life, plasticky, hate it simply would never have it as private telephone.
  • Excellent
    Great phone all in all, my battery went down after 1.5 years but it was just to buy a new one for a little over 100 ...
  • Terrible
    Samsung = junk mobile?

    Had a Samsung Galaxy S2 for 2 months last year 2012
    It was the worst peksärmsmobilen I had.

    + Stylish
    + Good battery life

    Minuses, there are many of
    - Lousy version of android
    - Easily scratched
    - Can only save apps on the internal memory
    - Lagged & hooking until really very
    when you would play any games on it or
    just surfing the internet.
    And then locked the entire phone so you could not do anything
    or press any buttons.
    Most times it became mobile usable again after 3-5 minutes
    though some times I had to remove the battery.

    Maybe I got a måndagsex not know but after this, the
    I never purchases a mobile from Samsung again less mobile may be looking for
    I think after.

    So have switched to another famous mobile manufacturers the same as I had before SGS2
  • Perfect
    Have had it for 1 year and it has worked perfectly
  • Perfect
    A very good mobile that I have had for nearly 2 years now, using it as a second mobile now after upgrading to S3 :)
  • Perfect
    Talk about a great buy! Best phone as me, then I think S3an is little in the wrong size, and I do not like the design on it.

    Have had my 1 ½ years now, rootad and running newest android (4.2.1) works just fine, great performance.

    Battery Extension from CDON for 270kr or similar, you got 20% longer battery life with no loss (cell phone becomes a little thicker, but not thicker than it is at the bottom by default. Moreover, it is much more comfortable to hold).

    Awesome buy!
  • Perfect
    Have previously had a bunch of Nokia and Ericsson phones, and later an HTC Wildfire. Therefore not so much to compare in terms of smartphones, but one thing is for sure - I'm your satisfaction whatsoever with my Galaxy SII!

    The size is perfect, not too big to carry around in the front pocket of your jeans or too small to be able to watch a movie or series section every now and then. I travel a lot and have never had problems with the battery life (during travel will be the most that I use it for video, music and reading books (superbly with Kindle)). 32 GB Class 10 SDHC cows does the trick and is recommended.

    The camera gives great pictures even in comparison with a Nokia D3100 with 18-105 lens.

    The screen provides a terrible good picture with good black level and brightness even in the scorching summer sun.

    Have had my Galaxy SII in about 9 months.

    The best phone I ever had and one of the best purchases I ever made in terms of electronics.

    Then it's perfect for me so there is no doubt that it will get 10 stars.
  • Very good
    A very good Androidlur additionally still updated. Keeps definitely higher class than other phones in its price range that it is now in (about 3000 SEK).

    Battery life is good as good / bad as all other mobiles with this type of processor and screen. Neither better nor worse than tex iPhone 4/4s, htc one x others.
  • Good
    Great phone but with some problems for me.
    When the noise cancelation is triggered during a call, you will hear the other party hardly what I say and I have to turn off the noise cancelation during smtalets time. Can not seem to turn off the noise cancelation permanently.
  • Very Poor
    Bought one for daughter for Christmas. After charging it shut it off constantly. Loose contact in the battery might think. Back to the shop (El-jerk). Nope not had to change it to. So now it's on the repair in a few weeks. Surt.
    Update: Now it's back after a few weeks at the workshop. And guess what: The error is still there! After a few minutes of use, turn it off and can not start. Back to El-jerk (it's getting expensive this with gasoline), and then you have to submit it again. Do not know who to be most angry at: the seller or manufacturer.
  • Perfect
    Very nice phone.
  • Decent
    Best cell phone I have had and most affordable mobile right now.

    Prints more detail when I had it a while.

    - Big minus is that the battery life is abysmal, lasts only one day of normal use and up to two days if you are not using it and turn off wi-fi and gps.

    - Difficult to answer phone calls, or rather function to answer the phone is not quite optimal, has missed several calls due to touch screen function does not respond when you move your finger on the answer button!
  • Barely acceptable
    Beware of this phone in the current android version, infected with a variety of bugs, one that allows it to turn off, and not even samsung knows how to fix. See more at
  • Perfect
    Clearly the best cell phone I've had in my possession! I give top marks!
  • Excellent
    Have had it for 1.5 years now.
    Really good phone. Can you get it for 2000 SEK to a mother, father or siblings who are not so old then just buy.

    Battery is only 1 day but guess the problem is most :)
  • Good
    Good and capable phone. However, slippery shell so I recommend a third-party shell so as not to drop it to the floor.

    Today replaced by S3 which is a clear förbvättring.
  • Excellent
    Very satisfied, the battery life is great o you only use WiFi, GPS and the like when you need it. The screen is clear, nice colors, nice touch.

    One drawback is that it tends to get warm when charging or if you play demanding games on it but no worse than that it's not a big problem. Another is that it sometimes has a little bad reception on the telephone network (other mobiles with the same operator has decent coverage on the sites), believed that it could do it better ...

    Overall, I am very satisfied, still after 9 months I do not regret my purchase for a second.
  • Excellent
    The best cell phone and androidtelefonen before s3, some great new phone! Turns Iphone easy if you are a little more advanced user, then the possibilities are light years better than the Iphone for setting options and make your phone personalized by you. You can access everything much easier and faster than the Iphone and there's basically no locked features. To change your ring tone, you do not use Itunes which is enormously stupid done with the iPhone. Moreover, the screen is bigger too which is a plus. Wished even bigger screen but not as note. Much more free apps for android too. The only thing it is beaten by the iPhone's fluency. Iphone flowing a little better.
  • Good
    Have now had this phone for 7 weeks and I must say I generally e happy with it. Apart from the typical drawbacks of touch and size, I have not exactly found reached which has been bad with it.
    The headphones that came with broke after 2 weeks when the right handset died but had luckily a couple of spares.
    Has so far not had an iota of lag and after I turned off the power saving function that was activated from the beginning it became fluency much more dynamic instead of rigid as the right from the beginning.
    The quality of calls is clearly authorized by the small talk I've had (about 30 min)
    Battery life I have not had problems with but it might be because I do not use my phone more than I consider it necessary, have always had 50% + when I get home from school.
    Coverage by 3, I have not had problems with so there may also be approved.
    The camera takes great pictures compared to my old phone (w995) and the difference in video quality between these two email as day and night.

    So on the whole, I have made a fantastic upgrade from an old and frayed phone to a nice new phone which I hope will last for as many years as the old one did.
  • Excellent
    The choice was simple: when I clicked in everything I wanted in my handset (without selecting a platform), it became the only Galaxy S II left ... Now I've had it for over 1 year, and I'm still fascinated everywhere I can do with it. My last nap I had in 6-7 years. Anticipate that the Galaxy S II will feel good even 2018, when it is time to change again.

    Battery life pulls down the score a notch. The larger 2000 mAh battery is recommended. Additionally, you can buy an extra charger for the batteries (EBH1A2USBE), so you can charge one battery while using the other. The charger is designed for the original battery, but works also for the larger battery (except that it does not close the door completely when loaded).

    If you get the phone with the 2.3, I would recommend not to upgrade. Android 4.0 reduces battery life. Apps that Green Power can also help save battery, by conserving the connection.
  • Very good
    Got this phone for Christmas and am completely satisfied!

    It is super fast, has a GREAT screen and good battery life. Moreover, it has a large storage space for apps!

    Is not much more to say than that this phone is quite magical good! Love it really!



    Update after a little less than a year's use:
    It hangs frequently and after dropping the portion battery. A little tough occasionally.
    The battery is not so great anymore.

    Lowers the grade 8/10.
    However, it is still a really good phone and can run demanding games with good results.
  • Perfect
    It is the BEST mobile phone, I've had!
    And I'm very picky of me!
  • Decent
    A great phone ... but I pull down the score heavily for the following:
    - White balance is the blue display. White should be white. One each day's annoyances.
    - Android is a mess - not at all educational.
  • Barely acceptable
    Had the SGS2 for a week, quite good mobile. less, it takes quite a while to charge the battery and it is not enough for a whole day, I do not call very and surfs very little ... no flash player installed,,, a little disappointed ..
  • Excellent
    Have had this cell phone for almost 2 months and are really pleased with it!
    It has really nice screen with really good and strong colors, but do not see the pixels if you do not keep it about 5 inches from the eyes. It is fast and can handle any game without any problems, it has never lagged or loaded long for me. The camera is also really good, crisp image with nice colors!
    Battery life lasts longer for me and I play, listen to music, surf. Handles clearly a work or school day without problems!. Easy to put movies and watch them, 16 gb built in and there is space for microsd, really big! Want an android mobile within reasonable money so this is a given! :)

    - Takes a long time to fully charge the battery, but it must not be full.
  • Decent
    Väligt good phone. But the microphone in those r very dirty. Everyone complains that they hear nothing when I call.
  • Very good
    Really lovely mobile. I previously had a sgs and I was afraid that this would be a bit big. However, I have never experienced it that great and I have not noticed it something more in your pocket than my sgs. In this review I compare much with the samsung galaxy (sgs), then it was my previous phone.

    The camera is very good and "flash" as well. Video recordings have both good picture and sound. I was not expecting that "flash" would be so good. It's certainly not that of a real camera but are good enough to take party pictures at short distances when it is dark.

    The screen is good but I do not think it's some incredible difference between this and sgs.

    Browser floating on unbelievably good but sometimes the bugs and freezes.

    I've never been a fan of TouchWiz but instead farmed using Go Launcher / / lpp / adw. But now I gave it a chance and actually stuck to it. Touchwiz 4 has proven very user friendly and is now my favorite launchers.

    Battery life I think is really good. It's better than my sgs and lasts without problems all day with little wordfeud, facebook, surfing and GPS recording with MyTracks (usually get about 6-7 miles) and audiobook listening during the walk. And then I have the brightness set to automatic and use a live wallpaper that shows the weather (beutiful live weather). Some have also complained that it takes a long time to wait but I have not reacted to it and find it loads as fast as my sgs.

    Many complain that it is so light and plasticky but I only see as benefits. It seems the less in your pocket and it will not be an equally heavy blow when I accidentally drop it. I have so far only lost it once but it was without a scratch :)

    The GPS works great and I have not had any problems with it when I played the turf in fairly weather. Under heavy cloud cover and rain is a bit slow but I think that almost all phone's GPS devices.

    The signal strength of wifi is fine. Not like on a laptop but good to be a mobile.

    3g reception is good and I have never had experienced any problems with it except when I was in the middle of nowhere and then it's not the phone's fault (has Halebop).

    Multitasking works just fine on this phone! The biggest reason that I bought a galaxy s2 was that I thought sgs performed poorly at multitasking. I multitaskar quite a lot and tested it because shortly after I bought it. What I did while was that I recorded my distance in MyTracks while I took over zones of turf, streaming spotify to bt headset, used the wifi hotspot to a mobile in other pocket, downloaded podavsnitt via sr app, downloaded apps from market and took some pictures. The phone did this without problems:-D Dock to malfunctioned connection to the turf for a while but I think that was due to the app and not the phone then it worked fine surfing during that time.

    The speaker is much better than the sgs and where I previously had trouble hearing podavsnitt (like in the shower or the car) I hear your audio without problems.

    Recording sound is also surprisingly good. I tried with my sgs to record when I played the harmonica a few times. But it did not sound at all like a harmonica but just that something strange sound. With this handset works fine, however to record the sound of the harmonica.
  • Perfect
    Almost exactly 1 year after purchase, so it feels like you have a new phone again with Android Jellybean 4.1.2 installed on S2an!
    (Galaxy Note2 run with Jellybean 4.1.1 by the way)

    The official version has just leaked so it was tvugen to install it.
    impressive how fast S2an feels now that almost all micro lag is gone!

    Many features and utesendet with Jared Touchwiz Nature is directly taken and even improved from the Galaxy S3.
    In fact, it feels more like an updated bit less S3a sitting with now.

    I scissors that I wrote on the discarded English on XDA forum where it was one that asked about the difference.

    "The biggest and coolest difference here i think Is that you get AllShare Play
    that was only available on the S3 before.
    you can trow any video That You'll have and stream it to the S2 without any law.
    everytime dust video works now

    Also there is the amazing new keyboard
    A brand new FM radio
    Lockscreen with shortcuts to 3 different apps
    Better colors
    Better camera
    More stable
    Better looking clock and alarm with more functions (the daylight changes Depending on what time of the day you set the alarm .. useless but cool)
    Lots of new and better looking widgets.

    More functions from the S3 that i dont remember here.

    with all this improvments the old S2 feels brand new again.
    i was thinking of buying the Note 2 but now i dont know if its worth it.

    Stream a Blu Ray 1080p MKV through AllShare Play completely lag free
    Even old TS (Transport Stream) movies in 1080i (16:9), it plays with no problems.
    (Flowed from about 11Mbit / s)

    (Remember to install K-Lite Codec Pack same time when you install AllShare Play
    to take advantage of the compatibility in playback.)

    Here are some pictures from Jellybean 4.1.2 on S2an

    You still awaiting Jellybean (Over The Air) to S2an waiting for something good :)

    Last, I just want to say: Thank you Samsung for this update!
  • Perfect
    Bought this phone last Friday, will later write smth more detailed. So far my impression is entirely positive.
  • Excellent
    A little shaky start with this phone, got a little weird hangs and it got the idea to simply shut down a little hip hop hepp :-/
    But after I got home ICS (ice cream sandwich) and done a master reset and erased systemcahet so the phone has worked flawlessly :)

    Had a Desire HD before and it is noticeable difference in the speed and twitching never in the screen when you scroll on web pages.
    Then I struck by how light the phone is compared to Desire HD so is Desire a brick: P
    Battery life is far better too, can iofs. be other more modern technology compared to Desire.

    It has all the features you would expect from a modern smartphone, nothing to complain about there.
    Would highly recommend the phone.
  • Excellent
    Best nap I've ever had!
  • Very good
    Good mobile that can be almost anything. Unfortunately lacks ANT + and GLONASS ...
  • Very good
    Incredibly good phone with everything you could wish for .. besides the battery that försvan in less than half a day for me ..
  • Excellent
    After 1 year of use, I can state the following:

    + Quick!
    + Stylish design!
    + Big screen!
    + Many nice features!
    + The camera is super!

    - A bit pricey when I bought it, around 5000!
    - Battery life is not great!
    - Hanging out at times, this happens however only with certain apps!
    - Plasticky back, when you take now take it off!
  • Good
    Have had the phone for 1 +1 / 2 year o now bought sgs3.

    * Quick, bite-size, good screen, decent o looking, better looking than sgs3.
    * Really good camera, much sharper than with short sgs3

    => People calling comments constantly bad sound, echo, that disappears, etc. This started after a few months, and is a very common error. Extremely disturbing and big warning!

    Dirt Sensitive USB jack on the phone, got cleaned with alcohol-topps, then it was not aware of removed usb.

    The phone sometimes becomes black during calls o not wake up even when you press the home button.
  • Perfect
    Best mobile I've had.
  • Good
    Great phone but something that I miss is a small LED that tells you when the battery is charging and is fully charged or that blinks for missed calls or new messages. How can you miss to add such a simple feature, fortunately, they have learned better to Galaxy S3.
    The big plus is that it may Jellybean in autumn
  • Perfect
    Really good nap!
  • Excellent
    Had it for about 7 months and I like it more and more!

    Currently (2012-08-31) so it must be the absolute most affordable "high-end" phone on the market!

    A tip: Buy the Samsung's larger original battery! (Samsung Extended Batterykit Galaxy S II) Gives your phone that little bit extra, that is about 20% more battery! Absolutely worth about 300 kr!
    Battery makes se phone slightly thicker, but nothing to interfere, and it also fits still in Samsung's original holder.