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  • Excellent
    Bought it on Amazon Marketplace a few weeks ago for 425 kr.
    My laptop is a Packard Bell EasyNote TK 81, 15.6''
    AMD Phenom II X4 N950
    AMD Radeon HD 6650, 1GB VRAM
    4GB DDR3 RAM
    750GB HDD
    The fan could easily cool down my PC during normal use, need not have max. However, when playing used max.
    The lower the score is that when playing more demanding games such as Call of Duty Black Ops will reduce the temperature but the computer is still very hot.
    Do not know if it's because my computer does not handle the games or if it's the fan that is not strong enough.
    Otherwise, the fan is really good, the price can be discussed
    So if you need a good fan that works up to 17'' so buy at only
  • Very good
    Without removing the battery, flip over so lowered the temperature on my ASUS M51Ta about 8-11 degrees ... If I take the door off, it will fall an additional 2-5 degrees .. The most incredible thing is that in tough games, which usually warmed my computer up to 80-82 degrees, so keep it to remain at 55-60 ... Nothing short of a miracle!

    + Quiet as attans (did not think it was at first, had to double check)
    + Cools properly
    + Suitable for anything from 12 to 17 inches

    - Expensive

    Conclusion: BUY!