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  • Very good
    A flexible and adaptable cooling plate with easily replaceable and removable fans. Ergonomics is in interaction with its really appealing and spartan design.
    Personally, I use it with my 15 "Samsung Ultrabook and it feels perfect for the task at my small table data with external display.

    Ability to replace the fans with time is not only desirable for long-term use, as this feels like a quality product, but also necessary when the two fans that come with unfortunately not seem to keep the same standard as the rest of the product.
    One of the two fans providing a strong humming noise before it got up to speed, which occurred after approximately one year of use.

    The ability to optimize, repair and replace the fans as needed makes me want to recommend this product warmly.
  • Excellent
    I've had it for four-month, very good cooling!


    Perfect to place the fans where you want
    Easy assembly / disassembly of the fans
    Ability to add computer "in" place during transport
    Lightweight and sturdy, fits comfortably in your lap and on your desktop

    Rubber plates are removable, which means that they sometimes slips off when you do not want it
    The computer slips slightly if using larger computer models

    I would certainly recommend others to buy this product!
  • Excellent
    Very satisfied, also includes 2 x 9 + mm fans on the bottom.

    Strong and lightweight material, stable and good.

    Exactly fit a 15.6 inch laptop, it goes without saying that use up to 17 inches but a 15.6 fit perfectly and fills the entire surface of the site.