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  • Excellent
    I bought my Nikon D7000 for 2 years ago, it was my first SLR and it has been great. Perfect for the beginner, and will do well to have as a'' family'' camera, I think that it is simple and has clear menus that you learn quickly.
    've Had mine out in the rain and bad weather, the ski slopes, at the beach etc. It has never let any weather as it has been. I've also never Crab directly besides.

    I sold my for not so long ago because I wanted to upgrade a little bit, wanted a little more advanced camera otherwise I could just as well have left my Nikon D 3000th
  • Very good
    Small and convenient! However, quite complicated to go into the menu and change the settings. But the amazing colors!
  • Decent
    You get what you pay for