Google's highly anticipated tablet created in cooperation with Asus, the 16 GB version has seen considerably higher demand than the 8 GB. 1280X800 pixel resolution, weighing 340 grams with 1.2 megapixel camera, wifi, bluetooth and NFC. Released in 2012. Close
Google's highly anticipated tablet created in cooperation with Asus, the 16 GB version has seen considerably higher demand than the 8 GB. 1280X800 pixel resolution, weighing 340 g... Read more
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  • Acceptable
    After several years of using this works ok. lousy battery but with optional battery via USB powered so it is acceptable. Latest Android software on old hardware.
  • Very good
    Have had it for about 2 years. In the beginning it was full marks in the ratings, but after a while it becomes duller and duller and not the same speed as when you bought it. Apparently a common phenomenon with this plate. But the usual slösurf and film works great.

    + Good size, can hold it with one hand and the sheep without a problem spot in your jacket pocket when you take it out.
    + Battery. Took it out of charging a Monday and it was on standby for about 3 days when I was borttrest. When I came back so the battery was at 76%.
    + Nice screen, even though it only has 720p.
    + Affordable

    - It loses speed after reaching years (of förklariga reasons), but after a hard reset, it becomes significantly better.
    - Takes a long time to load

    Awaiting a Nexus 9, after that it goes this flat in a box in the basement. But am very happy with this Nexus 7 (2012), who has been my constant companion on the bus trips, etc.
  • Good
    Cruel for beginners to tablets. Has everything you could wish for, and is the perfect size for it. If you notice that you are a big user after 1 year with this, I think you should upgrade to something more powerful, but you use it as a larger version of mobile surfing will last through more than enough.
  • Excellent
    Had this since it came out in Sweden and am very pleased!

    The first one I got was DOA (Death from the factory), but the other has worked like clockwork :)

    Comfortable to hold
    Rapid updates, the latest KitKat

    The screen is ok, but could have been better
  • Perfect
    For 1190 SEK, it can not be anything but full marks. Some are less, but I have patience with them for this award.


    - The price.
    - Real Rap. Much better than my Galaxy S4.
    - Vanilla Android.
    - The size.


    - Vanilla Android. With that you get the latest version directly so there is no guarantee that all apps work. Eg Viaplay not support Android 4.4 full.
    - The screen. Pretty pale colors.
    - The performance is becoming somewhat weak for heavier webpages, etc. Should you have a tablet for heavier tasks, you should buy something else.
  • Very good
    Asked a friend buy some one from the UK. It cost 199 pounds, and for that price you get a really nice plate.

    + Good sense of stuff
    + Everything flows as good as my S3 class with jellybean
    + Apputbudet are good enough for me.
    + Did not notice any flicker.
    + Works super with my 64gb Sandisk Cruzer Extreme USB stick (NTFS) and an OTG cable from ebay.
    + Ultimate Convenience
    + Good battery life

    - Fats collected easily on the screen. You may have the cleaning cloth ready.
    - Easy to Roota but inflexible pulande with drivers.
    - Had been najs with SD card or better space.
    - Gets pretty tough after a while
  • Excellent
    It is spot on. There are no flaws, you get what you pay for and no surprising flaws. Everything just works. You may PURE android but shit, wonderful floating in it and get fresh updates from virtually day 1.

    HOWEVER, the product was released just said over 1 year ago. What is missing is that previously mentioned SD card reader, HDMI output, a little better battery, higher resolution screen and a processor capable of this higher resolution. Even smaller frame on your tablet, and lower weight would have been nice.

    ALL of this will of course now the Nexus 7 Version 2 (formerly except SD card reader). Therefore advise against purchasing this in writing. Within no / few months, the new nexus 7an to Sweden. It will of course be about the same price. It has already been released in the U.S.. Stand therefore - if you can not access this real cheap.
  • Perfect
    Nexus 7 is definitely the most comfortable pad I've tried something myself a priority. Has never lacked högpixel camera, extra memory, extra battery, 3g or other. Used mostly for SONOS and pups frequent gaming. Volume cradle is positioned right on the power button; result that when one wants to increase the volume, turn instead accidentally.

    well in direct sun
    good battery
    Good screen

    Loading a little slow
    Location of the volume / power button
  • Excellent
    Had this product basically since the first release in Sweden and I just have to say that I'm incredibly happy with it. The only thing I have disturbed me is that it was tough in the latest update, but it will apparently be fixed in the next coming!

    Must give it 9 out of 10 toast!
  • Perfect
    Like the sharply

    It flows really well and feels very solid built. And like that it is original android on it and not a lot lull lull.
    The only thing I miss is the sd card reader.

    But I recommend this strongly. + + + + +
  • Perfect
    Bought my Nexus 7 imported by Bazula few weeks before the launch in Sweden and have used it extensively since then.

    Is nothing to complain about, very performance per dollar in this unit! Note that you must put in a little extra the first time you plug in the era audio cable into the 3.5mm port when it does not go completely else, providing sound in one earpiece.
  • Good
    Bought it yesterday and have been poked with it since.
    Works like clockwork so far.
    Chose snikversionen with only 16 GB because I have everything stored on the NAS at home. No 3G either, it solves my phone if necessary.
    Realistic colors and great float in the image, 720 dpi hand on a 7 ".
    7 "seems like a right step between the TV and the phone. 10" felt too heavy and bynglig, can not accommodate an entire TV lying on the coffee table or nightstand.
    Andriod OS is made it a flash sync all the apps I have on my phone to the plate via the log-in Google Play, the fixed automatically surf flat version of resp. Mobile. Very good flat for 1990 kr.

    The sad ones that make the charger is ...
    The plate shall be charged with 5V, 2A, via USB, which is eight times higher current than tex my phone. Thus needed more cream than usual.
    You have chosen to send with a kit of four parts consisting of Swedish plug adapter built with English plug adapter, which in turn are built together with the switch mode power supply with USB port at the back. Multistage rocket will be more than 12 cm long from plug to trailing USB connector. Is every chance in the world to crack the package when it is in the socket.
    I would have preferred it in a single small part, possibly with the USB cable separable from the PSU / adapter.
  • Excellent
    After three months, it may be time to give a review.

    That it is among the best plates on the market has already been established by many, as well as reviews of screen, speed and such. I agree with most: Floats good, nice screen, nice interface, good handling. No problem to surf, check out movies, reading books, playing games.

    A phenomenally great advantage of this flat, compared to most others is the ability to have multiple user accounts on it. Everyone in the family can have their own account, and then get their own bookmarks, their own message, icon placements, wallpaper, preferences, et c Sometimes it takes sadly little time for the plate to tackle after you changed the user account, and it can be more or less frozen in ten seconds or so. They should fix this with a "progress bar" or similar, so you could see that it worked.

    I think many have missed that it is possible to share your purchased apps. It took a while for me to realize, but you can add multiple accounts in Google Play store app, and if for example you add your own in the children's account, so they also get access to the apps you have purchased. (It may be appropriate to set up so it requires a PIN code for app-purchase time). Me and daughter can sit and play Minecraft together, I on the phone and she N7'an, and both on the Minecraft that I bought. Less money for Mojang, but more money for me!

    Chrome browser has been replaced by Firefox, then FF is much softer. It's a shame because I like the interface in Chrome, but I trust that there is a lot optimieringar in the pipeline and that it will soon be at least as fast.

    Memory card slot Hadde been really nice for long drives. USB OTG is in comparison very impractical, and to have such sitting in while the kids watch movies in the back seat would probably rip right hard on the USB connector. Admittedly, it is possible to transfer files back and forth via OTG, but I would still undoubtedly bought the 32GB version if it had been around when I bought mine.

    Android (at least in this version) can * not * connect to ad-hoc wifi network, which is strange. The only reason I have found is somewhat unclear if it will be less secure. Apparently, it is probably safe for competitors who do not have any trouble connecting to the Ad-Hoc. Thus if you plan to have it connected via your phone, be sure that your phone can act as an Infrastructure Hotspot, and not just Ad-Hoc.

    Another thing I would have liked faster WiFi, when it can get a little choppy in noisy scenes when streaming HD movies, but it's niceties with this pricing.
  • Perfect
    This plate is awesome! At that price it eats apples for breakfast, lunch and dinner! :-)
    Located perfectly in the hand and the Android works just fine.
  • Very good
    Slow response in chrome and scrolling is laggy. And what's with the camera? Sat like a fool without finding the camera feature until I googled and found out that you need to refuel third party to use your camera. Everything else is surely nice :-)
  • Very good
    Imported version via the SMA, got a Swedish power adapter.

    I just unpacked it, but among the first impressions so it is small and convenient. The screen is 2.5 times larger than the Galaxy Nexus. The rubberized back is ingenious and the plate is very good in the hand. Quality feeling is high. Sure feels screen area on the border of too small but I'll get used enough.

    The screen is high resolution and clear. Some icons in the operating system feels a bit low res though but it dissolves maybe in newer versions. The built-in speaker does its job but not much more.

    Jelly Bean goes off without problems and on the whole it feels just like the Galaxy Nexus. Now, the iPad sold indeed!

    Battery life seems nothing further compared to the iPad. It can tolerate a few hours of use, and a few days of standby. Maybe something close and draws a lot of energy unnecessarily? The iPad I shut never of because it did 2 weeks with little surfing without problems. I want to be able to have it running even when I'm not using it but then it can surely go into something power saving mode, I think. There goes a star in the rating.

    Update No. 2 for one month's usage:
    Battery life bothering myself on and also the small screen. Software The buttons could be added to the right or the left in landscape mode, but instead takes the three buttons up the full width at the bottom of the screen. Otherwise, it works really great. I would not want to go back to the boring iPad.

    Update # 3 after three months of use:
    The format feels better and the only thing that bothers me is the battery life in standby mode. But it's probably the only real deficiency so I raise the score to an eight!
  • Perfect
    Horribly good. Ideal for surfing, manage email, read books, listen to music, watch movies, etc.
    Also uses the job as notepad.
    Perhaps the most affordable product I purchased. Can see the HD movies / series streamed over the network from another computer.

    Have also used the Ipad Mini - but it is nowhere near the Nexus.

    + Perfect size, going down in a jeans back pocket
    + Stunning display
    + Lightning Fast
    + Good WIFI
    + Multitasking actually WORKS!
    + Always the last Android version.
    + Google Now give me tips on my journey times / updates. Spejsigt.
    + Surreal low price.

    - Did not have cried if it had memory slot, but nothing I need.
  • Excellent
    Awesome satisfied.
  • Excellent
    The most affordable plate out there right now? The only fly in the ointment is the lack of memory card slot and the screen is not quite as lively as an Amoled, but for 2300 SEK, there is absolutely no better.
  • Very good
    Quick and small enough to hold in one hand. The screen is ok but not as good as on my mobile (HTC One X).
  • Perfect
    Perfect week flat!
  • Excellent
    Have now been using my Nexus 7 quite extensively in a few weeks, but only at home. Here are my conclusions:

    + Seven inches is really ideal in most situations. Nice to be able to hold around it with one hand and also smooth to type with two hands in portrait mode (and landscape mode). Perfect size for kids, has always been hesitant to a larger flat in view of the size and weight and now I've only become more convinced. Good distribution of the frame around, in landscape mode, you can grab it significantly without accessing the screen.
    + The flow and performance! Very responsive screen and everything works on quickly. Great to be able to play demanding games without hacks.
    + Rapid updates! Will run Nexus now come on PCs and mobile phones. It is neat and are finally starting to be consistent and not so fragmented, well done Google! Looking forward to 4.2 with a lot of improvements as well as support for multiple users, it will make the plate even more useful and customizable!
    + Build The quality. Well built and have not had problems with the screen. Really like the rear which provides grip and is stylish.
    + Affordable!

    - A little lean selection of dedicated apps for plates and generally missing the little kvalitetsappar. See it as a temporary problem as the more Android slabs are introduced, such as Nexus 10th
    - Chrome was disappointing, lacking full screen and faster access to bookmarks. Run Dolphin until it got better.
    - Keys for Power and Volume sits a little too close, you're wrong sometimes.
    - Battery life is a little shorter than I thought.

    Then I will not complain that it is too little storage space as many others do. I know what I bought and aligns me. Kind of like if you were to buy a TV at 42 inches and then complain that it is not 50 inches! :-D
  • Barely acceptable
    Had Skype video calls worked had the score probably been 8 or 9, but now do not do it (for me and many others). Since this was the main reason I bought it, it may unfortunately go back on open purchase. Do not know if the problem is with the hardware or software, but until there is a stable version of Skype for androidplattor get it (unfortunately) become an Ipad.
  • Good
    The format is perfect, my iPad (v1) will be children's toy come. Fine to read on and apps run smoothly even if the supply seems pretty limited and boring so far. Chrome however, is little short of a disaster; loads pages slowly, choppy scrolling and it's unfortunately quite a lot of "Android" in general. My iPhone 4S is a dream in comparison ... Very bad, maybe get better with future updates?! And yes, there is the alternative browsers but does not feel like it should be needed.

    The screen is good but could have been even better, right so dassiga colors.
  • Excellent
    For the money it is definitely worth every penny. 7inch is in my opinion the ultimate, it goes down in jean pocket if want ..

    Easy, fast, and completely ok battery life.

    Super satisfied, have nothing to complain about .. and yes, the camera is perhaps not the best!
  • Perfect
    most of it is good .... android 4.1. 2 make it better.
    screen is not of the best quality (the colors)
    like the size and that one can easily Roota it.

    since it is stylish and gives a bit of quality despite the price and budget materials.
  • Excellent
    I must say that despite my high expectations so lived it up to them and even more!

    Like many others, I was not sure if a 7 inch plate would be too big? But I always had the feeling that 10 inches feels too clumsy. In the current situation, I use it both for school work (checking exams, etc.) as well as surfing and chillin with it:>

    It's fast, sits well when you hold it in one hand (I have fairly medium sized hands, can not be bothered to measure) but anyway so thanks to the rubber back so it sits stably. Then another big plus is that it does not feel plasticky.

    + Battery
    + Clean Android
    + Asus
  • Excellent
    Amazing tablet with a size that fits perfect for my needs. Also features a 10-inch Asus TF300T now mostly collects dust after Nexus came in the house. That it does not have 3G I do not care anything about, when my cell can divide this network connection via Wi-Fi if desired. Not as easy to bring large quantities of films with microSD card slot and only 16GB of storage so I pull one star for that. Battery life seems to be about 10 hours of surfing the web, checking email, facebook, twitter and various games. If you buy this you always have the latest version of Android installed.

    Nexus 7 is a superb tablet at an unbeatable price
  • Excellent
    Awesome, I love it! Google+ Asus = Unbeatable!

    This is the plate for those who want pure Android as Google wants it to work and look like. Asus makes the best hardware for tablets right now in my opinion.

    Initially I was skeptical about 7 "now I think it's ideal to have in your hand in front of the television, it is perceived as great when sitting on it. Put away my Galaxy Nexus when I get home and continue with this, perfect!

    Back is comfortable to hold, the quality is very good and the price is a bargain for what you get.

    The only negative has been missed in the design is that the power and volume button too close together near each other, but you learn after a while. Becomes minus one star for that.
  • Perfect
    A really awesome little tablet!
    I was initially hesitant that it would be too small but 7 inches is just perfect!

    + Screen
    + Performance
    + Android 4.1
    + Price

    - No SD Slot

  • Excellent
    Agree with previous comments.

    Very stylish and competent plate. Feels more expensive than it really is, in my opinion.

    Having used the iPad a part and have to say that the 7-inch format suits me better. Easy portability on the subway with the smaller form factor.

    The front has some "döyta" as the screen does not take up like me, you can keep a proper grip on the plate without feeling that you accidentally brush the screen. The surface at the rear allows the plate is stable in the hand. With some finesse so you can use the plate (to some extent) with only one hand.

    Would have loved to have seen support for MHL and USB OTG - however understandable that they chose to skip the support then it means higher licensing costs and hence a more expensive plate ..
  • Excellent
    Very affordable! Rapp and flexible format. The only thing I can complain about is the battery life which is considerably worse than that of a similar product from the fruit company.
  • Perfect
    Troubled affordable

    + Good screen. Not the best, but still very good.
    + Fast. Feels faster than "high end" phones (android). Is probably much due to Jelly Bean.
    + Easy to Roota

    -Wifi reception is a bit poor in my opinion.

    Some think the memory is too small, nothing I suffer when I stream all music and film.
    (Uses Emit for film, has been able to stream any format at any resolution without problems)
  • Perfect
    This plate e very affordable
    Absolutely superb
    Good screen
    Good sound
    Cruel graphics
    Cruel size
    Good Battery time
    Very good build quality, 'feels lavish
    And those who are worried about memory so I have my full with apps, greatest games
    And yet I have 8.7 gb free
    Then I have dropbox + skydrive where I have all the movies o mp3
    Did cannon
    You can also connect USB memory if you rootar phone
    You can also connect 3g modem through a couple mods
    Selects this plate with other plates on the market any day of the week :)
  • Excellent
    Very happy with this tablet. Fast for its price and excellent size.
    Feels very sturdy and qualitative.
    The only negative is well the lack of 3G and microsd slot. Could have paid a little extra for it.
    OTG support can fix if you rootar were no major difficulties.

  • Very good
    + Extremely Affordable
    + Android 4.1, soft, fast and easy to customize
    + Nexus with hopefully quick updates

    - Only 16 GB is not enough if you want to install many games (big game takes over 1GB each)
    - No SD card slot.
    - WIFI reception is decent, but could have been better.

    Otherwise, one can mention that the processor could have been faster, the plate could have been slightly thinner, the screen could have had a higher resolution (1920x1080 would have been nice), but there are not things I have disturbed me. As a whole, I am beaming happy with my purchase.
  • Good
    A nice little flat, good resolution (1280 * 1024) to be a 7 "plate.

    My hold together well after a few days of use, no "screen separation" that others are having trouble. May be because it was purchased through the Swedish ÅF in October, that it is of the latter batch (C9O).

    Performance is good, all games floating on the great, and it's fine to surf on most pages. However, one should not expect the same browsing speed as on a laptop. Tex takes 8 seconds to load on an ordinary laptop takes 4 seconds on the same wifi network, on a good desktop computer takes 2 seconds. On my 1GHz phone with android 4, it takes 20 seconds, relative to the plate is fast.

    The screen is also good, without being perfect. I can imagine that the brightness can be a problem outdoors in bright sunshine, with the same contrast. With the common use is absolutely nothing to complain about. The battery life of about 6 hours at "full" use (games + surf) is also ok.

    For the price 2300kr is it a good buy. The relatively low price synns however specifications: no sd card slot, no 3G, no reverse camera (what now must be such to), no haptic feedback, no headphones come with.

    Google also seems to have skimped a bit on the software (Android 4.1.2), you can only have the apps in alphabetical order, and notifikationsfältet not have the same position as on the large tablets. There will be installing a different launcher / desktop eventually ...

    Why not 10 points: It's a good album, entirely as expected, no more, no less, I think. Just because it is the first android pad (?) Going relatively well to surf with no need to give 10 points.
  • Excellent
    Be sure before I acquired about 7 "would be enough, but I prefer this above 10" at the most. This works great as HTPC remote control which it was supposed to ... just leave the kids alone.
    + Price
    + Performance
    + Android

    Screen lacks a little in the darkness
  • Perfect
    Sure it is not perfect, but for 2300, it is a 10th
    Going from a chinese plate to the Nexus is like night and day.

    Update 1
    After some tweaking spirit so I can stream 720p mkv files from my My Book Live.
    My Book Live "nas" does not support MKV so you have to use an app for file management, which Ipadn not support.

    Real multitasking, you use BS.Player so I can watch movies and surf simultaneously.
    The film is shown in a small box that you can move around, should work on most android devices

    Can recommend firefox, "Desktop by default" addon and adblock addon, much better than Chrome.

    The only thing I really miss is flash, with adblock so it would not have made any difference in performance or bandwidth.

    Update 2

    Managed to install Flash on firefox, so easy.
  • Excellent
    Have now used it over the weekend and am very pleased so far.

    + The size is perfect. Located nicely in the hand. 10 "was too much for the couch and move.
    + Lightning fast, no lag anywhere.
    + Good battery life (using about 15-20% of 1h 30min xvid movie with automatic brightness)
    + Smart Cover functionality available if you buy aftermarket protection with magnet.

    - The only small negative I can find so far is a faint blinking of the screen when the auto brightness was used and there was light backgrounds in a poorly lit room. But it is hardly noticeable and does not interfere at all.

    A given purchase!
  • Perfect
    Very pleased, at first thought that the screen would be too small but it turned out that it is perfect.
    My boyfriend has started to twist it more and more so it might not become one to :)
  • Excellent
    Being my first tablet, so I have nothing to compare to.
    But I'm happy with it, perfect size ... 7 "is just right. Display is good, more than bright enough for me (running enough at about 20% brightness).
    It is relatively fast and responsive user interface .. little micro lag sometimes even if it is significantly less than with ICS as I have on mobile.
    Surf No one is okay, a little laggy when scrolling in both Opera and Chrome.
    Battery life is decent with it, did 6hr usage and 30hrs standby before it was over. With WiFi and BT enabled. Becomes perhaps a bit better after a few charges.

    But if you look at the big picture and what you get for your money, then there is probably no better and more affordable flat today. A very good buy simply!
  • Very good
    Perfect size for my use although at first use felt pretty small. Battery life could have been better, and unfortunately it's a little lack of pad-customized apps for Android but they say get some. Android 4.1.2 is moreover dream to use. All in all, nice stuff and for 2300 SEK, there is nothing to think about - just to strike.
  • Excellent
    Very happy with this, sick affordable! There is good flow in the disc and 7 "is just enough to use I think. Occasionally to write easily and quickly with your thumbs when holding it in landscape mode, compared to a 10" and good and easy to hold with one hand. The rubber surface at the back is really good and adds grip. No camera on the back, but it does not so much. Camera front, however, for video calls is good.

    Only minus is a small one, then I have noticed a small screen release on the left side. There is a maximum of 0.5 mm above the frame so you have to look carefully. But despite this, I have not noticed that they affect negatively the screen when in use.
  • Decent
    here you get an objective opinion that is not from a new believer who for some strange reason feel obligated to loyalty for a company that is not their employer.

    First and foremost, quality is a low priority today all companies, they know most people will not find them here the defects that we find perfectionists, so they do not care. I have complained or DOA't very many products this year.

    My nexus 7 also has the familiar screen loosening. On the left side of the screen has come loose and is about 2mm above the silver frame. This is very common, google nexus 7 screen lift and you'll see that there are facts and not subjective.

    So do not expect superb quality, you get more or less what you pay for. That makes it still quite affordable. The cost goes mostly to tegra 3 processor, it is what makes it so successful as it is. The rest is right mediocre. The screen is, aside from being detached, quite ok but not as great as many would say. It has a part called bleeding in two of the corners, which is visible in the dim light, and black is not very black, rather dark gray. The brightness is ok but certainly not the best I've seen. Color is ok, red is really good, blue is ok but the green is right dassigt.

    I really like the 7-inch format, and as others have written, somewhat rubberized back is really founded. Do not understand why many mobile manufacturers are abandoning it, but maybe it's hard to make it as thin as mobiles huh today.

    I actually bought it mostly because it huh cheap and for that I am androidentusiast and wanted a pure Nexus device to get the new androidversioner "direct." The matched but not my expectations in quality. But you get no better in that price range.
  • Perfect
    After being held Ipad, Asus Transformers and Ipad 2, I note that the Nexus 7 is the best I've used. Troubled smoothly size of 7 inches, was at first hesitant because I would think it was too small. Fluency in Jelly Bean is in my lag free and surfing with Chrome is significantly faster than the other plates I've used.

    Build quality is also good and has not seen any shortcomings on that score. The rubber surface on the back keeps it nicely in the hand.

    Nexus 7 is a really affordable flat!
  • Perfect
    Bought in the U.S. for ~ 1800kr.

    Superb flat, good price and performance.

    Only negative is that there is no place for sdcard.
  • Perfect
    Really pleased! Bought from Google online store and picked up in LA. Got it for ~ 1800 SEK. Haywire very tablet for the money!
  • Good
    Good smooth. A small brand / chipped silver frame, which I can not be bothered to complain to. Something strange that there may been through the quality control I think.
  • Excellent
    imports via Bazula.

    4.1.1 along with great hardware makes it flow as in a dream.
    The screen is a party and clear. But no iPad sharpness as evidenced on such web pages when the text is small.
    Press feeling is accurate and fast. Works such excellent use with the Targus stylus and tex free note. For me, this is now to replace pen and paper for such meeting notes / sketches etc.

    I have not noticed any separated edges etc so I kidding when I wrote that plate feels well built and produces a very high quality impression.
    The back cover of the "rubberized" material raises feeling.
    The curved edge makes it both easy to hold and pick up from like a table top.
    The beveled edge is a little sharp in my opinion.

    In its entirety, the plate is VERY GOOD and the only real point deduction in my opinion is the lack of camera on the back.

    Quality, performance and price combine to make this a very good buy!