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I've had a few weeks now with a Note 4 SM-N910U. Everyone I know who buys a Note, swears by it and is a convert. Now I know why.

There are many reviews out there that do the Note justice but I'd point out a few things about this phone aren't well communicated and may help people considering one.

There is much talk of how good the screen is, it's the best by some reviews (displaymate tested it), but this doesn't explain just how gooder job the software a brilliant job of adapting to light cond...   Read more

3 years ago
A pretty good SSD for the money. Performing well so far. I've previously had issues with stabillity and stuttering with Sandforce based SSDs from OCZ, the Indilinx controller in this seems rock solid. It improved a little with a firmware update to the latest version, there were minor performance issues with the one it came with - but nothing you'd actually notice in practice, but it's worth staying up to date on firmware.
Unlike sandforce it doesn't use compression tricks to boost performance, ...   Read more
Great little tablet. Asus and google have done a great job for the price. Even at the inflated price this is on market in NZ ($439 I paid) it packs a lot in for the money. Hardware good design and is a sharp piece of engineering. The IPS screens good and hi-res very crisp text and clear photos/video (colours in brighter areas are not so vivid, software calibration could use some work it seems), very nice to hold with textured back. Light, it's about half the weight of an ipad and can be comfort...   Read more

3 years ago
Wow great gadget. Early review: only had this a couple of weeks and got it $439 from Noel Leeming, they had some early stock so got it on the spot. Well engineered by Asus, it's half the price and weight of an iPad, it's a whole different kind of portable, but it packs in a lot of punch. Good screen, good speakers - actually dual drivers. Smooth fast interface, instant loading apps. Video, 3d Graphics are great the CPU+GPU in this is damn sweet for the price. Same GPU in asus transformer prime!...   Read more
3 years ago

Logitech Z506

Good sounding speakers for the money, subwoofer makes good bass clear enough. Speakers can sound a little tinny in mid range, but it's hard to find this quality in a low to mid price set up. Pushing the volume quality holds up well. Doesn't have any built in up-mixing capability, you need a proper 5.1 source. I find these kind of mid price speakers too easily get interference from cellphones nearby. Same deal here, my cellphone has to be a metre away or more before it stops making interference....   Read more
Holy moly what a phone! Thought I would update my review after having this phone for three months. Best Phone Purchase Ever. Boat loads of fun and it hasn't let me down.

Oh and Siri-like is already built in to your S2, Apple's making out like it's something new. There's Vlingo app available for any Android device, but that's kind of redundant since voice control's built into Android anyway! (Admit I feel like a fool talking to my phone so don't use it)

The screen is stunning, colours really p...   Read more
I bought one of these for my wifey, got a great deal ($580) and it's suprisingly good! She's very impressed with it. Arc S has same shell but is upgraded over the older Arc. Good hardware design, it's good looking, slim and light, has a curved back that feels very nice in the hand. It's actually comparable is size and slimness to my Samsung Galaxy SII (the king of phones at the momment),
8-megapix camera takes some sharp as shots and they look good on the 4.2" screen. Does well in low light an...   Read more
4 years ago

D-Link DIR-600

Wireless performance was slower than expected. Even with careful set up, good signal and low interference perfromance wasn't great. Internet is fast enough, but internal LAN transfers on this router are not so hot. ethernet internal switching is slow on this router. Transferring between two computers connected to wifi gets a feeble 2.5mb/s at best, averaging 1.5mb/s, which is unusable for me. This router supports DD-WRT which is a plus. I got this router cheap, it does the job, but I will most ...   Read more
6 years ago ( Updated: 4 years ago )

HTC Magic (G2)

I've had one of these phones for two years. Well constructed, good battery life, call quality. Has lasted well but very out of date in terms of technology, slow and too little ram to run newer apps. I removed my previous positive review and put something more relevant now this phone is old and still on the market for some reason. Newer phones at this price point are somewhat better in terms of performance.

4 years ago


Quick turn around time. I purchased a hard drive and a external enclosure. They gave me a call to ask if I would like them to put the hard drive inside the enclosure. Very thoughtful thing to do.

4 years ago


A few times I've wandered into the store they've been quite helpful, even followed up an inquiry with a call some days later, which I wasn't expecting. Good to deal with in person as a retail store (compared to others in wellington), seem to pay not much attention to listing online.
I rate this 10/10 without hesitiation. I don't do that lightly. I can't find a single reason to mark it down. An impressive bit of kit. For the size, price, the performance is epic. My single best purchase ever - the performance transformation to my rig was awesome. The Sandforce 1200 is excellent, it never stutters or lags. In my benchmarking it really does meet the specs OCZ says, it's not marketting spin. My results looked much like the benchmarks on the website.
This SSD is not the cheapest...   Read more
Too loud!! Very noisey compared to most, fan blows alot of air through. You can see through the grill the heatsinks look a bit cheap, so no wonder they needed to boost fan speed. So someone may find use for this if they don't care about noise. to ventilate a case that is hot but has little extra space for fans?

5 years ago
Very good cooler. Performs like a 120mm tower cooler, but is lower height (less than 150mm clearance needed). Tower coolers wouldn't fit in my case.
Very quiet. At full fan speed still is quite normal normal, but very effective cooling at max.
Construction quality of this is good, the CPU contact area has a perfectly flat mirror finish!
Temps with overclocked 3.8ghz dual core stayed under 50c

5 years ago
Bought one for my parents PC, very quiet running! Stable and reliable so far over 6 months. Seems to be a good quality PSU for the money.
Excellent all around but with a few niggles that weren't really apparent from reading about it. I love the look, the build quality ... it's unfortunate this has a few problems and compromises otherwise it would be perfect for me. Fantastic sleek looking without being overdone, has some cheap (but nice looking) plastic on the front. The black painted interior is sexy, and tinted window panel makes it still look good but still able to show of your computing horsepower 'under the hood'. Has some g...   Read more