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Good communication and prompt delivery. The condition of the product appeared to be brand new, but the box in which it arrived had some minor damage to it. They obviously have to open the box prior to sending it out to the customer, but this makes it difficult to present as a gift (the phone was purchased as a mother's day gift).

No real complaints though, would buy from them again based on this one experience.
2 years ago

HTC One 32GB

I will keep this short and sweet!

(background: I picked up two of these, one for myself and one for my gf, from Noel Leeming when they had 20% off, so got them for $799 each.)

I upgraded from my Galaxy S2, was looking long and hard at the S4 as an option too. Decided on the HTC One for a couple of reasons, the front facing speakers, the good low-light photo captures with OIS and of course the price!

Really like the S4 too, would definitely have preferred the accessible battery and expandibl...   Read more
Have had my SII for a couple of months now and am generally very pleased with it. Bought mine from EKing (see my review) and it feels like I got a lot of bang for my buck!

Pros: Really fast, have compared speeds to my friends' iphone 4, HTC Sensation, LG Optimus 2 and Motorolla Atrix - nothing's matched my SII for browsing and app loading (when comparing to the other androids).
Great camera as well - simple point and shoot with great video sound/picture quality.
Hardware which has the potentia...   Read more

4 years ago


I had an interesting experience with Mobicity. They were recommended to me by a friend (considering their prices do not show up on pricespy searches). I got onto their mailing list and received an email with a spectacular deal! $899 for a Galaxy S2 i9100. So I clicked on the link provided in the email and went though the procurement process (which is quite simple to use) and purchased a great phone at what I thought was a great price!

Of course moments after purchasing the phone, I realised th...   Read more

4 years ago

JB Hi-Fi

I've purchased several products from JB Hi-Fi and have been largely pleased with the store. They have massive buying power so are able to provide the lowest prices (significantly lower than bond and bond/Noel Leeming). In fact the only retailer that can match them on a home appliance basis is probably Harvey Norman.

You can almost always get a lower price at JB, don't be afraid to ask them for their "best price", then take at least another 10% off the price lol - they will also price-match - t...   Read more
Work gave me one of these to ensure that I always have access to my emails (using blackberry services). I have a 1st generation iPhone as well and have had many Nokia products in the past. Keep in mind that my review of this phone is in contrast and comparison to my iPhone.

I have given this 6 stars because it does a good job of the basic features it was built for. The email client is light weight and has very good compression (keeping gprs traffic down).

It features decent integration with s...   Read more

5 years ago
I have had this shaver for a couple of months now and I can thoroughly discourage it! I don't know if it requires a particular type of beard or technique, because it certainly doesn't work for me! I have a reasonably rough beard and sensitive skin (a great combination :S). This shaver is patchy at best and certainly is no substitute for a clean shave with a bladed razor.

I don't really see any point in this shaver? I guess I could use it to trim, but you can find a lot cheaper shavers/trimmers...   Read more
Ok so I received this game the day before it was meant to be released to the public (see my fishpond review).

I LOVE IT! I'm an FFVII fan from way back (who isn't?). So to see the same turn-based combat return to the FF line-up, and to see them take it to the next level in graphics and game-play, well it just made my day (possibly year).

The positives are too long to list, graphics being amazing, user-control and "playability" both rate highly in this game!

The only negative (and I'm being p...   Read more

5 years ago
A surprisingly fast drive, with great reliability. Have had this drive for a little over a year now, and it has been my backup drive for our family videos. Though I don't bother to use the backup software that came with it, it is an added value feature that normally doesn't come with the entry-level external drives.

Have given this an 8/10 simply because of it's aesthetics, which are decent, without being all that appealing. Has a cheap feel to it, but does a great job.

Looking at pricing now...   Read more
Have had this media player for about 3 weeks now and am very pleased with it.

I was initially hesitant to purchase it since I had read many forums which argued between this and the Asus O!Play.

In the end I'm happy with my decision to go with WD, and was particularly impressed with its compatibility with wireless usb dongles. I have connected a wireless N dongle to this device and am able to stream YouTube without any difficulties.

8/10 is because the remote could be a lot better, its quite ...   Read more

5 years ago


Bought a USB flash drive from them.

Generally things went smoothly excepting a lack of notification with regards to shipment/delivery. Having said that when I did enquire got an immediate reply via email which filled me in on what was happening.

Overall was satisfied with the experience and would trade with them again.

5 years ago
I picked up one of these cause I know Kingston is a top brand. However was kind of disappointed in the build quality, the plastics were cheap, loose and just not pleasant to use.

Having said that I don't buy my USB sticks for their aesthetics so was pleased with its performance (read/write) and its price.

7/10 because of excellent price/capacity/performance ratio.
6 years ago

Expert Infotech

Not a store I would recommend doing business with. First and only experience I had was with regards to RAM they had advertised. Purchased it online went in to pick it up and they had some generic RAM they tried to off as the product I bought (It said Corsair on the website). Instead of just admitting perhaps they were giving me the wrong RAM, or that the website had a fault (which would've been fine, and a refund sufficient), they decided to argue with me in their store about how I didn't know ...   Read more
6 years ago


Loving the latest edition to the fifa line up! Amazing gameplay, lots of different modes, and heaps of features to keep you busy.

9/10 because I don't like having to pay for my live updates to the various leagues!
6 years ago

Computer Lounge

have done a few grand's worth of business with them now, and have never had a complaint!

Great service, competitive pricing and best of all honesty! (which can be hard to find in PC retailers)

6 years ago

First Games

Great price, delivered it the next day, in perfect condition!

First purchase form them, but probably 1st of many!

6 years ago


An amazing price, but ordered Tiger Woods 10 (360) on the 21st of October and received the game finally on the 9th of November (website said it would take 7-10 days to ship)!

So be prepared for slow shipping!