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1 year ago


I bought a n Everki laptop back. The item was as described and the shipping was very prompt. No catches. I would reccommend to others.

6 years ago

NFC Technology

Reasonable prices. Very good customer service. Provide 1 year warranty on all items. Seem to be honest and fair. Although their prices may not be the cheapest, you will not get screwed over. I had a slight problem with shipping(that they compensated well for).

6 years ago

OC Zone

Oczone commonly use 'bait and switch' fraud: They advertise a very low price, but on ordering the product, they will say it is not available, and instead offer you some other, more expensive item. Very frustrating. Be careful. I have yet to complete a purchase with them, due to the items being unavailable. I have heard of a few people making successful purchases off them.