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2 years ago
4/7/2013 - The Sony HT-M7 is part of Sony's "Muteki" line of audio systems. I wanted a system that was good value for money, looked good and decent sound quality. My personal experience and with nothing else to compare it to it sounded brilliant for movies and games and decent for music. By all means I don't claim to be an expert on audio systems but if you were to pay retail price I'd say you paid too much - you could put together a better system, perhaps without as many speakers and the sheer...   Read more

3 years ago
28th Dec' 2011

The Samsung P2370HD 23.6", 16:9 aspect 'Hybrid Monitor'. Its primary function is that of a computer monitor however what makes it hybrid is the inbuilt DVB-Tuner. This is perfect for situations where space is at a premium as it's handy to have a monitor and TV combo. Included accessories include a remote control, cleaning cloth, driver CD and quick setup instructions. Included cables are the Power, VGA, DVI and a 3.5mm Male-to-Male cable.

Connections include:
1 x D-Sub VGA por...   Read more
4 years ago



Have dealt with PlayTech twice. The first time I purchased an XFX HD6850. It was well-packed and in good condition on arrival. What should have been a next day local Auckland delivery took 5 days because somehow the item was shipped from Upper Harbour down to Hamilton then back up to Manukau City. I was quietly getting aggro because I couldn't use my computer or play my precious games for 5 days lol.

On the second occasion I purchased a Samsung G2 portable hard drive. I ordered/pa...   Read more
5 years ago ( Updated: 4 years ago )


16 Feb' 2011

Purchased a TP-Link Router/Modem/Access Point from AlphaCity. Arrived the next day in excellent condition at the best price. Their process of waiting for stock confirmation prior to payment instills confidence when I make purchases from them. Plenty of automated order status update emails. Thanks again to Roy at AlphaCity.

Nov' 2010

Another great dealing with AlphaCity. I ordered some DDR3 Desktop memory and it was well-protected wrapped in bubble wrap, some cardboard and a 'Fra...   Read more
4 years ago

Mighty Ape


Excellent store. Ordered/paid on the 24/12, received on the 29/12. Not too bad for the holiday period. I like their pre-printed Mighty Ape packaging. It has happy apes on it :)


4 years ago

The Aywun A1-G02 chassis is part of the 'GAME Series' line of Aywun cases. The decision to go with this case was based on appearance and price alone as there were no reviews available to make an informed decision. Yes it looks nice with the front blue LCD, clear side window, black painted interior and cheap price but that's where the niceties end...

The first thing I discovered about this case is that it is plagued by manufacturing design faults. For this build I used a eVGA 3x Cla...   Read more
4 years ago


EDIT: 24/12/2010

My 2nd purchase from KTech went well and communication was good. However Fastway Couriers caused a 1-2 day delay in delivery. When I queried the delay with KTech they promptly chased up Fastway and kept in close contact with me to ensure I received my item. Fastway also called me to confirm delivery. Thanks to Diana and Kai at KTech for confirming stock level and following up on the delayed delivery.

Despite the bad press KTech has been receiving recently I have yet to exper...   Read more
4 years ago

DTC Systems


Ordered a 1TB Samsung Spinpoint hard drive. Delivered by Fastway couriers. Well packaged in an optical drive box, with address label clearly instructing the Fastway driver to obtain the customer signature. Slightly slow for an Auckland local delivery -Payment confirmed Monday, item received Weds 2pm. Happy with their service and impressed by their "Fragile! Fragile! Fragile! Handle with care [FRAGILE KEEP DRY]" labelling and many fragile symbols lol. Thanks DTC.

5 years ago

PC Online Shop


Awesome experience with PC Online Shop. Have used them once in 2007 and again yesterday. Ordered a computer chassis 28/11 after hours and banked the funds immediately to their ASB account. Item was received by Fastway Couriers about 2pm today, 29/11. I thought $8.00 shipping Auckland Local was a good price for a computer case. No fuss, no worries :)

5 years ago


3/11/2010 - A pleasing experience using Bluewheel. I made payment and it was delivered by NZ Couriers in 1 working day ($5.75 delivery Auckland metro). I chose Bluewheel because they were running a special on 2gb Hynix DDR3 memory, Hynix being my preferred brand of RAM, so I bought 2 sticks. I received 2 emails, one to confirm my order was received and later a second to confirm payment received and a tracking number was provided. The website is easy and pleasant to use. The item comes from the ...   Read more

I had some wifi deadspots and needed to extend the range of my wireless network. I've always been pleased with the TP-Link line of products and the TL-WA901ND wireless access point is no exception.

Note: this is NOT a router/wireless router.

It supports:
*Three wifi standards 802.11b/g/n

*WEP, WPA/WPA2 and most importantly WPA-PSK/WPA-PSK2 with TKIP or AES encryption.

*hidden SSID broadcast (clients can only connect if you know the SSID name)

*MAC filtering (allow/deny physica...   Read more

If you're in the market for a PSU then be sure to have a look at the CoolerMaster 'Silent Pro' line of PSUs.

I considered the following prior to making my decision:

RELIABILITY - is of utmost importance since a PSU failure has a high chance of damaging the rest of your components. CoolerMaster seem to have a good track record in this area.

NOISE - very quiet (hence 'Silent' Pro), barely audible.

CABLING - the Silent Pro line uses a modular system. You can reduce the cable clutter...   Read more
5 years ago


Straight-forward, easy purchase. I would be happy to give them my business again.

1. Placed order/payment made on Thursday night. Replied to automated email notifying of my payment.
2. Received email early Friday morning from the Sales Manager confirming receipt of payment and order processing.
3. Order received on Saturday morning via signature courier post.

-Elive promptly replied to my email, thus I knew someone at their end was quickly tending to my order.
-They offer free...   Read more

5 years ago
When it comes to choosing a power supply I look at 3 main factors being reliability, power output and noise. The Silverstone Olympia OP1000 gets 2 out of 3 right which ain't bad, but there's still room for improvement.

I have owned several Silverstone PSUs over the years and I have not had one fail yet. It is because of this I deem Silverstone to be a trusted/reliable brand and thus had no second thoughts about going with them.

The OP1000 puts out 80A on single rail. ...   Read more

5 years ago


12/2009 - 6 stars

Have had an average dealing with NotebookCity. Due to some 'unexpected delay' it took 11 days from the date I paid to receiving the item in the courier today. Maybe they just forgot about my order over the weekend since they confirmed my order/payment on a Friday? Having said that they did reply to my email query within 24 hrs. Future purchases from NBC I'll make sure to allow for a weeks delivery time.

EDIT: 21/5/2010 - 8 stars

My faith in NBC has been restored somewhat. T...   Read more

5 years ago

PC Gear Dunedin

Service and communication was very good. However I was initially sent the wrong product by their supplier. I had to pay $8 for couriering the wrong product back to them because of a mistake that their supplier made. Giving them benefit of the doubt this was probably not PC Gear Dunedin's fault because their supplier sent the wrong product, but still the purchase was not all smooth-sailing.

5 years ago
As a uni student, this phone suits my needs perfectly. I listen to music on-the-go, record a few concerts a year for YouTube, upload photos to Facebook and do the usual txting. I also wanted the option of Wi-Fi internet and a nice screen to watch recorded lectures on.

The W995 is made of brushed aluminium and thus build quality feels top-notch. The slider feels firm and buttons are responsive and precise. The screen size is 2.5" which is good viewing without dominating the entir...   Read more
5 years ago

Cooler Master V8

Very impressive due to size. Has subtle red LED lights. Make sure your case is big enough to fit it. I use a large Diabolic Minotaur case and have about 5mm clearance when I put the side window on. NB: YOU MUST BOLT THE COOLER TO THE UNDERSIDE OF THE MB FIRST! Otherwise you may have to take all the other parts out again before you can install it properly which is a PITA.

5 years ago


Poor pricing, poor communication and poor customer service. I couldn't buy a simple piece of RAM off them without being given the runaround. 5 mins of sleuthing on the companies office website shows UEC, OC Zone and Super Services are all run by the same person. Would not deal with any of these companies.

5 years ago

OC Zone

Have tried to purchase some RAM from them before, only to be told it is out of stock and was offered a more expensive alternative. Would not deal with this company again. Also beware of 'Super Services Ltd.' as well because they are one in the same family (same problems too). If you check the companies office website you can see the last names of both company directors are the same. Stay away!

5 years ago

E-One Computers

Have had trouble-free dealings with this store on many occasions. Good service and often sit you down at a desk to discuss your needs. In-store pricelist is printed and updated everyday.
6 years ago

Expert Infotech

Bought a phone from them and the screen died the day after I received it. It took them a month to send me a new one (eating into my warranty period) + I had to pay for shipping both ways.

My nephews phone's firmware went screwy after 3 days and they charged him $40 to fix it + "short-changed" him on a memory card. Sometimes they'll remove the usually included memory card (every other retailer includes it) and lower their price to be just the lowest priced retailer so unsuspecting buyers think ...   Read more
6 years ago

Paradigm PC's

Very happy with their service. Their communication is very good. Prompt replies to emails and have that personal touch. I found them to be quite customer-orientated.

6 years ago


They have VERY limited stock on hand. If you don't pay/pick up within 3 days they will sell it to the next buyer unless you notify them when you will collect -fair enough. Except I told them when I would pay/collect (on the 3rd day) and when I went to collect they had still sold it out from under me. Not happy with their service and not customer-orientated either.