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4 years ago

HTC Desire

Brilliant. One of the best (the best?) purchases that I have ever made.

It was a close call for me between this and the Samsung Galaxy S. The Samsung has inbuilt storage (which is better than having them on an SD card) but:
* I prefer HTC's Sense Android theme to Samsung's TouchWiz;
* I don't like that the Galaxy looks like an iPhone;
* the Desire runs Android 2.2 Froyo, whereas I think the Galaxy S is on 2.1;
* the Galaxy S comes pre-installed with Swype, which is an excellent way to "typ...   Read more

4 years ago
My first of these had serious issues on delivery. My second (warranty replacement) failed in serious and difficult-to-diagnose ways.

I'm running this in a Mythbuntu Gnu/Linux HTPC. I don't find the noise to be a problem and the power consumption figures are very low. The difference between this HDD and my old HDD is in the order of 5 Watts on idle, which is a similar saving to that offered by energy-efficient CPUs, but is much less hyped by system-builders.

The first drive that I was given di...   Read more
Low power use, as advertised. Average performance in a HTPC machine, which was fine (not a gaming HDD). The sectors are 4kB, but reported as 512B (even in the "physical sector size" attribute). More importantly, I got hit with this issue:
which used up half the life of my drive in a handful of months. The fix in that blog (a DOS application!) seems to have worked, though. Really be wary of this drive if you plan to use it in Gnu/...   Read more
A great analogue card. Works perfectly in Gnu/Linux with MythTV. I used this in an HTPC recording TV day and night like a TiVo/MySky and it was rock-solid.

The card is a hardware MPEG-2 analogue card, so it has a processor on the card that converts the analogue TV into an MPEG-2 file, without using your CPU. Not only does this keep your CPU free to do other things, it means you are far less likely to have problems with the recording if you are doing other things and there isn't much CPU left.
...   Read more

5 years ago
Great controller! Works brilliantly in Mythbuntu (so presumably Ubuntu as well) Linux 10.04. The hardest part in the setup was figuring out that I had to push the button on the front of the receiver to pair the devices, then it just worked out-of-the-box without installing any extra drivers, editing configuration or anything (install "joystick" package and type "jstest /dev/input/js0" to test). I'm running with MythGame and MAME. I'm using it from the other end of the lounge with no signal loss...   Read more

5 years ago
This is a good motherboard, but I'd recommend this board now:
which is basically the same, but based on the AMD 785G chipset instead of the 780G (so better graphics):,279997

I use this in a Gnu/Linux home theatre PC running Mythbuntu. It is low-power and everything works out-of-the-box in Gnu/Linux. The specifications for the graphics card have been made publically available, so proper Free/open source driver...   Read more
This is a great card. I've been using it in a Gnu/Linux home theatre PC (MythTV) for months recoding a huge volume of FreeviewHD television. DVB-T support has been in Linux for a little while and experimental analogue support has just been added (I haven't tested it). The card does not come with a remote (I told PriceSpy this ages ago) and comes with both a full-height and low-profile bracket. Capturing DVB-T on this card takes virtually no CPU, though remember that FreeviewHD playback requires...   Read more

5 years ago


The store took a number of days to get back to me and then told me that, despite showing 30 units, the product was discontinued and out of stock.

The only way to pay is by direct debit and the email telling you to how to pay is full of "The administrator needs to put a bank account number here" etc., suggesting that the site hasn't been properly configured.

The person responding was nice enough, but they need to fix their systems.
Great paper, but we could see no improvement in this paper over the cheaper Epson Premium Glossy Photo Paper 255g 10x15cm 50s, so I would personally recommend that you use that.

5 years ago
Brilliant paper. We have tried a number of them (Kodak's top-of-the-line etc.) and this is the one we stick to.

The Epson Ultra Gloss 300gsm paper is more expensive, but we could not see any improvements in our comparisons.

We use this with an HP Photosmart printer, so don't feel that you have to use your printer's brand of paper.

5 years ago
This printer is excellent. Photo quality is brilliant (I have compared it to many other printers as my fiancee scrapbooks photos with groups of others) and the printer itself is very easy to use. Even printing direct from USB keys and memory cards is straight-forward and lets you do neat things like red-eye reduction.

It is very similar to the C5380 (I think), but sits (wirelessly or wired) on the network rather than connected to one machine. I would recommend paying the extra if you ever use ...   Read more

5 years ago

IT Direct

I use this store all the time for printer paper and inks. I also bought an HP Photosmart C6380 from them. They are always excellent, delivering goods very promptly and as requested.

They always respond promptly and politely to me (often immediately, even outside hours). This is one of the few places that I routinely recommend.

5 years ago


I purchased an external hard-drive case:

Everything went without a hitch -- I paid, they actioned it first thing on the next working day, it arrived by courier (I think later that day). I emailed suggesting they give a track and trace ID for the courier in the status update email and they didn't respond, which was a little rude. Otherwise, no complaints (but I don't feel I really tested them).
5 years ago

Welland ME-745J

This is a great little case. It is much cheaper than most eSATA alternatives and seems to work really well. I have tested it in Mythbuntu and Ubuntu 9.10 (Gnu/Linux). USB mode works perfectly out of the box without installing drivers. ESATA works well, but needs the case to be plugged in on bootup for it to be recognised.

It also looks really nice, which is a big bonus. For eSATA, I understand that all cases are the same speed, so cheap is best. For USB, cheap cases can have slow transfer spee...   Read more

5 years ago

OC Zone

Not very impressed.

I bought a CPU and someone picked it up for me. I can't remember for certain that it was them, but the comments about OCZone trying to pursuade customers to move to a more expensive alternative sound very familiar.

I also ordered RAM from them (the last thing I needed for a built machine) and, when I arrived to pick it up, they didn't have any in stock. I believe that they suggested other, more expensive alternatives.
5 years ago

Expert Infotech

I have mixed feelings about einfo, mostly bad ones.

I researched components for a HTPC and ordered a lot through einfo. Come the agreed pickup day, they had substituted each for a different component. They weren't very helpful.

On the other hand, I had the PSU fail on the box and they were very good about replacing it instantly with no paperwork.