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Product Lowest price User rating Rank Active cooling (fan) Noise level USB-powered
Deepcool N17$20.69 16 2 Yes21 dB Yes 
Deepcool Multi Core X8$43.10 13 4 Yes 
Deepcool Multi Core X4$25.07 17 6 Yes23 dB Yes 
Deepcool N400$19.48 6 7 Yes21 dB Yes 
Deepcool N8 Notebook Cooler Pad$38.21 5 11 Yes25.1 dB Yes 
Deepcool N2$24.52 6 13 Yes16 - 20 dB Yes 
Deepcool N2000$18.25 7 15 Yes22.7 dB Yes 
Deepcool N360$40.89 8 16 Yes16 - 20 dB Yes 
Deepcool N280$20.00 10 18 Yes21 dB Yes 
Deepcool Multi Core X6$34.39 13 19 Yes24 dB Yes 
Deepcool N2000 IV$33.93 6 21 Yes25.1 dB Yes 
Deepcool N1$28.75 13 22 Yes16 - 20 dB Yes 
Deepcool N9$58.78 7 24 Yes16 - 20 dB Yes 
Deepcool N600$27.83 18 25 Yes23 dB Yes 
Deepcool N6000$39.12 9 26 Yes 
Deepcool N200$20.00 5 31 Yes22.7 dB Yes 
Deepcool M6$62.62 7 36 Yes21 dB No 
Deepcool M3$44.30 10 38 Yes21 dB Yes 
Deepcool Wind Pal$34.50 11 47 Yes21.5 - 26.5 dB Yes 
Deepcool N2600$57.50 4 48 Yes25.1 dB Yes 
Deepcool N180$33.99  9 55 Yes16 - 20 dB Yes 
Deepcool WindWheel$31.48  4 56 Yes25.3 dB Yes 
Deepcool N8 MINI$34.95 3 61 Yes21 dB Yes 
Deepcool E-LAP$44.34 5 63  
Deepcool N7$40.57 13 66 Yes25.3 dB Yes 
Deepcool N2200$34.50 3 67 Yes25.1 dB Yes 
Deepcool N8B$40.46  1 75 Yes25.1 dB Yes 
Deepcool WindShaper$45.88 5 76 Yes23.4 dB Yes 
Deepcool N19$59.00  1 92 Yes21 dB Yes 
Deepcool M5$46.00 8 93  
Deepcool N7B$38.49  1 94 Yes23 dB Yes 
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